Monday, July 23, 2012

Just Chatting

It is 102 right now and I just got back in from giving everyone fresh water and spaying down the ground so all of my hens have puddles to stand in and try and beat the heat. I am out of watermelon or I would take them some, to cool their little parched throats. I cleaned the chicken coop this morning. I have been sadly lax in this job. Every time I clean the coop, when I go to gather eggs in the evening, Mr. Snake is laying in front of the next boxes. I don't know if the noise of my rake or what it is disturbs him, but I hadn't cleaned the coop in awhile.

Today I had made up my mind that if Mr. Snake shows his little head he is getting relocated. I have went out there 3 times so far and no snake. The snake is a gopher snake and is not poisonness  or a bad snake, well unless you are afraid of them, like I have gotten in my old age. They really are beneficial. It is time he moved on to another place.

I made crushed tomatoes today with my tomatoes I picked. They look pretty in the jars. I was starting to get tired I knew I was doing to much today, but I am trying out for the woman who can make the biggest messes of the year award. I was using my food mill and I had not set it up right so my measuring cup I use to catch the peels and stuff was sitting sort of cock-eyed and it was starting to fill up which made it even more crooked. I knew I should have fixed it but I thought just one more crank when the measuring cup fell over sending wet tomato skins over the edge and made this really great plopping sound as it hit the floor and splattered the cabinets. I had been on my feet so long I thought my spine had petrified into a solid stick in my back. I was under the cutting board cleaning up the tomato stuff and in the food mill juice keeps dripping even if you aren't turning the crank, so it dawned on me that my other measuring cup is full and that wet feeling of dripping on my head and back is tomato juice running over the edge.

I jumped up, and hit my head on the cutting board, dropping the peels that I had wrapped in a paper towel, making an even bigger mess in a place I had already cleaned. I should have taken a picture of my kitchen, I was trying to do too many things at once. It is all nice and clean now though.

I have to quit reading canning books. I think I need to read some vacation books. I picked every tomato that even sort of looked red today so I can do something different tomorrow.

Have a great Tuesday!



Miss Debbie said...

Bless your heart...I am sorry for the mess. But you made me smile! :-)

Alica said...

Oh my...102* and wet tomato peels and banging your head and tomato juice on your head...your kitchen is clean now? Time to go prop your feet up!!

Beth said...

I am so sorry for the tomato mess. Now I would have been glad to have eaten one of two of them to make your load lighter. ;-)

Our official temp late afternoon was 104 degrees. I am really longing for fall.

TexWisGirl said...

you are such a goof! woman, slow down! :)

Dog Trot Farm said...

At the end of the day, when my canning is complete, my kitchen looks like a bomb went off. I remind myself that I did get alot accomplished. Hope the weather cools for you, it has been humid here today, but cool this evening. Hugs from Maine, Julie.

Debbie said...

Oh Kim sorry there was such a mess, but this whole story made me smile. Sooo something I'd do. It is hot huh? I just don't do heat well. I think a small break from tomatoes is in order too. ; ) Hope you have a good day tomorrow, and stay cool! HUGS

Sue said...

It is very hot here too,Kim, the heat has really took its toll on my tomatoes, I am counting on my late crop to be able to preserve.
I smiled as I read of your mishap, I can't count the times something like this has happened right in the middle of my canning. Sometimes I feel just like Lucy Ricardo! lol.
You certainly have been working very hard this summer, I am now prescribing some R&R.
Enjoy your day.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Don't you just hate days like that. Everything you touch, something goes wrong. I love my canning books too. I got a knew one for Christmas but it is better suited for your area. The fruit are mostly grown in California and not readily available here in MA. The book is called Blue Chair Jam Cookbook. Gorgeous book though.

Debbie said...

oh kim 102 and so many animals to worry about. don't forget to worry about you!!

Christine said...

Uh oh - no snakes! I'd be nowhere near the coop!
And some days just seem to overflow with one mishap after the other! Definitely time for a vacation!
Hoping you get watermelon too!

Meg said...

Oh gosh, I didn't read this before you called me. No wonder you are exhausted! Hey, if you ever need help canning I'm more than happy to come help. I just love putting stuff up. I was going to ask you and this post reminded me - do you use all your chicken manure? Could I have some? (I'll clean it out of the coop myself if you want me to.) We'd like some manure for our garden and you're the only person we know with animals. :)

annie said...

Ouch! An I Love Lucy kind of day, maybe something to laugh over when the snow flies. After the mess and misery have long since disapated!

Kim said...

How did you not end up curled in a corner with a bottle of wine after THAT??

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for your mess! I know when I try to do too much, I get tired and stop thinking straight ... and that means a disaster in the making!

It's 108 here at 5:38 ... it looks like the high was 111 (our outdoor thermometer records the high and low temperatures in the last 24 hours).

Kerin said...

Oh dear,
you had quite a day! Far too much adventure for just trying to get a few tomatoes canned~~LOL!
You are correct.. you need vacation books, and a long vacation too.
Maybe you can pick up those canning books and read while you are relaxing on the beach somewhere.

Smiles :)

Empty Nester said...

The other day when I was juicing, I forgot to put the measuring cup under the spout and juice went all over the counter and down the cabinet. The VERY NEXT DAY I forgot to put the container on the back that catches all the pulp/peel/seeds/etc. and all that went EVERYWHERE. Let's hope neither of us has these issues again. LOL