June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Work and Being a Farm Girl

We did it, we got the cantaloupes, the corn and
the pumpkins taken out today. Doesn't the dirt
look nice. It was about 4 hours of work but
I think worth it. Now I don't have the sound of
things rustling through the corn. I am so jumpy when
I am out there and when sometimes the sound
of the wind going through the corn stalks and I am
out there by myself, I get so jumpy I have to go back
in the yard. I am kind of a chicken. I know that there
are lots of critters that I can't recognize from the tracks,
so sometimes my mind does run away with me.

I took a picture of the green trash cans filled with corn
stalks. I keep thinking I should decorate with them.
but I have been sneezing and coughing and crying
now for about...4 hours since all of the ripping out of
the garden. I really don't want to get around it.

This is the last bit of pumpkins. I had small green ones
on the vine but as I was walking through the vines
I could see so many, creepy squash beetles. Oh
it was so terrible. One plant must have had a thousand
on it. I kicked it with my foot and it was just like kicking
over a ant hill. I have never seen so many of those icky
things. I have seen them around all of my life. We called them
stink bugs. I didn't know they are like ticks and they suck
the juices from the plants and fruit. They don't bother
the stone fruit, but they are on my sunflower stalks.

So we just took out the pumpkins. My poor husband was on the tractor
and they kept flying up at him. I could hardly stand it. I just had to walk
away because they were flying at me too. Next week, I hope it is a bit
cooler and we can take out the sunflowers and my tomatoes. I have
pretty vines just no tomatoes. We will leave the peppers until the first

I never could get my video to work so I am going to just do this post instead.
I don't know how to jump through the hoops to get it to play. I mean if you have
a Facebook account my son said you could view it that way. But I am not really sure
if it would work and I am tired of messing with it.
Sometimes things work and sometimes they don't but I learned how the
Edit Html thing works at the top of blogger so that was cool so it wasn't a
total waste.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. I know it is a bit early but that way
with two posts it will make up for my video that didn't work. :)

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. I'm like you - those bugs sound icky. Not a big fan of the creepy crawlies. Laughing about the corn field too - ever since I saw the promo for that horror movie years ago "Children of the Corn" - it freaks me out! About 7 years ago I was in the Philippines and we were surrounded by sugar cane fields. I was terrified of what might be hiding in them.

  2. Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog and am really enjoying it. Hope you don't mind if I follow along for awhile!

  3. It feels good to get those chores out of the way. This spring when I checked my wee cucumber transplants in the garden there were a few cucumber beetles on them but when I return at noon to check on them they were everywhere and had eaten almost all the leaves. I had no poison to put on them so in desperation I put some talcum baby powder that we use to put on nitrile gloves at the farm and to my surprise they all took off. JB

  4. Kim, you are just too cute. Now, about those trash barrels filled with gorgeous corn stalks and my look at all those beautiful pumkins! Girl you have prime decorating accessories! I know you worked so hard to grow those pumpkins and fought off those "icky" bugs of course you need to display them! If I lived closer, I'd be over to help you! What state to you live in? LOL

  5. I looked up squash beetles, and here I always thought they were some kind of kissing bug. They just don't have the red pattern on their backs. I had one on my stroller the other day, too.

    Well, now that you're removing their food supply, maybe they'll die off! Take it easy tomorrow and get over the allergies. :-)

  6. Love your pumpkins! And so sorry to hear about the yucky squash beetles. Ugh. This is our second year growing pumpkins. We only have maybe six of them, but haven't seen any beetles. Thanksfully :)

  7. Good Sunday Morning Kim,
    I have had so much fun this morning catching up on what you have been doing.I have been off line, trying to catch up on my work,(one day I will realize that will never happen. lol) When I am off line I am always wondering what my friends are doing especially you, as I know we both enjoy so many of the same things, except for the fact that you are so great with your hands in creating beautiful handi work. Yours are beautiful!
    We have stink bugs too, and they do a lot of damage, Sometimes they get on my laundry when it is hanging outside.
    Love the pumpkins, I think we might grow some white ones next year, here it is this season is not over, and I am already thinking about next year. lol. Must be the farmer in me.lol
    I am sorry I couldn't see your son's video, as I am not on face book. Maybe one day, but I can't seem to stay on blogging. lol
    You mentioned Taste of Home, isn't that the best recipe magazine, and the pie looks so yummy, if that pie was here, I wouldn't stop until I had eaten the whole thing. lol
    I am sorry about your loss of the bees, I had been trying to talk my dh in getting us a new hive, but I might hold off for a while.lol WE used to have three hives, but never gathered the honey, just had them here to help with pollination.We were both afraid to bother them, just chicken i guess too. lol
    Kim, I know I have told you how gifted and talented you are in writing your thoughts, and how much I enjoy and am blessed by what you write. It is always from your heart, and just blesses and inspires me so much.
    May you day be filled with many blessings, Oh! I love your new photo on your profile.
    Sorry for this long letter, but I just had to catch up.

  8. Beautiful produce. Some animals will love those corn shocks. The ground looks great.

  9. oh that is such a great quote, "sometimes things work and
    sometimes the don't!"

    your pumpkins are just beautiful. what a wonderful reward
    for all your hard work. sorry about all the icky bugs. yuck!
    i'm with you on this one.

    hope tomorrow you can rest a bit.


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