June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Odds and Ends of Wednesday

I was thinking today that sometimes being a Christian,
means doing and being weird. How many times I have made a fool of myself, and
it has turned out for good.

When the kids were small and I needed some time
away I would got to a book store. I had been praying
that God would use me and that He would give me
eyes to see people with His eyes.

I was in the bookstore looking and reading some books,
when I felt like someone tapped me on the shoulder.
I even looked around No one. There was this lovely woman
looking at books too.
I felt this nudge thing again, and I don't know but this thought
pops into my head, " Go tell that lady, she is beautiful and that
I love her." I am having the argument in my head, " Are you nuts!!
" I am not going to go tell that perfect stranger that." I keep looking at
her and then I am reminded of my prayer, and I walk over, and I say,
" Um, excuse, me, um, I am supposed to tell you something, um, I am
not nuts, really." She says, " Yes?" She has really beautiful eyes, and
I said, " I have never done this before, but I am supposed to tell you
how beautiful you are and that God loves you."

Right there, in the bookstore that lady fell apart. She fell into my arms,
sobbing, I am patting her back and I am crying because I am thinking I have done something
really bad, and she is just sobbing. A person that worked in the store walked over
and brought a box of Kleenex and leaves it, so it made me wonder does
this kind of thing happen a lot?

Finally when she can breathe without tears running down her face,
she says, " Today is my birthday, no one remembered. I have
been standing here asking God if He loves me, I felt so old today,
and so unloved and then you come up with a message from Him."

We talked a bit, then I stood there in the bookstore and held her
hand and I prayed for her and then I went out to my car
to go home, asking God to forgive me for doubting Him, and
it scared me so much, because what if I had said "no," that day?

It changed me and made me believe that every single person,
every chance encounter, is not a coincidence but a divine appointment
brought there by God.

It happens more often than not. Every time I leave the house, God has
appointments. My son was with me one day and was reading a book
for school about Nicky Cruz, (the guy who was saved by David Wilkerson in a Cross and a Switch blade) and he had been wondering if
God still changed people like then and a person I knew
from long ago happened to see me and stopped me, and
gave me his testimony about drug use, prison life and
gang life and how Jesus had changed him.
I didn't know my son had wondered that, but for him
it was a huge answer to prayer and one he has never
I think that everyone lives extraordinary lives,
I think that every day can be a exciting adventure,
I am glad that today I could share mine.
I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. Kim, That is exactly what our Pastor preached about this past weekend...and then here I read this and it confirms everything..How God keeps blessing each situation.. Have a great day..Lisa

  2. Amen!!! Nothing happens by chance.......

  3. I agree that when we put God first and mind his nudges he works miracles every time. I enjoy your blog very much. JB

  4. Now why have I been thinking about this exact same thing? I ought to pray that prayer sometime, if I'm not too chicken.

  5. Absolutely!!!!!!!!! Applauding here!!!
    Thanks... I needed this reminder!!!
    Oh, if we could all be so obedient what would the world really be like!
    Praying for "divine appointments"!

  6. Wow, isn't it amazing the way you can have an impact on people's lives! I once had a random act of kindness where someone anonymously paid for my famlies breakfast and left a note saying that "God loves you and you are blessed" I was so touched by that. Later that same day a man told me that I was a "sweet, kind person, God bless you." This came at a time when I had been going thru a really rough time with my son who has autism and it was a reminder that I was not alone and things were somehow all going to be okay.

  7. This post gives me goosebumps (in a good way). There have been many times I have done things and reached out without knowing why. Sometimes we miss these little messages. Happily you didn't miss yours.

  8. Wow...lesson learned...never read your blog at work. Unless you don't mind if people ask why you are crying. {grin}. Seriously, Kim...that was very moving. I read a long time ago...I think it was Beth Moore...talking about being in an airport and God asking her to comb a man's hair...I think that's what it was. A homeless looking guy. She finally did it and was happy that she did. I should see if I can find that again. I'm so glad you listened to God...isn't it an awesome thing when He talks to you?

  9. I found it! Copy and paste this link...you'll be happy you did. It's what I wrote about above regarding Beth Moore.


  10. Last year at around Christmas, my husband and I were eating in a restaurant. We were almost done when he said, "God has put it upon my heart for us to pay for that elderly couples lunch"

    We had no clue who they were, we weren't even from that city, but we paid for their lunch. We tried to do it anon, but it didn't turn out that way.

    Still it made people around us think about doing good things for strangers.


  11. So true Kim! Thanks for sharing.

  12. dear kim,

    this is so precious, and i so admire someone
    as brave as you! my kids do things like this
    a lot, but their mom is such a "chicken." :)

    thanks for checking on me. it has really been
    as hard as i feared, but i can feel the Lord's
    grace all around.

    your prayers are greatly appreciate.


  13. Lovely story, living angels.It happens for a reason.God is Good.~Kim

  14. This reminded me of a simple sweet moment in a bookstore as well. What light you to others.. Bless your sweet spirit..

  15. Your blog is such a blessing. You know you are also a lovely woman, and God loves you. I thank God that you have come into my life. ♥


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