May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Friday, April 22, 2011

Farm Friend Friday

It is Farm Friend Friday. It is also Good Friday.
It is a beautiful day here today. Unlike some years
when it is cloudy, cold and rainy. I am going to go buy
a dishwasher today. So that is all that is on my mind
this morning. I do not want to buy a dishwasher but
my husband said that today is the day. He is tired
of seeing dishes to be washed and dishes that are washed.

I think with having the lawn mower be broke for so long and
the grass just kept growing and it looked worse and worse.
I mean our fence got broke that was a sick feeling, but we got
that fixed. Then the lawn mower broke, the dishwasher broke
at Christmas. The weed eater broke last weekend. My faucet in the
kitchen started spraying out the top where water isn't supposed to
spray. My vacuum has to be propped up against the wall when
you stop it because the thing that holds the handle is broke.

So with all of the lessons we have learned. The first lesson is
change the oil. Pay attention to the little details. The next lesson
is in life, constant use just will wear things out. Just go buy a new one

I am telling you a deep secret here. I did lay hands on the dishwasher
hoping that it would be healed. Another thing I have learned is
prayer doesn't replace common sense.

I found this little book I had on a shelf and the author put in her
story that I thought fit so well.
This is from a book entitled "Normal is just a setting on the dryer."
By Adair Lara

" I was putting ointment on a deep scratch from having tried to toilet
train the cat. I had bought a kit for this purpose, a cardboard ring that went over the toilet
bowl that the cat used during the potty-training phase.

How much stranger can ordinary life get than feline toilet training? Which did not go well,
as she fell through the cardboard, she leaped out of the toilet, soaking wet. I grabbed,
her and 10 terrified claws sank into the tender flesh of my arm.

So , for the things I wish I'd known, When the instructions on the flimsy plastic cat-toilet-trainer
say, " The cat must weigh no more than twelve pounds."
Weigh the cat."

So life is made up of tiny things that give us things later to go laugh about and we do forget
about the hard work and just remember the funny things.
I am joining farm friend Friday and I thought I would have some chicken pictures today
but this is what came out of the key board this morning. Stop by and give all of those wonderful
ladies a visit.


  1. Is it bad to laugh about all the things you have that are broken? Because I just laughed and laughed. I'm glad you're getting a new dishwasher. Make sure to measure your space so you don't get one that's too big! Or are dishwashers a standard size? I don't know. :-p

  2. I think sometimes we just have years where stuff like this happens. Apparently, this is your year for broken stuff. But really, it's just frivolous stuff. A broken dishwasher, fence or lawnmower is much better than a broken person!

  3. too funny! loved that cat story and the laying of hands on your dishwasher too! may all your 'wearing out' days be over for a while!

    happy easter!

  4. Good Morning! I have to start with your previous post that I somehow missed. I too loved those movies! I just love the whole idea of baking, cooking etc. I wish I could do more of it, but then I would eat it...sigh...your pie looks absolutely delish and I will look forward to go through this project with you. And for todays post...Sooo glad you are getting a dish washer. It's funny how we learn to adapt to broken things. We had a HUGE list of broken items at our old house. A couple of toilets that had to be flushed just right, the air conditioner (would have been a nightmare last summer) the roof, the tile on the pool and on and on. One thing we can be sure of, NOTHING lasts forever. This post was really funny, but I am soo glad you are getting a new dishwasher. YAY!!

    Hope you have a wonderful week-end and a very happy RESURECTION DAY!!


  5. kim, i know what you are feeling...we had to our weedeater and a newer power washing machine to the machine man to get fixed and i too have a dishwasher that doesn't work properly...but it is a german brand that i am not sure anyone can fix so i have procrastinated. your cat story...and yes it is the little things we must adhere to or else they grow and grow and grow! happy easter!

  6. Prayer never seems to work with appliances around here. As long as it keeps working for the living things, then I'll just feel foolish for worrying about appliances.

  7. It seems like when one appliance goes, several others follow quickly. It is frustrating. I did laugh a little (well, a lot...) when you described laying your hands on the dishwasher. If that had worked I was considering flying you in to lay your hands on my roof! Lol

  8. oh dear. what a time you've had! i have layed hands on
    many strange things myself.

    happy easter, sweet kim.

  9. I am so sorry but I am sitting here laughing until I jiggle! Weigh the cat about just change the cat litter, eh?
    We just bought a new refrigerator and it's great. The refrigerator that is, not how much it cost...ouch! I don't blame you for praying over the dishwasher; stranger things have happened.
    I was never too rigid about things but since Dave has gotten sick, I bend in the wind. Most of life just isn't worth fretting about.

  10. Soooo loving what I see here on your blog. I'll be following and I'll come back. It would be fun if you visited my blog!

  11. Cute post, Kim, I love the way you took everything in stride. Dh has a sayings "nothings stays the same". I on the other hand say "if it can happen,.. it will happen to me." LOL Enjoy your dish washer.
    Warmest Easter wishes for you and your family,.

  12. There's only one appliance in the house that we have not yet had to replace...and it's only a matter of time! I don't like having to spend so much money on something that is never as good as the one we replaced! (the old appliances that were in our house were meant to last a long time!!) But...I'm glad we we able to replace them when we needed to. Enjoy your new dishwasher, and Happy Easter!

  13. Kim, My goodness, you broke the rule of things break in threes. I love to replace old broken down appliances but I have a confession to make. I have this old , very old dishwasher that has been broken for years. I usually buy the appliances in this house but for some reason I love doing dishes by hand and never replaced the dishwasher. I don't think that my husband even knows that it's broken. He never suggested that it should be replaced.

    I'm still laughing about the kitty toilet training. That is so funny. I'm still laughing out loud.

    The laying of the hands on the dishwasher is pretty funny too. On the other hands maybe I should try that... I'm not ready for Easter except some bunny decorations on my desk. I have to go shopping for the kids tomorrow,

    Happy Easter, JB

  14. Some lessons are much more painful than others. Glad you didn't get a cat scratch from the dishwasher. Sure wishing I could borrow a dishwasher to get caught up right about now. Have a great weekend!


  15. Oh what lessons we learn in life;) Some much funnier than others....
    May you have a wonderful and blessed Easter!!

  16. This is the problem with things that break. I don't want to sound like an old frustrated woman either...
    Thing just do not last long now days. Now that sounds old! I found you can't buy a part, or fix most things. Cheaper to start over. I don't really like that idea, because things were always fixed around my house. I am giving in. I feel so sorry for you with all those things breaking. Enough. Will hope that nothing breaks for some time in your home.


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