June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Saga of My Glasses

I got my glasses. It has been a love/hate experience. I got my sunglasses and it was like " Wow!!!" I can see.
I could see distance, I could see every thing. I could drive and not be afraid I was going to cause a wreck.

Then they called and said my glasses were in. I went to the place with the same joyful anticipation. I was already dreaming of all the things I would be able to see and how much fun it would be to go shopping by myself and not have to have a kid with me to read labels. Or my husband who is always so patient.

I got progressive lenses. You know when I was there and they were throwing words at me, I shook my head like I knew what they were saying. I was expecting the kind I get at the drug store. They aren't. I have to move my head around like a ostrich. I have to move my head up and down and sideways. I can't see a leaf on a tree unless I am a foot from the tree. Distance. Forget it. Drive with them, they are like my normal eyes without glasses. In fact, I can see better without them.

Now the good part. I can sew!!!! They are great for sewing. I can sew for hours and never get a headache. I can read recipes. Last night I did counted cross stitch for 3 hours. I never even had to rip anything out. It was wonderful.

I can't see a thing if I am in front of the computer with them though. I can't read either. I have to fall back on my drug store glasses for that.

So I am happy that I can sew. I am happy that they fixed my headaches. I might even grow into them. I am supposed to wear them all day. I can't yet but I hope that I can soon.

I will take a picture soon and show them to you. I like them. The other night, I was able to hook a rug and watch a movie. I have never been able to do that before. So in a way, it is like the world opened up to a new level for me.
So life is good,


  1. I've heard that progressive lenses are tricky to get used to! Hopefully things get better for you with them. I'm glad they're helping with your sewing, though, and that you aren't getting any more of those headaches!

  2. I had lined bifocals when I first had to wear bifocals. But after time, I needed more than just the 2 distances ... I needed far, close and in between. So I ordered progressive/no-line bifocals. It took a little while to get used to them, and now I love them! I'm praying that you'll adjust quilting ... and praising that they are helping even now with sewing, etc.

  3. At least they're letting you do things like sew, right? I guess you can just consider them reading glasses. Maybe next year you can get some non-progressive ones.

  4. So glad they work for you. I've heard they're hard to get used to, but great when you do. We want to see them.:)

  5. I must be really blind because I adjusted to mine very quickly! I can't wait to see the picture and WOW! Three hours of counted cross stitch? You're amazing!

  6. well, at least they're good for a few things you enjoy!

  7. Kim, I glad that you can enjoy doing your cross stitch without getting headaches now.
    I've wore progressive lenses for years. They have to be adjusted just right on my nose to see well otherwise my vision get a bit distorted.

    I had to have another pair of glasses just for the computer because my neck was getting sore. Then when my vision changed again and got a new pair, I didn't need the computer glasses anymore.

    It took me a little while for my eyes to get used to progressive lenses and I felt like I was taller when I walked and looked at the ground. It felt weird at first but I adjusted.

    I would like to see a picture of you with your glasses on.
    Good luck.

  8. Cross stitch is such intricate work too. So glad that you are able to enjoy your needle work.

  9. I have progressive lenses with trifocals. They are something to get used too. I still use drug store glasses for my computer.

  10. I have progressive trifocals (distance, middle distance and close). I did so much work at my desk when I was working, going between reading and typing on a screen that I eventually needed them. I always needed distance lenses.

    It took a while to get used to them, the head movement is very subtle to move to the right area of the lens and eventually the nausea went away(!). If they really aren't right - take them back and have them tweaked. It is worth it!

  11. Yay! Oh I'm so glad you can sew! It's been so sad for me, thinking you haven't been able to sew or anything. I would take not being about to see anything else, if it just meant I could knit. ;)

  12. Well at least you can see to do the important stuff, like crafts! Lol. I'm sure you will get used to them soon. I've heard they can be challenging.


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