June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today on Thursday

Here we are at Thursday again. I can't believe how fast this week has gone. I am officially finished with school.
One more year left. I don't think I have ever finished up a year before that made me feel this way. But on to the fun stuff that I did this week.

I harvested our first batch of artichokes. Something I noticed about these that I never noticed about the ones in the store, is that they smell like violets or lilacs. They had the sweetest smell. When I first picked them I kept wondering where that lovely smell was coming from then as I walked in the house carrying the basket I realized it was the artichokes. Who knew? When I was steaming them the kids kept coming down stairs saying they smelled so good. It really was a treat to have them for dinner. For the little plants that we just planted in the spring I thought this a pretty good for a first crop.

I finished up projects this week. It was nice to start getting my project basket emptied.
Remember this from the fall? Well I had never finished it. I was going through a box that I had put my projects I didn't want to look at anymore and here was this one. So yesterday I finished it.

I finally finished May. I was so glad to finally finish May. I thought I would go crazy, I was so bored with this, I don't know why now that it is finished but it just seemed to go on and on. I bought these from Country Stitches, last week on Brenda's blog she said that she does one in a week over coffee. It takes me every bit of four weeks to do one and nothing as easy as over coffee.  Maybe if I didn't change things, like making some of the bees into lady bugs. Just like recipes when I am cooking, I am always changing something.

 When I discovered the world of blogging, to say I had been out of the loop was a understatement. When the kids were small I would make their clothes and even when I had six I would make stuffed animals for them and they would draw patterns out for dinosaurs and what ever and I would make them out of cloth. But then life got to busy and I stopped sewing. I did red work because I could carry it with me to lessons, but that was it.
It has been like starting over from scratch to learn to sew again. Not to mention working in the garden had made my hands so stiff and clumsy. Then there is the whole deal with my eyes. I was blind, and even yesterday I had to wait until someone got up to thread my needle on the sewing machine.
This was one of the first things I made but never finished. I really didn't know what a sewing roll was, and yesterday I thought I am finishing this too. This is one of the first patterns I bought from Stacy Nash.
I loved the whole idea of something called Hollyhock Farm. After not doing cross stitch for 20 years this was such a challenge. I kept thinking I need to make it again just for fun.

I have been making these scissor fobs. I have the worst habit of putting pins and needles in my mouth when I am sewing and I have been trying to break myself of this bad habit. So I thought if I make these fobs and put them on my scissors then I won't be putting needles in my mouth.

I hope to finish up my pattern by Country Stitches today or tomorrow. The House of Blues and Browns.
I drew out two more rug patterns yesterday. I bagged wool to start my new rug projects but I wanted to finish up these things I have been working on.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a great weekend.
I also want to say from here, Happy Birthday to my friend Kim, I hope you have a great day.
 Kim has a lovely place called Millie's Mats. 


  1. you stay so busy. never not doing/creating/growing/harvesting/feeding something. :)

  2. I love the October pillow! So would Birdie- that's her birth month. Did I tell you she's coming home this weekend?! I'm so excited! I am always in awe of all you do- there must never be time for sleep around there. What are the conditions for artichokes to grow? I love them but never thought of trying to grow some!

  3. Wow, you got a ton of artichokes for their first year! We have really been enjoying ours.

    I love your little scissor fobs. I have a bad habit of putting needles in my mouth too. I think it's just what us needle workers do. ;)

  4. You make the cutest stuff. I love those stitcheries (and am honored to have one).
    Soon I will be getting some fresh artichokes from the Farm Co-op. Thanks to Meg, I now know how to cook them.
    I hope your day is going great. Mine has been fabulous so far :)

  5. You are so creative...I love the scissor fob, it's been so long since I have done any sewing...threading that needle is quite the challenge...glasses might help :) Hope you have a nice weekend

  6. You are such a very busy lady, The pillows are beautiful.

    I am just in the process of starting to sew again as it has been a long time.

    I have never tasted artichokes and now I feel like I have been missing something.

  7. You put us all to shame! Such a a busy girl...accomplishing so much! Impressive! :-)

  8. My goodness, Kim! You have been busy! Quite productive! I have never prepared fresh artichokes. Do you enjoy them other ways besides being steamed?

  9. That is so funny about the artichokes! I always think they smell yucky when I cook the store-bought ones. I wonder if the pesticides make them smell funny. I would love the smell of lavender floating through my house before dinner!

  10. Admiring your creativity- wish I weren't so durn lazy. I really love the pillows- those are just darling.

  11. It's so great to see your x stitch finishes! I've rediscovered Stacy Nash's patterns and love Hollyhocks Farm. Must get stitchin' but it would take me more than a few weeks to complete!
    Best wishes

  12. One of my favorite veggies is artichokes! I grew up with them often. You're so fortunate that they will grow in your area. I think we're too far north or just cool too long. We can get the plant going, but they don't produce anything. Your stitching looks good. Have a good weekend!

  13. Oh Kim, I'm so impressed with your creativity! First of all, your artichokes look fabulous. Anyone who can stitch like that has my vote. I love the idea of the scissor fobs. So cute. Congrats on finishing this year of school. Now go relax!

  14. I suppose artichokes could have a nice smell, being flowers. And no snails in them, right?

    I'm glad you're getting your projects done. Closing the loops, right? The munchkins came down with the stomach flu last night and I'm exhausted.

  15. How do you get everything done?! I like those scissors fobs...my Mom is a quilter...maybe I should show them to her!

  16. you make the cutest stuff and have so much energy. i'm going to send you my address, so you can send me some energy!!

  17. Ah, threading the needle is a big challenge with me and I have to use a pair of magnifying glasses that clips on the head. That's the only way I can do cross stitch.

    You always get so much done. Small things take as long to do as the big thing.And the amazing thing is that you finish what you start.

    I love your scissor fobs and your little stitcheries are so cute.

    I grew artichokes many many years ago and I can't remember why I didn't planted again. Probably because my garden wasn't big enough for all my vegetables and herbs.

    Thanks for the reminder that IT'S KIM'S BIRTHDAY TODAY. I appreciate the reminder as I was late with all my comments today.

    Hugs, JB

  18. Your word play finishes look fantastic! And so does Holly Hock farm! I have the pattern and threads for House of Blues and Browns too... just haven't started it yet! lol! I've never smelled fresh artichokes, but can only imagine how great the aroma is! Some veggies are so much better fresh from the garden... like celery, lima beans and vine ripened tomatoes! oh YUM!

  19. You're getting me all inspired to dig out the cross stitch projects I have buried away! I have 13 more days of school left. I simply can't wait for it to be over! What a crazy year. The summer should be pure bliss!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Love the chokes; they look amazing and bet they tasted wonderful. love the work of your hands as well...beautiful!

  21. Ok, what is a sewing roll? I think often about taking up counted cross stitching once again ... if only to have a small portable project to take with me when we travel. But I'm just a little too OCD to be working on more than one project at a time ... in my compulsion to get the project completed.

    My daughter finished up her school year a week early ... things have been just too crazy at her house. She'll work in that remaining month throughout the summer, on rainy days, etc. I think this year was her hardest year homeschooling ... because of all that's gone on in the last year.

  22. Wow! You are amazing and inspiring. I always change recipes too. Love your projects. Mailed you a new box today. It's a happy box. I love you. The artichokes sound luscious. I wish we had smellablog.

  23. Wow! You are amazing and inspiring. I always change recipes too. Love your projects. Mailed you a new box today. It's a happy box. I love you. The artichokes sound luscious. I wish we had smellablog.

  24. You're so creative!

  25. Glad you are finishing up your projects. I hope this inspires me to do the same.
    I love how these pillows turned out. I love stitched pillows. Are these counted cross stitch. I miss doing that but my eyes are not young anymore.
    Wow your artichokes look amazing. I can't imagine having them fresh right out of your own yard. lol
    Hope your having a wonderful weekend

  26. My you have been industrious Kim! how I wish you lived nearer to me, you would be such a positive influence. I Love the cross stitched pillows, very nice indeed. Mr. Dog Trot is not much for vegetables, but artichokes are his favorite. How nice for you to be able to harvest right from your own fields. How are your girls and newcomers? I planted my Field Of Dreams sunflower seeds yesterday! Thinking of you, hugs from Maine Julie

  27. Beautiful projects, as usual. i have been MIA for months in blogland, but am happy to be peeking around at some of my faves today! Hope you are well! Love the May pillow!! :)



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