May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thoughts Today

Thank you so much for your prayers, I do feel so much better.
My daughter does too, so thank you.
This morning, my husband and I were talking. We like to discuss
what we have learned from whatever trial we have just gone through.
So today, I thought it was a profound thought and I will muddle it
up because I can't make things sound so profound as my husband can
say them. ( In the early years when we had more dreams and no kids,
he was a song writer.)

We were talking about the Lawn Mower. He told me what he has learned
is make sure you always change the oil. I looked at him and he said,
" In life we have the things that are urgent, that scream for attention.
Then we have important things, that we don't pay attention to but are
still very important. The important things that we over look are the things
that will cost us in the long run because we weren't paying attention.
Like changing the oil in the lawn mower."

So as I was thinking about that I have been trying to see where I might have
over looked the important things because I was paying attention to the
things that screamed for attention.
Today I ask of the Lord, " Make me faithful, Lord. Make me
humble enough to keep on doing what I know I'm
supposed to be doing, and joyfully expectant of finding you close by
while I work.

I pray the God blesses you today in all that you do.



  1. That's a very good reminder. Dad says the most profound things. :-)

  2. hmmm. good thought-provoking musing material... and as always, lovely flower photos.

  3. Your husband sounds very wise and sensible. You both have a talent for looking at everyday life and conecting it to something larger. I love that. His analogy is kind of like how I have adapted my life around Mom's illness. There are things I HAVE to do, things I SHOULD do and what time is left is for what I would LIKE to do.

  4. This really makes me think....I need to change a few things in my every day life. Thank you:)

  5. How much of our time is spent 'reacting' to the urgent because we didn't 'act' on the important! Your husband is a wise man. And you are wise woman for marrying him! :)
    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Oh my husband wrote songs for years! He was a praise and worship leader for years I see your children got their music talent from their Dad and I might guess you have some also.

    I love his illustration. Last night we dealt with a crisis that wouldn't have happened if we had been taking time to do the the lawn mower.

    Great word today

  7. Strange as it may seem, this was my meditation this morning. Gen 22:11-12. It was about Abraham's devotion to God and his willingness to even sacrifice his only son to God.

    Out of our most difficult trials, God's abundant blessings is there. God walks with us through all our difficulties. It made me think of what blessings God brought me in my own difficult trials. It was a trial but it turned out to be a big blessing in the end. Go figure...

    You both are wise. Blessings on your daughter and the life that she carries. JB

  8. Oh how true this is....It reminds me of a book I read years ago called the tyranny of the urgent. All the "urgent" things that keep us from doing all the things that we really should be. Your husband sounds like a wise man...HUGS


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