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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Racing The Calendar

I have not bought one single present. Zilch. Not-a-one. Today is the fifth of December. I am experiencing small periods of panic. People who shall remain nameless, haven't even given me a list. They say things like "Oh Mom, just surprise me. "  The other one was, " I am not giving you a list because you just get me everything on it and there are no surprises."  The one I about fainted about was, " Mom just get me clothes."

Clothes??? Since when do boys in this family want clothes? I don't work well without a list. My mind goes blank, I can't make a decision. Some people  who like things I make are safe and are not on this list. Babies, well you know how much fun shopping for babies is and how much fun it is buying little boys things they can shoot, make noise with and blow up. ( Don't worry, I will wait until they are older to get them things to blow up.)

I think this whole jury duty thing is driving me crazy. It is like being on call. I have to check the computer twice a day to see if my number is up. I can't really make plans until this is over. At least I am not having to sit down there. I can at least putter around the house and do school. The ones that live here that go to college have had finals this week. Yesterday when one of my sons got home after his math final he sat down at the piano and played Free Bird and sang so loud, I don't even know if Lynyrd Skynyrd ever envisioned it that way. The piano was rockin and rollin. He was very happy.

On December 7th we will have lived in this house 11 years. I remember when the move in date was December 7th I hoped that it wouldn't be like the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I was pretty scared about moving back. I didn't know how it would work living here again. I am glad to say, it has been better than I dreamed.
One of the things that happened was we were going to have to have the house plans  re-engineered. This house in the original house plans had a full basement. I wish we had one so bad now but you just don't build basements in California. The ground around here is a little like jello. It moves all of the time.

When we were going to build this house and we were getting plans and permits and all of the things you have to do to build a house here.
The phone rang at the other house and on the other end was a very nice man. He wanted to do the re-engineering on the house. I took down all of the information. Then I asked him his name. He hesitated just for a second, took a deep breath, and said, " Lenard Skinner." I was silent for a second. I said, " Really?"
He said, " Yes, that is my name." I said, " Do you get this a lot?" He said, " Oh you have no idea. But I had it first before the band. " So I got off the phone. But I still laugh and think about him.

So this is a wandering around in my mind post. I think I need to change the name of the blog.  Maybe I could change it to Mostly Random Thoughts by Kim.

I hope you have a great Wednesday,


TexWisGirl said...

poor guy! i can't imagine! :)

our texas soil is the same. can't support a foundation. almost every home has movement and foundation issues. *sigh*

Christine said...

I really would prefer it if people told me exactly what they would like as a gift - some surprises work - others can be disastrous in my experience!
Praying for you and the whole jury duty thing.

Nellie said...

I'm not through with my shopping, either, though I have begun. Some time ago we started giving our girls something to read, something to play with, and something to wear. As they have grown, their "toys" have changed, of course. They usually take care of their own technological interests, so it comes down to something that can be used in the kitchen. The grandchildren are easier, though we follow the same guideline with them. It is good to hear that there may be at least one boy who likes clothes.:)

Oh! We have birthdays here on the 23rd. The twins will be 38! How did that happen? I'm certainly no older.:)

I enjoyed this post! Soon you will celebrate being in the house 11 years! How special.

xo Nellie

Beth said...

I like to know what people want. It makes shopping easier, also the color of green paper is always welcome. :-)

Julia said...

I have the same problem knowing what to buy as presents for everyone but somehow it' amazes me every year that everyone is well taken cared of at the last minute. Yes, I can work wonder at the very last minute and don't ask how I do it, cause I don't know ether. lol...

I see that you found you snowmen collection. I just love them. I have mine out on the table and we still don't have snow on the ground and it 8 degree C. 46.4 degree F. today. It's not usually this warm in December.

11 years has gone by already and soon the house will be too big so you really don't need another floor to clean do you. Your house is so big.

Your son sounded truly happy, I hope you danced...

We'er having... , what else today? Rain... I'd give you my share in a nano second if I could.
Hugs. JB.

Debbie said...

Oh I honestly can't do it without a list anymore. I actually call it an "assignment", haha. Seriously, even with the grands (who I just get toys) I have NO idea what they want, what they have, or what their parents are getting. I set a price limit and tell their parents, "now assign me something" haha. As for my kids I spent years, and years, and years shopping, selecting things and buying and wrapping etc., and as far as KNOWING what they like I probably still could. But WAY too much work, time, effort and shopping. So now some I buy for and some get cash. I try to keep it easy. Sometimes I miss the surprises, hustle and bustle of shopping and wrapping etc., but most of the time? Uh that would be a big NO, haha. Enjoy your day!

Kessie said...

I like the idea of something to read, something to play with, and something to wear. Heck, I might shop for my hubby that way this year. :-)

Gail said...

I like a list too then I can choose what I can get. My children will get cash since they know what they need. The two oldest grandchildren will get a trip where I buy what they want, within reason. The youngest will get something educational and cash.

See, I'm no fun at all anymore!!!

Kim said...

I'm having a brain fart with gift ideas too. No basements? Here if someone builds a house with no basement, we think its weird.

Primitive Stars said...

No list, just know what to buy my family.....we all love to read, so books come in handy.....Blessings Francine.

Miss Debbie said...

I agree with you...ideas are a big help, I would not where to start otherwise for our grown sons or SIL. This year, because we are displaced until a week before Christmas (I hope we get back in that soon!), the adults are getting money with just a little gift under the tree and their stockings. Too hard to do much shopping when everything is turned upside down!

Pom Pom said...

When will the jury duty waiting game end? Where will you shop?
I haven't done ANY shopping either. said...

Oh jury duty...I hope it comes to an end, yet what a blessing we have in our country. Oh Christmas list...never get any from anyone...and for this year any shopping will be done last minute if any. Boys wanting clothes...too funny...mine would just say, oh give me money and I will buy them....LOL

Have a great week..I hope you are adjusting to your daughter and grands move...I have been thinking about you

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I don't shop without a list either. Otherwise, my recipients will get money ... and while they might not mind, I do. ;-)

You know, sometimes the random posts are more interesting, more revealing than "themed" posts. I hope I'm not the only one who feels that way as most of my posts are very random. ;-)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

count your blessings you're thinking; my brain finds that all too difficult these days! as to Christmas gifts...ordering fruit baskets and having them shipped. I've cut way back on gifts; most friends and I are getting together for long weekends and calling it our gift to each other.

Gumbo Lily said...

I've got a few handmade things done, several more to finish and just "some" gifts bought, but I'm not done. Like you, I really appreciate lists. I found one idea on Pinterest that I sent to my kids. It's a "Dear Santa letter".....

I want ____________.
I need ______________.
I'd wear _______________.
I'd read _____________.

Like you, I never want to (or have to) buy sons clothing. That's just too hard.


Lynn said...

Oh Kim, good luck with your shopping! It is hard to buy for the kids, especially once they're grown. We would be completely sunk without the wish lists. And even then -- "board games." What kind of board games? What do they already have? And which might be too similar to ones they own? Should we try to find a specialty games store somewhere?

When we shopped together yesterday, my husband told me I just need to "pull the trigger" -- make a decision and buy SOMETHING. Ack! Thank heavens for gift receipts, or I'd probably never pull the trigger.

Debbie said...

But you have decorated beautifully! My kids send me links and I don't buy presents for anyone else! Everyone enjoys the holidays more if we do less shopping and more enjoying of our time together!