June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Odds and Ends

I have a small bit of fever few that has survived the frost and the cold. It is looking a bit battle worn but when there is no flowers to speak of I will take anything I can get. Even these seem to lift my spirits. It is snowing all around us and the weather report said we would be getting, "showers around." I am glad I am not traveling today.

I wanted to show you the present my son made for his Dad this year for Christmas. Our son among other things is a machinist. When he was a little boy he would make swords and things in the garage with just a grinder and a hammer and he would use old scooter parts to make what he saw in his head. He became a welder and then he became a machinist. He has a lathe in his garage and he makes beautiful things. This is one piece of aluminum and he made this design It is four sided and each is completely uniform. My husband is so proud of it. Well we all are proud of it.

Here is another view of it. My husband is going to take it to work to put on his desk  I am always so thankful that my kids can express themselves artistically. It always makes me sad that they have removed that art programs from the schools here. I just feel that if people can do something creative, it helps rest the mind in a good way. 

I finally finished a counted cross stitch I was working on, not before Christmas but at least it is finished now.

This is from Pineberry Lane. I don't know what I will do with it but it was a nice pattern to make. I never had to rip out anything, now I can see. I thought my seam ripper was going to have to be permanently attached to my hand.

My daughter has some pictures of Christmas Eve if you want to visit her blog. netraptor.org She remembered to bring her camera and I was so busy I never had time to even think about pictures. When I look at the pictures it just amazes me how our family has grown. There is a tiny bit of me in a picture cooking clam chowder. :)
So that is it for today. It is so nice to have a stormy December after not having winter last year. I am enjoying ever bit of it.

Have a lovely day,


  1. that is a beautiful piece of metal art! i hope it is not stolen from your husband's desk!

  2. I too encourage Art at all times with my children.I feel it makes for a happy heart!

    The Art Sculpture is amazing and dear to your heart I am sure for many years to come.

    Happy New Year~Kim

  3. I would be proud too to receive such a nice art work as that aluminum creation. It's very beautiful.

    Your cross stitch is lovely as well. You've accomplished so much this year. Unlike me, I hardly worked on my rug although I finished my quilt. I seem to be in a rut.

    I love feverfew and the tea is good for headaches. I'm so glad that your new glasses have been a big help, now there's no stopping you.


  4. You are ahead of the game for Christmas 2013 with your cross stitch finished.:-)

    I'm sure your husband will cherish that gift from his son.

    We have nothing blooming here at this point. Today is cloudy, windy, and cold, but no snow is expected.

    Have a good week-end!

    xo Nellie

  5. The metal art is gorgeous. Great talent there!

  6. that is true art, so very creative.

    love your stitched piece.

    I saw one sprig of fever few the other day, nothing as big as the one you have. I like to see the survivors, it helps me remember to push on even in adverse conditions.

    windy & frigid coming to us tonight, snow & ice too, have a great weekend.

  7. A very gifted and talented family you have, Kim! What a great job your son did! and as always your needle work is beautiful Snow showers I could handle just wouldn't want inches or feet ! ~smile~ Most of my herbs have gone to sleep for the winter.
    Happy New Year.

  8. Wow, that piece of art is so beautiful. You have such a talented family. Cute stitchery. Glad you can "see" again. We are expecting a whopper of a storm later tonight.

  9. Love the artistic machinist's work! My son loves to weld and make things with metal although he is not a certified machinist. I love it when our children can express themselves artistically in any medium.

    Snowy and cold here too. Stay cozy.

  10. I'm so glad you can see to do crafts now!

    I wish I'd taken more pictures, but I kept getting carried away having fun. It was such a nice Christmas.

  11. Kim
    Your sons gift to his father is truly a treasure! It must have taken a lot of planning, cutting, and polishing. All mixed up with a lot of love!
    I viewed your daughters pics-it appears you had a house full and a lot of laughter, I bet!

  12. You have very talented children! We need more creative people that can work with their hands and brains these days. Too much paper pushing in the job market today and that is why our economy is getting worse. Some creative innovations can change our country for the positive! I miss flowers too... I'm patiently watching the amaryllis, paper whites and hyacynth bulbs I'm forcing... lol! Love that cross stitch you finished! I'm thinking it needs a table top frame...

  13. Kim ~
    What a cool gift from your son. I'm sure hubby (and you!) will treasure it always!
    Love the cross stitch. I'm glad you can see to do it :) Years ago I stopped because I couldn't see that well, but with glasses and an Ott light, I have started stitching a bit again. I forgot how much I loved it.
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs :)

  14. Breezy hates using the flash on her camera too. I don't care as long as I get pictures! :) What a Christmas crowd y'all had! And that clam chowder would have been fabulous at our oyster roast! Y'all must come next year---how I WISH! You have such a lovely loving family! Happy New Year my wonderful friend who lives way too far away!

  15. Good evening Kim. I see the new glasses are working out nicely, love the lastest cross stitch sampler, very pretty. What a wonderful heartfelt gift from your very talented son. Something to be treasured always. No Fever few in these parts just lots of white snow. What a wonderful family you and your husband have created, 25 family members opening presents at once, priceless! Sending New Year greetings from Maine, Blessings Julie.

  16. Your son is so talented! I visited your daughter's blog ... it was so nice to see your family - and especially a little bit of you! ;-) Wishing you and yours a very blessed 2013!

  17. Oh I love your flowers that are still blooming...and we are having rain, much needed rain, but I will stay indoors.

    Oh your sons gift...that is so much like two of my boys...I am showing them...Stephen first, he loves doing those things, Our oldest made lamps for gifts one year...I love when they are creative.

    Happy New Year!!! Yes your family is continuing to grow...how much fun is that? What a blessing


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