May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Matter of Perspective

I love looking down a white fence with green grass.
Just like I like looking at red hearts on a white background.
When I took this picture I was standing in the pasture next
door. So you can see the green. My side of the fence is brown
because we plow our pasture. It is where I stand sometimes
that changes the perspective.

I have been thinking about something since Christmas, maybe
a bit before that. I have been thinking about respect. If I am driving
my car, and I pull out in front of you and then give you the finger, that
is a blatant show of lack of disrespect not to mention stupid as I might
get run down and shot.

Within our own families wouldn't it be more important
to show respect and kindness in the places we live every day? I talked
to lots of people this holiday season. I don't know why it hit me as I listened
to people pour out the tales of woe because they were going to be spending time
with family members. As I listened, what kept coming at me was the lack
of respect that people showed for each other. Everything from not eating the food
that was being prepared to complaining of the people who were going to be there.
I can't tell you how many times I waited in line listening to the conversations all going
on around me and it had to do with one person disrespecting another.

I don't suppose that I even have a answer to the question I asked. It has been something
I have pondered. God commands us in scripture that men are to love their wives but
women are to respect their husbands.
I know that it is bigger than me to ponder this out but I think as a society as I observed from
the last election over and over, there was a lack of respect all the time. We saw it
on TV as talking heads showed lack of respect to people running for office, a lack of respect
to people speaking and the audience being really disrespectful. I don't know why
I am thinking about it so much, we just started the French Revolution in History last week and
you see how the Aristocracy showed lack of respect and it got their heads chopped off
by Madame Guillotine.

Really, though I thought you should know, I would not pull out in front of anyone
and ever give anyone the finger. I just thought you should know.
Have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. I think people are not accountable for their actions. They think that its ok to do something rude to someone if their bad mood dictates it. We all get upset about things, but no one counts to ten anymore. On the bright side of this I think the more dialogue people have about disrespect and rudeness the more the problem is out in the open and then hopefully addressed.

  2. Totally hear you...I have been thinking about that was manners. It just seems we have lost the idea of manners....which I guess comes from having respect for someone, and not thinking too highly of yourself.
    Thanks for the birthday wish.

  3. I had no question in my mind about you pulling out and displaying a one finger wave. I knew that wasn't you! :)

    Good thought, though. If we respected the people closest to us more, maybe it would spread out from there...

  4. It's hard to respect others in a society where people have become so distant. Unlike old days that we read about, people don't need other people to get by as much as folks used to. People are busy at a break-neck speed. folks no longer have patience. Society teaches that people no longer have to wait for things. We used to write a letter and now we can text and get an instant answer. Americans are a rather independent lot that are constantly amused by toys (cars, electronic, hobbies, the idiot box-also known as a TV). Manners have all but evaporated and people don't even respect themselves. If they did, why would they follow so many of the paths created by big business and the media. Sadly, God is not a priority. He has been taken from schools and is not encouraged in homes as He should be. Family has become less important than it should be for soome. Like Texwis said, if we respect those close to us first it would help. When the "foundation" is not good, the "building" will not be either.

    If you pulled out on me, I'd tease you about it and say "Oh, Kim!" (with a smile) Everyone else gets flipped "the bird". Just kidding :)Well, most of the time ;)

  5. I think the root of the disrepect is an ungrateful heart. An ungrtaeful heart creates selfishness which leads to a lack of respect for anyone or anything that prevents us from having things "our" way. So sad because we have so much to be thankful for....even the air we breathe is a gift from God.BTW, I live in GA, so it is a
    3 1/2 hour trip from our front door to our son's. It is all expressway except the last 30 min. so it is an easy trip. Gonna try the danish but with a different fruit....not a cherry fan! :-) Maybe I'll post a pic and you can tell me if it looks right. Hugs to you, too!

  6. Kim, respect is very high on my list and I always try to respect others and treat them like I would want to be treated.
    Last evening I saw a TV show and I don't know what it's called but there was these two guys who were repossessing cars from people who didn't make payments , a guy who was trying to deliver summons for court appearance and the other is a black meter maid who writes tickets to people who are parked illegally and everyone is yelling and cursing and show so much disrespect it's just awful. I don't watch Tv except very occasionally but I saw enough to shake my head in disbelief about the lack of respect for people in general and for their property.

    It makes one wonder if Jesus didn't come when he did to set an example for us, where would the world be by now. JB

  7. Kim, sucha timely post. I think the shootings in AZ have to do with lack of respect for differing views and what a horrific outcome. That precious little, innocent nine year old girl dead for no good reason. A Senator fighting for her life. Our leaders are being disrespectful like I’ve never witnessed. I think of the State of the Union where someon in the audience yelled out liar. I was raised to be respectful of your elders and authority. You dont’ have to agree with them but you have to respect them or show them respect, particularly in a formal setting. It is beyond me what is happening to this country. If our leaders are disrespectful, I am afraid more deaths will come and what kind of role models are we exposing the leaders of tomorrow to. I agree with you though-it starts at home. We must teach our children to be respectful and hold them to it. Good parenting can’t be replaced :)


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