June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, September 3, 2010

I Love Fridays!

I love Friday when Monday is a holiday. I like Labor Day
too, not because it is a holiday but because it is named
labor day and I can work without guilt. I can chop weeds
and clean flowerbeds and start getting the outside ready for
its winter nap. I like to order firewood and anticipate
winter. The only problem is I am in California and it
doesn't get cold until after Thanksgiving. Kids still go
barefoot till Halloween. Or mine used too. Used to drive
my neighbors nuts when we lived in town, they wore coats
but no shoes. Because you need your toes to climb trees,
and my kids lived in trees.
Back to Labor Day. One of the books, I like to read
when I need a laugh, is Ecclesiastes. Don't ask me
why but when I read it, I just laugh, it is all so true,
and Solomon was so different from when he was his positive self,
in Song of Solomon or Proverbs. He has seen the world and maybe
it was the 700 wives and the 300 hundred concubines that put a damper
on his personality but he is not a very happy camper.
I love it though and some of my favorite passages are in it, and I love his view
point on work.
"There is nothing, better for a man than to enjoy his work,
because that is his lot."
Ecclesiastes 3:22

I have filled up my green trash cans this week working
in my flowerbeds. I do have it looking pretty nice.
I hacked my poor rose bushes back to nubs. My husband
trims his trees so lovingly, and I always figure that
my stuff just better man up and take it. None of this
coddling stuff from me to my plants.

This guy right here, I am going to be doing some
serious hacking but it is out in the garden and the garden
is safe until after Labor Day. So I hope you have a great
weekend. I hope that hurricane just goes on by and heads
out to sea.
Fridays are just nice days.

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. Yay for Fridays! Although I would be more excited if Ben wasn't working tomorrow. Oh well.

    You are the only person I know who would be excited about it being called Labor day so that you can work guilt-free. You crack me up. See you later! :)

  2. Beautiful Post! I am going to go and read Ecclesiastes with a new eye. :)
    Have a wonderful labor Day Weekend!

  3. Happy friday pretties......love Ria...

  4. Hi Kim,
    Love the pictures but you made me feel guilty because I am in no way ready to tackle any yard work today. Maybe tomorrow. Nice post from Ecclesiates, too.

  5. I just finished up Ecclesiates a few days ago and boy that Solomon sure put a load on himself with having such a huge number of wives and concubines! Does make you wonder what was he thinking! LOL.....
    Hope you enjoy your LABOR day weekend and find lots of fun things to do!

  6. Enjoy your Labor Day...and I am sure Solomon was a little over the top with all those wifes...can you imagine the competition?
    I love the verse...I have told my children more than once that if they aren't feeling fulfilled it is because they aren't working hard enough...meaning money was coming to easy and they needed to busy their hands.
    May your hands be blessed this weekend.

  7. Thanks for joining my blog, Farm Girl:-) Your comment was very sweet and I feel humbled by it. You're awesome!


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