Monday, September 27, 2010

Terror From The Skies

This was the closest I could get to this Sharp-Shined Hawk.
I was surprised how close it let me get before it flew off
to the other part of the fence.

I kept hearing my chickens going crazy, and I would look out
and not see anything. Finally, I decided I had better go down and
check. As I walked toward the chicken house, I saw it sitting
on the fence.

My big hens can go into the little house but my Bantams don't
really have a place to hide. I could tell that the hawk had been
sitting there saying really mean things.
From where I was standing I could see my white silkie hen
hiding her head under a board with her back to the hawk.

As I stood there, I imagined the hawk, in a really scary voice saying,
" Little hen, little hen, I have a cook book and I am going to make deep
fried chicken legs, and chicken breasts in wine sauce, and chicken fricassee."
I was almost sure of it the way they were acting.
Because as I got close, I could see it's beak opening and closing as if it
were talking to me.

My big hens when I opened the door to see if they were okay, were all
hiding under the perches and some had even got in the nesting boxes and
had their little heads in the back so they wouldn't see anything coming.

I know that this hawk spends it's winters here. It has been awhile since
it as sat on the fence and stared at my chickens. The rooster next door will
yell and jump up and down and get really mad as the hawk sits on his fence.
But I have never seen it try to get one of that roosters hens.

My hens, have no roosters which I am still kicking myself. I have a hen who thinks
maybe being a rooster might be more fun and is starting to be a little roostery to my
other innocent hens. She might have to visit ole mister hatchet. I have never done that
but it is starting to cross my mind.

I will have to be very careful now when I let my hens out in the yard. I will have
to be home and I can't be doing something and not paying attention, because well,
Now I have terror from the skies to get my flock.
I hope your week will be off to a good start.

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


Verde Farm said...

Oh no Kim, that is terror. Hawks are so hard to protect from too. Poor babies!

Kim said...

Yes, the hawk thing is terrible but I am laughing so hard at your post. I'm imagining the scary hawk voice and the little hens saying "Noo, don't eat me".
Great to start monday morning with a laugh!

Meg said...

Oh gosh, poor chickens! That's horrible. It just seems like one thing after another with those poor chickens... always trying to be attacked by something. said...

I know he it a bad thing for the hens....but his beautify is always awesome...our God is such a creative God
I know your children have enjoyed your writing classes, because you do such a good job, I know they gleaned from your skills!!!

Uncovered Ruby said...

I've always been concerned a hawk will get my chickens too, so I only let them out when I'm home and we're outside too. What a sight to have a hawk sitting on your fence! Lisa ;-)

Kessie said...

That darned hawk! As it gets colder, he'll be hungrier and hungrier. He needs to go eat mice and stuff like he's supposed to.

Kent Island Red said...

That's awful, Kim! Unfortunately, my chicken Betty was the victim of a hawk attack last winter, so seeing that picture just brings back bad memories for me. I actually saw him leaving the scene of the crime after it was too late for poor Betty. Wish chickens weren't so defenseless. Is there such a thing as martial arts classes for chickens?

Julia said...

Is there any way of protecting your hens with some kind of overhead netting? We have a pair of bald eagles that stays around all year close to the farm and have been there for about 6 years now and each spring they raise young eaglets and feed them all kind of critters. We've lost some cats but w don't know if it's from coyotes, foxes or the eagles .
I sure hope that the hawk find field mice to eat instead of deep fried chicken legs. JB

mariel said...

isn't that just like it is for us sometimes...something worries us, scares us and makes us anxious. then the fear disolves for a time because the anxiety is no longer in our face. but when Satan rears his ugly head we run in fear once again. We are MORE than conqurers...not to be defeated but to stand firm!

btw, i love that you put your pic up...glad to get to see your sweet smile!! :)

Dog Trot Farm said...

Kim, two words FLAK JACKET! I'm not kidding!

Janean said...

yeah....i could just picture this hawk in his BBQ apron and fork...yeah.