Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Days

The one thing that is good about hot summer days is my garden loves it. When I went out to water this morning, everything looks like it grew over night. My pumpkins are blooming. This picture is from the area that I planted Jack be little pumpkins.

I just love the way they look in the early morning sun. They just seem to glow. Lots of bees were out this morning and they were not happy about the giant getting in the way of the work.

Yesterday I was sitting and watching my chicks. I know this week is going to be really hot and I was trying to think of how to juggle animals and keep them cool. The cage that my chicks are using is a old rabbit hutch cage. In the summer I put the bunny in there and put in under the shade in the yard with damp towels on the cage. He had decided he doesn't like ice bottles anymore so that is what I do. Except now it has chicks in it who are rapidly out growing the small wire cage. Every time I get chicks my chicken pens have to go through a remodel. I am not ready for that yet as I don't think the chicks are ready to be put in my small coop with my crazy Mille Fluers. As I was telling my husband he said," let me go look around my shed and see what I can find."
He came back with an old hot house we used and the shelves got used for other things and it has just been out by his shed. He also had chicken wire from all of the previous chicken house remodels and he made this.

It is bigger and roomier and I can move it from place to place on the lawn. I can put the bunny in the rabbit cage now and he is happier and my hens are just out in the yard. I spray down the pens and if they want to go in and take dust baths in the damp dirt that is okay, but they like to sit out under the trees and sit in little groups talking the day away.
They also get in my flowerbeds. When it gets really, really hot they sneak up on the porch and get up next to the house.

Our heat hasn't been that bad because even though it is over 100 the humidity isn't bad. That is going to change this week when we start getting moisture. Then we get the thunder showers over the moutains and it
really heats up down here in the valley. That is when I worry about the animals. The one good thing the water in the pool is great.

I hope all of you that have been in unbearable heat get a very nice cool down this week.
Bye for now, I have to get my housework done early today.


TexWisGirl said...

hooray for your sweet hubby in giving you a solution so all can be comfortable! i know that makes you happy. we had small rains here and the humidity has jumped really high! altho the temps are cooler, it feels hotter. but i'll take whatever rain we can get!

Julia said...

Just to let you know that I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth... yet...
I've been extremely busy and I've had problems with my internet cutting off constantly on me so leaving comments has been a real pain.
Cows are calving like crazy and I have my hands full.

Wow... So many rugs on the go.
I hope that your chicks will be OK when the heat and humidity comes. Hugs JB

Beth said...

Your husband had a really great idea.

It is cooler here today, only 86 right now to get up to lower 90s. Somewhat better.

Nellie said...

Great idea and handiwork of your husband! Now the chickens and the rabbit will all be cool and happy.

We're a little cooler today, with rain expected at some point.

Have a good Monday!

xo Nellie

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Wonderful idea of your hubby! Win-win-win situations!

No cool down here ... although technically, I guess it has ... we're still hot, with above normal temperatures that seem cool only in comparison to the heat we were experiencing last week. No real relief in sight, and certainly no rain in sight either. :-(

Kessie said...

Ohhh! That's what it looks like! I didn't realize that thingy was the hothouse. What a nice little pen! They even have room to flap their wings.

Kim said...

Your husband is pretty handy. What a smart fella! As usual, Sasha is on guard duty Lol

Pom Pom said...

Sasha is such a hard worker, isn't she? The hens are lovely! How many chickens do you have now?
I think you need LOTS of lemonade, Kim!

Debbie said...

Sounds and looks like a good solution by your hubby. We are heating up here too, but only in the low 90's. Haven't hit 100 yet and I am NOT looking forward to it. Hope you got all your work done before he got too hot. ; )

Debbie said...

Gotta love that husband. We got some rain but we really need more!!! Pretty blooms!!!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What a good idea your husband had. You must do a great job keeping all your girls as cool as possible. I know heat is difficult for them. Your flowers are just beautiful.

no spring chicken said...

Good morning clever, industrious Kim. I've missed visiting and the encouragement I always leave here with! It's been hot here too and I think I'll follow your advice and find a nice 'cool down'. :) Of course I wish the same for you!

Blessings, Debbie said...

Your pictures on your flowers could be on the front of the seed packages, how beautiful!!
The chickens, well we went to home group the other night and they now have chickens...I so enjoyed seeing them and my mind went straight back to you, so God allowed me to enter your world with a hands on experience.

We are cooler here this would have been a better week to camp, oh well.

Have a wonderful week!