June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Menus

I went out and dug some of my gourds out of the trash
can they are being stored in. I am going to do something with
them soon, but I just love the way they look just scrubbed
up and sitting on the hearth with the pumpkins.

This is a picture of my two favorite pumpkins. I love the shape,
and I find my self staring at them all of the time.

I was thinking today that I am in a big-time cooking slump.
It isn't cold enough to want soups and stews, but I am tired of
the summer weather food I have been cooking all summer. As I was
writing out my menus, I thought maybe someone is as sick of
planning menus as I am and maybe it might help to have some new
So here goes:

Spaghetti and french bread,
Spinach salad, slivered almonds and mozzarella cheese
brownies for dessert.

Pasta salad, with garbanzo beans, black beans, broccoli
and BBQ chicken left over from Saturday night.
Bread sticks and cinnamon rolls.

Enchritos, baked refried beans and Mexican rice

Kung Pao Chicken with rice

Pizza homemade by me,
Pepperoni, cheese and combination

Chicken Pot Pie
Spinach salad
Chocolate chip cookies

I fix this almost every week, and I am bored, it looks good though typing it out.
I cook it so much I feel like I can do it in my sleep. I can't wait to start cooking
cold weather food.
It still is too hot here so I have to stick it out, I am going to bake the cinnamon rolls
just because when I make bread I always make sure I have enough for
cinnamon rolls. It has been awhile though.
I hope it gives you some ideas for food. I wimped out though today at the
store and bought a Taste of Home magazine. I need to look through it to find
some new recipes.
Have a great Monday!

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. Can I come over for supper Monday and Thursday?? LOL I was feeling the same way about a week ago but the weather has turned chilly enough that I made a soup last week and baked beans yesterday. I was sick of summer food.
    I love Taste of Home. I get it in the mail.

  2. Sure Kim, Come over on Monday and Thursday and we will do dinner. :) I would be nice, but you have to bring Millie and some rug hooking things.

  3. That sounds like a good menu, but I thought I recognized some of the items from last week. I'll bet you're bored. Why not switch it up with tacos, or baked mac and cheese?

  4. Well because Dad would never eat baked Mac and cheese and they just aren't that wild about tacos anymore. That is why, I am just in a slump. They are tired of the stuff too.

  5. Yep, I'm tired of my menu too! I think that's why I snuck in a chicken pot pie last week. That's usually cold weather for us. I've been looking and my stew and potato cheese soup recipes and just waiting... and waiting...

  6. Hi Kim:

    I just hopped over from Janette's page. What a beautiful blog! If that is your ordinary menu, I am ashamed!! So now you have spurred me on... it all sounded so GOOD!... I also love your pumpkins, and love beginning to decorate with them all over the place, and lots of red berries too! Fun visit!



  7. this sounds great!! Post some recipes!! :) I love that you even plan a coordinating dessert...my fam would love that!!

  8. I get sick of the same thing over and over. I have a Taste of Home book too...that should give you some great ideas! I made Mexican meatloaf last week, that put a little spin on it...

  9. Hi Kim, Thank you for your comment on my blog today. I can't believe that your mom had the same thing as mine. It is so painful to watch the progression of this disease. But, as you said so beautifully, the sorrow is different because of the Blessed Hope in Christ. Someday- No more pain, No tears, and best of all, No more good-byes! Heaven is a better place.

  10. kim, i'm sinking. please pray. i miss my
    kids so much. i've been a mom forever
    and don't don't know what to do with
    myself without them.

  11. One of our staples is quinoa. My sis thinks it tastes like lightning bugs, so you might not like it much.(Fair Warning) It is easy to prepare, the directions are right on the box. High in protein, and other nutrients. Sometimes called a superfood.

    Anyway, mix up some cooked in either beef or chicken broth and cooled down with Greek Yogurt and the veggies you all like to eat. If you have picky eaters at your table, I'd start with a fairly small bowl at first. Better to leave them wanting more. :) It will hold overnight for lunch the next day, so long as it doesn't have something juicy like tomato in it. For us, cucumber and radishes are a must, but have actually made it with yogurt, peas, onions, cheese and quinoa ~ similar to pea salad and we liked that too.

    Like others, I'd put my feet under your table for any of these meals.


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