Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Morning Musings

This picture has nothing to do with this post. But,
you know if people put me in the sidebar the first
picture will be what's on it and I have embarrassed my
self before when I see my blog with some picture that
I have posted.

This is my balance ball. Since I started my garden
two years ago, I have been a farmgirl and not a exercise
girl. I used to be the kind that had pretty muscles,
and not the kind that can carry buckets of manure and
hula hoe great distances of weeds. So for the most
part it has sat in the corner. The grand kids come over
and roll it all over the house and mow babies over but
pretty much it has sat right here.

I was so sore this morning from cleaning my flowerbeds
in 101 degree sun, I got so hot yesterday I thought I was going to
die and all I could think of was my husband and kids getting
home to find a sun-burnt corpse out in the front yard so I
So when I woke up today I thought, I know what I need,
I need to do a Denise Austin CD. The balance ball always
helps me to limber up.

My computer that I use now is my husbands old one. I had
a laptop. Because he used this one for just work stuff, he didn't
have a video card put in so I can't watch stuff on it. So I got out
my old lap top, and it had to down load about all of these update
things before I could even put in the CD, but even then I had
to find my exercise CD's because they had been put up too
Do you wonder why I just didn't put it on the T.V. I hate to admit
this but I am surround sound and remote control challenged.
I don't ever watch it by myself so I just never use it.

Not to mention the girls were going to be here this morning and
I knew some kid might walk in and there I would be rolling around
on the floor and I know the grand kids would jump on my back and want
a horsey ride so I thought it was just easier to do it in my room.

I am not graceful, at all. Almost flunked modern dance and got kicked
out of ballet after the first class. Doing exercise tapes is rough, so it is
better I do it alone only I wasn't alone. This is the time
I usually take Sasha outside and we go for a walk. I changed the routine and she
was not happy.


I grabbed my weights and she thought that they are something for her to bite
so I am lifting the dog and the weight. I do that for awhile and then it
is time to get on the floor and do push-ups. Sasha thought it was
time to bite my head, I got 4 push-ups done.
Then we get to the abs part. Sasha thought I meant that we are supposed
to wrestle. She does this punching thing with one of her legs when I was on
the ground and I thought "great now I am going to have a black eye."
I got about 3 abs things done. I then got up and put her outside.

I got back and start again, and the cat comes in, she watched me for a bit and then
lays down right where I am supposed to be so I kinda move her,
and then it is time for the ball routine.
My grand sons had let the air out of the ball and I had my husband refill it.
I hadn't paid attention that it is hard as a rock now and really full of air.
So I go to lean up against it to do a leg lift thing and I go sliding along
the outside of the ball and fall on the floor.
I get up on my knees again and try to do it slower. I still fell off.
Oh, I am trying to do all of this in my closet. There is not much room
for me and the ball in the closet but it does keep me on the ball
more than I am on the floor.
I think I will just move it out on the floor in the bedroom so I can do
the ab part with the ball. The part I missed ( with the dog biting my head.)I laid down on the floor
with that giant ball between my knees and another cat comes in
and looks at me and starts rubbing on my head.
It has been awhile since I have done the ball and the abs work out
so this takes lots of concentration but with a cat rubbing on my head
I drop the ball and it goes rolling across the room, which scares the cat
away and the routine is over once I get back.

The girls were going to be here soon and I still need to do my work outside,
so I just give up and put everything away.
So after taking care of the chickens, and watering the garden, Megan and
the babies got here and we picked peaches.

We picked two bushel baskets, one for her and one
for me so I am going to freeze these. I have maybe
3 more bushels on the tree.
So it looks like I am going to be a farm girl for a
lot longer than a exercise girl.
I did get loosened up and now I can turn my head,
I think though it was the dog biting my head.
Have a great Saturday!

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


Jacque. said...

Kim. Please forgive me, but that is the funniest thing I have read in a long while! In fact, I'm still laughing! I would be frustrated as all get out were I you, but...I'm not, so it's funny! Let me just say, though, that I am proud of you for attempting to exercise. That is a forbidden word in my house. For now, anyway. Thank you for sharing your attempt at exercising. Next time, lock yourself in a room and put some loud music on and go for it! hahahahahahahahahaha

Dog Trot Farm said...

Kim, I can relate. Every dang time I would get myself on the floor for crunches, Winslow Homer would think it was play time. By the time I finished up I was surrounded by all of his toys.I would much rather walk, but like you after working in the garden beds all day, I am stiff as a board. Spending the day with your daughter and grandchildren sounds much more enjoyable than working out. What are you going to make with all those beautiful peaches?

Farm Girl said...

Thank you so much for your comments and Julie, I am going to just freeze the peaches. I made a apple pie the other day and I didn't have enough apples so I added the peaches and it was so yummy, so I think I will do that this first basket. I have a lot more on that tree.
Jacque, I am glad it made you laugh, I was laughing at the silly dog.

Kessie said...

Oh man, this made me laugh so hard. I read it out loud to Ryan and he cracked up, too. The part about slipping off the overly-full ball had me in stitches in particular.

Meg said...

Wow, I think that was even more funny reading it than hearing you tell it. What a comedy routine! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, this is so funny! Working out in the closet and the dog and the cat helping :) This is great!

myletterstoemily said...

ha ha! sooooo funny!

why do our pets think that exercise
is an invitation to play?

well, yours DID involve a ball!

theUngourmet said...

Pets making working out nearly impossible. I can picture this all perfectly! Too funny!