Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Pictures of 4 Years of Gardening

I thought I would look around on my computer and show you how the garden has changed in four years. This was they first year We started gardening and writing a blog. We tried  to grow everything we could think of and I had so much produce. I was giving so much a way. We learned so much though.

Our Second Garden.

My garden in these pictures were not my favorite. My Mom's death as I look back had taken a bigger toll on me than I had thought. I didn't have the energy to do much with it and I know I didn't can a single thing. I think I must have just picked the tomatoes and gave them to the chickens.

Our Third Garden.

It wasn't much better this year either. Just look at all of the weeds. I had lots more going on and lots more on my plate and the garden sort of got pushed back on the to do list.  Even my sunflowers didn't do worth a darn.
The heat was intense and it never let up 2011 It was really hard to decide to keep gardening.

2012 garden, and my favorite so far:

This garden is more spread out. There is lots of room to drive the tractor. There is lots of color from the flowers. We have spent lots more time out here this year. You can tell how much we have been out here this year.

This is earlier this summer when things were just coming up. I just thought that since it has been almost 4 years since I started this blog, I would share how my garden has changed. Not only the garden, but me and my husband both. It really had turned into a labor of love. Just like life, there are bumps in the road along the way, and lots of things to be learned. But life is a journey and part of that journey is finding out what works and what doesn't work, and if you keep your eyes open and keep looking, there is treasure everywhere.

Thank you for being apart of that journey.



Bonnie K said...

I couldn't imagine having that much room to grow stuff. Here I have to cut trees to grow anything. I did expand my beds some, but won't be able to try them out until next year. What is your favorite thing to grow? I am sorry about your mother.

Kessie said...

Isn't it weird how your garden mirrors your mental state? So many weeds last year. I think we've been blessed this year with very short heatwaves. It gets hot, then it cools off. Not like that one year where it was over 100 for, like, 21 days, wasn't it? It was crazy hot.

It's nice to see how we've made it through such hard things, though. God is still faithful.

moosecraft said...

Practice makes perfect!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

So interesting to see how your garden has changed ... and how it seems to mirror what is going on in your life. Your garden looks so huge ... even bigger than our entire yard. ;-)

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

The promise of the garden is always one of the early joys. I love gardening until about mid-July...then the romance fades with the hot sun and weeds! LOL I love how you are chronicling the journey!

Miss Debbie said...

Thanks for the history lesson! Proud of you for hanging in there...God has certainly rewarded your diligence!

Sue said...

Loved your thoughts and seeing how your garden has evolved. You are so right about this journey of life, and just like our garden it is always changing. A great analogy you have shared, Kim.
Thanks for sharing.
Enjoy your day.

TexWisGirl said...

it really is neat and tidy this year. 'tis true how life and weather surely influences your garden.

Beth said...

You have such a nice big garden and you are keeping it in good shape. You will have lots of produce.

Julia said...

I think that you have a lovely garden. I don't see any weed but the soil surrounding the garden looks powder dry. I wish that you had a decent amount of rainfall and that the temperature wasn't so hot. It takes a LOT of determination to garden in those harsh conditions, and you are both doing it.

Gardening reminds us that HOPE reign eternal. We always start our garden with so much hope that it will be the best ever. We do this year after year. I love how the Lord of Creation saw fit to gift us with an ever changing garden.

I get greedy for beauty that is displayed in the many cultivars.
What I like about gardening is that there is colors for all the seasons, ever changing. We are always waiting for the next bloom.

Lets face it, we are no longer as we once were and the heat seems to be hotter.
Happy Gardening. Hugs, JB

Gumbo Lily said...

Gardening is very experimental, isn't it? A gardener has to have great faith in what she does, no matter what happened the year before. Thanks for sharing your 4 years of gardening.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

It really is a battle no matter where you live. You are fighting the heat and lack of rain; I fight the cold and the strong winds... Yep, it truly is 'by the sweat of our brow that we eat bread' ...
I loved seeing your gardens through the years, and hearing the thoughts that came with the photos

Debbie said...

i enjoyed seeing the progression!!