June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Bit of a Post

I picked my first basket of tomatoes. To make my first batch of spaghetti sauce, the recipe says I need 45 pounds. I need about double of this. Still it is very nice to get a basket full. It is nice to have them to eat anytime I want.

I also picked some bell peppers, they aren't as pretty because the heat really burned them. I should have picked them before the heat, but it slipped my mind until it was too late.

I have a quite a few more bell peppers and hot peppers. I should have quite a few tomatoes to add to what I have tomorrow.

I finished my chicken rug and got it steamed. I just haven't finished the edges yet. It makes me happy to see it.

I keep making chicken rugs. I need to move onto something else. I did that sheep rug. I need to do the whale.

My daughter and her family are house sitting next door, so I have got to experience what it was like for my grandparents when we lived next door and we would wait until my grandpa's work truck would park and then we would run down to their house to watch him drink his coffee.

My grandpa worked for a company named Knight's Building Materials. In those days, wall board was made of lath and plaster. At that time Edward's Air Force Base was being built. The road that went to the desert was called the CANYON road. It has been fixed now but I still get car sick and I don't normally ever get car sick except when we drive the canyon. My grandpa, would get up at 2:30 in the morning and begone to work by 4:00 AM. The didn't have a forklift to unload all of that lath and plaster but did it by hand. The drive through the canyon then was about two hours because of how windy it was. In the summer he would come home so wet and yet, when we ran down to his house, I know he had to be tired, he would always want to know about our day.

I was reminded of that today as my grand kids ran back and forth through the gate to my house. I really think my grandparents must have been saints. I am not them.

Have a great week next week,


  1. I can almost taste a delicious tomato sandwich. I just made a batch of pesto today. It would go perfectly with your tomatoes. The rug looks great.

  2. That's a nice basket of tomatoes and peppers. I think that I'm feeling tomato envy right now... It will be a while before I harvest my first tomatoes because they were planted so late.

    I planted very little this year and can you believe that I only planted my yellow beans today.

    Life has been just too busy which your story reminds me of slowing down. Such great childhood memories to cherish when life was lived more slowly.

    Your chicken rugs turned out very nice, I haven't pulled a hoop on my Childhood Memories rug as I can't seem to find the time and by night time I'm just too tired.

    Have a great week. Hugs, JB

  3. You might not think you are a saint, but I'd bet that your Grandchildren think you are! :)

  4. The tomatoes, oh I am so hungry for a real tomato. They don't sell real tomatoes in the store, just the gassed ones.

  5. Yes, I agree with Alica's comment. Your making memories for them :)
    I have tomato envy too. Why is it they look so much prettier than the ones in the store?

  6. Forgot - Chicken rug is fabulous!!!

  7. I agree I bet your Grands that your top~notch! Love that chicken rug :)

  8. Funny the things we remember. I love the chicken rug!

  9. Great looking tomates! How many tomato plants did you plant this year?

  10. It's sweet that you remember your grandfather so well and you know now that he made a point to listen and step outside of his tiredness. Your rug turned out so cute! Good job!
    We ate one of our tomatoes today. Yummy!
    The peppers look pretty to me.

  11. Your tomatoes and peppers look fabulous! Mine are not yet pickable, in fact, they are just setting on.

    I like your story about your grandpa. What a hard worker! I have two of my grands living next door and I love it.

  12. lol! Sometimes when you get so used to a routine... disruptions are a test... lol! Beautiful tomatoes! Have fun making sauce!

  13. I just love your chicken rug!! It is fabulous! I have a few peppers...but they're so small. No ripe tomatoes yet, except for the sun golds.

  14. I, too, am going to agree with Alicia! ;-)

    I love that rug! I've never asked ... what do you do with your rugs when you've finished them?

    Seeing your basket of tomatoes has made me miss having a tomato plant or two ... nothing like picking a ripened tomato off the vine second before slicing in to put on a sandwich for lunch. Yum! Maybe we'll put in a garden next spring.

  15. Your tomatoes and other veggies look great! And I just love the chicken rug...soo cute. How fun to have the grands next door! I have a feeling if it were permanent they would settle down some on the running back and forth. ; ) But for now think of the memories. I can just hear them saying some day, "Remember when we stayed right next door to you Grandma, and we could come over ALL day as many times aa we want?" haha Enjoy. Our weather has turned PERFECT, hope yours has too....that humidity was nasty. HUGS

  16. Our grandparents were made of much stronger stuff than any of us are, weren't they? I adored my grandparents and I miss them just as much today as I did when they first passed many, many years ago. Life was just never the same without them. Your veggies look amazing! I have some more tomatoes coming along and hope to put up some more sauce in the next week or two! I, like you, enjoy having them to just eat any time I want!

  17. Wonderful tomatoes, Kim! You are going to be busy with that sauce-making.

    Cute chicken rug!

  18. I love the rug! I would like to have chickens so much.... one day soon, we keep telling outselves :)
    What a blessing to have family around you. And what a blessing for them too :)

    Are you supposed to pick the peppers when they are green? Ours are just beginning to form, but I'd like to know when to pick them - I don't want to pick them too early and them not be ripe, or too late and them past use.... So much to learn!

    1. Kim, I love your chicken rug! wonderful color choices and such personality. I have no tomatoes nor peppers, but I do have sunflowers! The weather here is humid with high ninety degree temperatures. How lovely to have the grands next door, sounds like fun to me. Hugs, from Maine-Julie.

  19. Love fresh tomatoes..sliced on a plate or on a BLT....our favorite! You are blessed to have so many

  20. I am smiling from ear to ear...you are a saint! I love your childhood memories...they are so rich.

    Your tomatoes and peppers...oh my! I am trying for fall tomatoes, the summer heat has already gotten the ones I planted.

    Love, love, love the rug!
    Have a great week

  21. It brought tears to my eyes....I loved my grandparents just over the field from us and when my mother was sick and I stayed with them. And I have had the pleasure of having my two oldest live just down the road from us and they were in and out all the time....now not so much...but they still come around looking for goodies in the cupboard and conversation. Thanks.

  22. It's hot here, again, and hard to get stuff done in the middle of the day. My BIL gave me a bag of tomatoes...lovely and tasty!...I bought some peaches, will freeze those tomorrow. I'm thinking I should work at night and sleep during the day except my body doesn't agree.

  23. omg kim, you are a saint. you just don't know it!!


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