Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Decorating For October

This weekend since the pumpkins are gone, I took the sign
I had out in the garden and put in in my flower bed
in the front yard. I thought it looked okay.

This morning even though we are going to have record
temperatures this week I thought October is this week.
I really like September but I am madly in love with October.
In October, my husband will be older than me, and he gets
to be married to a younger woman for 6 months. ;)

My first baby who is now my oldest daughter was born
in October. She will be 29, Wow, I still remember when I had her, so clearly
and the doctor said it was a girl, and I knew I would never be the same.
My Dad came in to the recovery room as I was holding her in my arms,
and I was crying and I said, " Oh Dad, I am so sorry, I ever hurt you,
I just didn't know how much you loved me." It was just me and him and
he held his first grand daughter and it was so special.

It had been a very special week, not only did he get a first grand daughter,
after years and years our family finally won Grand Champion
steer at the Fair. Our family had shown cattle and that was the
year we finally won. It was a good week. My Dad was so happy.

October the air starts to have a tang of sweetness, like a crisp, bite
from a perfect apple. Or that first sip of apple cider. October
puts on all of her clothes and dresses up for fall. She is
shameless in the selection of her reds, browns, her yellows.

I think I always have fallen in love in October. My husband before
he was my husband came to tell me good-bye in September before
he left for college. By October, I knew he would meet some sweet
little coed and I would loose him forever. I know it was October,
when it dawned on me, what would happen to me if I lost him.
I wouldn't date him because he was my best friend. In October,
I realized, if he married me we could always be best friends.
I am a bit slow.

In October I want to grab my grandchildren and dance around the room
with them and sing silly songs. I would always dance with my own children
in October when they were small. Now they all tower over me.

I worked on this today. My pumpkin was a little bare.
I took the crow and stuff off and put it on the above sign.
So I cut out some shapes and put them on it to liven it up.

I put my pumpkins on the railings today. I hope that
this heat won't make them go bad. I just don't have room
in my fridge to keep them cold. I know this heat is going
to be going away and it will be replaced with air that is
wonderful and every morning to wake up is such a joy.

I hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


mariel said...

love your october musings...also love the visit to your porch :) the pumpkins look great! even a summer lover can appreciate them!! ;)

Julia said...

I like how you allow your husband to be married to a younger woman every October for six month every year. That's quite generous of you Kim. Lol... It's raining here today and tomorrow will be the same. As soon as the sun returns, I think that I'll put out my fall decorations too. I wish my husband had grown some pumpkins instead of so many big squash this year. It was really nice visiting on your porch with all the beautiful pumpkins. JB

Jacque. said...

Hey Kim...well, I wrote a really long and profound comment and it got lost. Okay, perhaps not so long...or profound. {grin} I'll try again.

What a lovely tribute to October...obviously a special month for you. I like October, but mostly, it means the cold and snow of winter is close. If I live each day as it comes and appreciate all that the day brings, it's better. IF I do that, I said. Sometimes not easy. Love the pumpkins on your porch...and the wooden one. You're in tune with the season, for sure!

Kim said...

I have tears in my eyes as you were recounting the memory with your father and your daughter in the recovery room. What a beautiful moment.
PS - the pumpkins look fabulous along the porch.

Janettessage.blogspot.com said...

What a heart warming post!!!!!!!!! It makes me re-look at some of the months of the year that hold such memories.
October is both my father and my father-in-laws birthdays...so the Patriarchs of our family.
Blessings...so love the pictures...what beautiful colors...what calmness!!!

Kessie said...

I got up this morning and opened the door, and it smelled like rain outside, and it was so cool. It's hard to believe it's going to flirt with triple digits today. I have the house wide open to get it as cool as possible.

October has always been my favorite month, and that may or may not be because of Dad and I having our birthdays in it. :-) Also Halloween. I'm a bad Christian because I've always liked Halloween.

Meg said...

Yes! I love when you put pumpkins on the porch. I like your sign in the planter too. I can't wait for Friday. It's supposed to be 80's this weekend! :D

Meg said...

Also, can I steal some of your pictures for a new header on my blog?

Farm Girl said...

yep take all you want.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Oh, the porch looks so inviting, very festive with all the pumpkins on the railings. It is rainy and rather chilly here I do hope the cool September weather finds you soon. You are such a good mom sharing your photos, BTW I love your photo's.

Kent Island Red said...

Hi Kim,
Love the post about you, your dad, and your new baby girl. My mother was right; you don't truly appreciate your parents until you become one yourself. My daughter is 29 now, too, and I'm still trying to figure out how that happened so fast!

Lynn said...

Love the pumpkins on the railing. Such a cute idea :)