June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Simply Sunday

I am writing this post on Saturday night. I will tell you
a secret, I always write my posts the night before.
I hope you won't feel ripped off, but it is easier to
write after I have the dinner dishes done and the
troops fed and the house has settled down for the evening.

I picked my last basket of peaches today. I was sort of sad.
The only thing left on the fruit trees are the Pomegranates.
Which I am looking forward to in October. They are so pretty.
I also picked these 4 walnuts. I have had this lovely
walnut tree but when I had my horse I let him out one
day and he ate that poor walnut tree down to a nub.

It has been trying to recover ever since. So to get 4 walnuts
was a big deal to me today. I am having a bit of a fight with
the parrots. I don't mind to much when they eat my sunflowers.
Their next favorite crop is nuts. So for a couple years in a row,
they have got to the almonds before I have. I would like just a few.
I really enjoy raw almonds.

This is the first gourd that I did something with.
it is okay for a first project. I learned a lot. Don't use
a small jigsaw while you are holding the gourd between
your legs. Sometimes the jigsaw slips. The same goes
for using a serrated knife. Use a blade with a straight blade.
I stood and looked at exacto knives at Michaels.
I kind of shivered to myself, those things would really cut my leg.
My gourd had lots more teeth but I slipped so it only left him with two.

I am going to have to use a vise next time. These gourds are really
dry and seasoned. They are much harder to cut than a nice soft pumpkin.
I have also been kicking around the idea of just spray painting them
and leaving the seeds and every thing inside. They rattle kind
of nice and some evening when I am bored I could grab one and jump
up and down and do a little rain dance. :)

Well, as I guy I used to listen to on the radio would say when he
signed off at night, " Well, this is how it looks from my fencepost."
I hope you have a lovely Sunday.

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. That basket of peaches looks so good. Warm peach pie with cream - yumm. The painted gourd is sweet but be careful, it could have been your finger lopped off instead of his tooth!

  2. Yeah, the hardness of the gourds is what worries me about using them to make baskets. You're supposed to cut them to the desired shape somehow, and then use a very small drill to make holes for your thread to go through.

    As for the parrots, maybe you could get that anti-bird netting? The trees are still relatively small, so that might work.

  3. Jump up and down and do a rain dance, huh? Oh yeah... Can totally see you doing that. ;)

    We used to have parrots that would eat the pecans off of Mr. Wattenbarger's tree, then would drop the shells in our yard. It was kind of funny. Almost 7 years and I never knew you had a walnut tree....

    I like your two-tooth pumpkin! I think it's adorable! :D

  4. Your peaches look so good Kim, Now what are we going to do about those parrots eating your nuts? Your horse story was just to cute. I have had to race to our little pecan tree before the squirrels got them. it seems we are always in a contest with the animals around here for something. lolgotta love them!

    Love the gourd, but young lady you must be careful, I am having to sit around here because of not being careful in the kitchen. Though I will tell you a secret, I am enjoying this spoiling i have been getting, and I might get used to it. LOL.
    I am doing so great as a matter of fact just as soon as dh leaves tomorrow I am getting to work. lol

  5. You are so lucky to have peaches , pomegranates and walnuts. Nothing can compare to freshly picked ripe fruits from the tree. I enjoy your blog. JB

  6. That peach basket looks wonderful! Your gourd is very cute! Be careful with the cutting! That is so cool you have a walnut tree. We've had different fruit trees thru the years, but never a nut tree that's really neat.


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