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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

It is that time again to visit with Patrice on her porch. It has been a bit to cold to visit on my porch this week.
Now on to this week's question:

1.    Do you have your tree up yet? If not, when will you put it up? If you don't have a tree, please tell me about another tradition you like.

Yes we do, we put it up last night because it was the only night everyone would be home together this week. As everyone gets older around here we have to just take the time when we have it.

2.    What was the best job you ever had? The worst?

The best job has been being a Mom. I have been so thankful for this gift. I don't think I have had a bad job. I needed what it taught me at that time.

3.    Do you drive around and look at Christmas lights? If not applicable, tell me something you like to look at when you go for a drive.

I love looking at Christmas lights but I don't drive around for just that purpose.

4.    Does your tea kettle have a whistle?

Yes it does, and lately it has blown it's top quite a bit.

5.    Do you like boots?
I love boots.

Thank you for stopping by today. Thanks for Patrice for having such a nice Chat this week.

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Meg said...

Yay Christmas tree! I'm so stupidely excited for Christmas this year.

TexWisGirl said...

cute tree. :)

Beth said...

The tree is beautiful!

Julia said...

I love your Christmas tree Kim with all the meaningful ornaments that brings back sweet memories. Everyone is special I bet.
My old artificial tree is still in the box. I should be able to put it up this week. I'm just warming up to Christmas. I wish it didn't start so early in the store. People are already tired of it. Especially the store workers.


Alica said...

Your tree looks so festive Kim! We were just talking at the supper table tonight about when we're going to go get ours. I haven't done much decorating yet...guess I'd better get busy!

Miss Debbie said...

Your tree is lovely! I'm impressed that you have help. Even before my three moved out, they lost interest. But they love doing their own now!

Primitive Stars said...

Evening, love your beautiful tree, so pretty.....I love boots to, can never have enough......Blessings Francine.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Your tree is beautiful.

Is that a Warren Kimble print on your wall? I have one of his prints on the wall in my dining area. I love it.

Kessie said...

The tree looks so pretty! I pillaged one of my hubby's old Christmas boxes and found all kinds of old ornaments, so our tree is much better dressed this year. Also the kids love the little plastic icicles. :-)

Patrice said...

Such a pretty tree!I don't drive around just to look at lights, because of gas prices, but I enjoy it if I'm already out.I am not one to have excess- I'm thrifty, so know this when you read the following. I took three of the girls out boot shopping- individually. Each time I came back with a pair for me. That is SO unlike me. Boots are worse than chocolate for me.:) I had every intention of writing you, but I've been swamped. Right after Thanksgiving two of the girls got sick. The oldest was home from college- in bed with the flu, then bronchitis for a week. The littlest had a nasty cold. Then one of my middle kids had a severe allergic reaction and was run down afterwards. We have been trying to get all of the chickens in the freezer while it is still tolerable to work outside. We have some left to do and a few turkeys. Know that I'm thinking of you! :)

WhiteWhispers2u said...

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas over here.Loving it! ~Cheers Kim

Sherri said...

It's funny how as our kids get older time just seems to slip right by. Your tree is lovely...Have a blessed week.

Debbie said...

LOVE your tree! Soo pretty! Enjoy your day...

Christine said...

I love your tree and that's great you put up together!
And I love boots!

Debbie said...

Your tree is just too pretty! My best job has been being a mom also!