May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Start Again. (Original Hard Rock Song)

This is a video of my oldest sons music. I haven't posted anything he
has written in awhile. I thought I would share this. He writes and performs
his music along with being a Dad of 3 little boys, works about 48 hours a week
plus finds time to put in sprinklers in his back yard and put in a garden. Not to mention
Meg, is pretty happy with him.
I really enjoy his music.
Here is a plug, you can now buy his music on iTunes.

All of my sons play different kinds of music, My oldest, plays
metal, my next son plays keyboard on a worship team, my third son
plays classical piano and my youngest son plays lots of Credence Clearwater Revival.
My daughter plays Violin as well as piano. My son-in-law plays electric Violin.
My oldest daughter played the piano too. She liked art a lot more.
My husband plays guitar, piano, banjo, 12 string guitar.

Me, I just find places to store everything and brag a lot.

Have a great Tuesday,


  1. oh wow that is pretty amazing! did they get it from mommies side or Daddies side?


  2. He's good. Hubby agrees. Mama should always have bragging rights. Just look at how obnoxious I am about all my musicians. :)

  3. you have every reason to brag with that much talent in
    one family! i loved this song and would enjoy hearing

    happy easter!

  4. I love that...."I find places to put everything and a brag a lot!" That is a mama's heart for sure. That made me smile.:-) You certainly have gifted children!

  5. Kim, this was really awesome! I just closed my eyes and was transported back to a much younger time in my life! He's really talented! I really, really, really, really enjoyed that!!!

  6. Wow!!! I'm so impressed and no wonder you're sharing, he's awesome!

  7. Bragging is part of your job! This is really incredible that nearly the whole family are musical. This will be with them forever. My son still plays and he is a dad and a husband.

  8. Awesome!! What a talented family, too.

  9. You go ahead and brag all you want. That was great! There is a lot of talent in your Field of Dreams.

  10. WOW...I am super impressed...He is REALLY good. And I agree with everyone else...that's what we moms do...part of the job. How wonderful to have such a musical family. I'd love that. Post some more, I'd love to heart it! Have a wonderful day Kim! HUGS

  11. Wow! how awesome to have so much talent in your family. Enjoyed the video, . Well some one has got to keep everyone organized and you have something to brag about, and please share more videos. Enjoy your day.Hugs,

  12. Very nice! I think we all should make time for a lil music in our lives, keeps the soul happy! He does an amazing job.That's awesome all your kids love music or art.I think it's important to have something that you enjoy & creative~Cheers Kim

  13. That was great Kim, It's so nice to have all your kids playing instruments. You could have your own traveling band like the Osmans.

    Thanks for sharing and yes, you have every right to brag. JB

  14. You have earned your bragging rights sister!! Well done.

    Blessings, Debbie

  15. Oh so glad you are bragging....that is what mothers are to do! This is great! Yes in our household everyone plays something except me...but I do sing, well for my own enjoyment.

    You and Lea have some talented musicians! How much fun!

    I wonder if we need to make it a marriage requirement in our home? Well the first daughter--in-law plays and teaches piano, so far so if I do that then they might kick me out.LOL

    But I didn't get them to their lessons....LOL

  16. You have one talented musical family!!! Florence

  17. Really, really good! Be sure to tell him about all of these great comments. Let us know when his CD comes out. : )

  18. Thank you for the kind words you left as a comment on Everyday ruralty today. I am so glad to have found your blog and become you newest follower. I look forward to future posts from you and learning more about your farm!

  19. ohgosh, your son's playing is awesome...I love that! Thank you so much for sharing. Being from or having a musical family is the best (and most fun)!!


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