June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today on Wednesday

I picked my first basket of peaches last night. I am going to turn this into a pie and a cobbler. I didn't think I had many peaches so I was surprised when I was able to get this many peaches yesterday.

I made zucchini relish yesterday. I enjoy making this and  I try to make it once a year. I only use it in tuna and on hot dogs, I need to learn to use it in other things.

I have worked on the August Word play just a bit. I wanted to share with you the tiny sunflowers in this one.
I have had such fun making each one.

This morning Megan is coming over and bringing her spinning wheel so I will finish up my list of things I wanted to do this summer. It should be fun.

I hope that you have a nice Wednesday. I just thought I would let you know the battle with skunks continue.
The other night we had 3 in the front yard and two in the back. Last night we were out by the pool and I have a slide that is on the play house and water collects in the bottom. Last night we watched the skunk get a drink out of the water on the slide.
I don't know if we are getting used to them and they are to us, we just look at each other and say, " watch out there is a skunk out there" and go about our business.

I will try to remember to take pictures of learning to spin.
Have a great Wednesday,


  1. the sunflowers on august's stitching are so you. :) have fun spinning!

  2. Your relish and your peaches and your sunflowers are pretty! You certainly are patient with the skunks. I think I would have already used a gun!! :-)

  3. The peaches look wonderful. Pie, cobbler, jam, oh boy!! Enjoy the spinning.

  4. Kim..
    Nice peach harvest! Do you make peach-pit jelly too?
    It's a favorite at our house.

    Sorry about the skunks!
    Around here, we battle the racoons.
    The house across the street (The Sheep House)
    ended up with quite a few that got in and destroyed things.

    Hope today is a good one :)

  5. You know one of my favorite things about peaches? The way they smell. I just love to smell them! That relish looks divine! Isn't is funny how we just get used to some things---I just never thought one of those things would be close proximity to skunks. LOL

  6. Yummy peach desserts! How lovely!
    Please, please show us the spinning lesson!
    Have a fun!

  7. how I do love your relish !!!!!

  8. Your zucchini relish looks tasty- and I love your little mini sunflowers- it will be a cute pillow when you are finished.

  9. I put my relish in pasta salad a few weeks ago and it was super good. (I think I already told you that.)

    So guess what happened when I got home? The stupid garage door wouldn't open when I pressed the button. The power was dead. I had to get everyone out and then go flip the breaker (everyone else had power). Then I got the garage door open, pulled the car in, and then it was dead again so I had to flip the breaker again. *sigh* I feel like the devil is right on my heels today.

  10. Learning to spin, how exciting.

    The skunks, not so exciting.

  11. Your peaches look good, Kim, and a pie and a cobbler sound like wonderful ideas :) I just made some peach muffins with a little glob of cream cheese in the middle. They were yummy! I will try to blog about them soon. So you did not have a lot of peaches this year? I'm curious because we had a bumper crop . . .

  12. I'm also curious about your relish. Is it hard to make? Have you posted a recipe before? That's something I hope to try this year. I have done dill pickles, but never relish.

  13. Oh I love peaches! It's getting so hard to find homegrown TREE-RIPENED peaches in these parts ... they're picked so green and never quite get as sweet and juicy as the tree-ripened peaches do. :-(

    I've never had zucchini relish.

  14. I love this time of the year when we begin to put up the harvest for the up coming winter, Happy Harvesting. Hugs! Florence

  15. oh peaches, my favorite..now I do need your vitmin B shot for your energy


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