June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random Post on Thursday

Today is Thursday. Earlier in the year, the company my husband works for decided to change the work schedule so that he works 9 hours a day for for two weeks and he gets to take every other Friday off. Since he was already working nine hours a day we were okay with it. Now that we are used to it, we enjoy it so much because today is his Friday and it is so nice having a 3 day weekend every other weekend. I didn't think something as simple as that would be so nice.

I was reading this book this morning called, "Overland in 1846: Diaries and Letters of the California-Oregon Trail. As I was reading it I was thinking of the trail being paved with these kinds of flowers in the spring. I love old diarys. This one has the old journals of the Reed-Donner Party.

I thought I would share a few things I worked on this week.
I have hit a mental block with my rooster. I need to do the edges, but I am thinking of just hooking over the words and the pointy things. Every time I go to hook Fowl Mood, I sit and think and end getting into a Foul Mood. :) So I am still thinking about it.

I finally finished the edges of my sheep rug and I just put it on the wall, next to my computer. On the west coast where I live, rug hooking is really not done, in fact I have yet to meet a single person in my town that has ever done it. Yesterday I had some company and my guest asked me what I had been doing so I showed her my rugs. To say she was speechless would be a understatement. I felt so bad as she stood there and tried to think of something nice to say. She wanted to know if I was going to put it on the floor. 

This is the letters I have been working on for my latest project. I love how big the letters are and I am enjoying working on this.

Sorry this is so random, I have a house full of young adults. The young men are playing a board game, and the girls are making brownies and laughing in the kitchen. I am feeding them all tonight for dinner as they are going to go to the midnight showing of The Avengers. I had a few minutes before I started dinner.

Just think, my chicks are maybe hatching this weekend. I should get them next week! Soon there will be lots of pictures of chicks to look at instead of flowers. :)
Have a great Friday!


  1. our indian blankets are blooming here, now, too! they're coming in all over the front field amongst the remnants of our bluebonnets. :)

  2. your house sounds like such a fun place. a place i would love to have dinner.

    pretty pictures today!!

  3. I think the rooster is very handsome. The colors are vibrant too. Can't wait to see the baby chicks!!! Are you going to name them?

  4. Oh how I love a random post. I think the every other week 3 day week-end is just a WONDERFUL idea. I would just love that. The rooster rug is coming out quite nicely. Sometimes I really miss a house full of young adults. That was us for sooo many years it seemed. ENJOY

  5. Oh wow, what a nice day of having a full house! Really, the lady couldn't think of anything nice to say? What a crackup. I suppose it would be a shock to see a rug hanging on a wall. Especially around here, where rugs aren't considered an art form. Import 'em by the ton from China and wipe your feet on 'em, and that's as much thought as rugs get. :-)

  6. Full house makes your heart full! I know those kids must love your good foord and warm welcome. I can almost feel it clear over in Texas!!

    Your rugs are so beautiful. I have a friend who is our kids age, and she buys every skein of antique yarn and rug hooking she can find, coast to coast. She is always hooking a rug or planning one. She is so much fun to watch, and she loves it!!

  7. I can't believe that people on your coast don't relish the whole hooking scene! I love your rugs!

    Your house sounds like mine several years ago. I used to love to cook for the teens. I'd plan meals all day in the summer and then have a large group around the table at the end of the day. Good times!

  8. I love your flowers. I didn't know that they were called Indian Blankets. They are so pretty.

    How nice to have three days off work for your hubby and you. I bet that he doesn't get to rest much though.

    My house was full of teenage kids and their friends for a while, then, full of grandkids. Now it only once in a while I get my older grandkids visiting for a short while. The house is empty but I'm always busy puttering at something.

    Your alphabet rug is sweet and you are almost done your Foul Mood one. Sorry about you getting a mental block with the rooster, just go ask the chickens for advice, he,he,he. sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm bad like that. Your Cool Aid rooster looks real handsome and you are doing a good job. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.

    Hugs. JB

  9. Yahoo for flowers AND chicks! Oh, I love your rug hooking, Kim! It's so gorgeous!

  10. Your rooster is turning out great. I don't think it matters whether you do the words or not. It'd cool that your hubby has that extra day off twice a month. :)

  11. Oh, I think the Friday off every other week sounds wonderful - a real 'holiday' weekend :) I'd definitely go with that!

    Love the sheep rug.... but I'm biased ;)

  12. Kim, your photos and thoughts always brighten my day, I love your handi -work, you are so creative. I am looking forward to the completion of your rooster, I really like the colors you are using.

    Now I am even more committed to written journals, can you imagine our journals being read by our great grand children, years from now.
    Enjoy this long weekend with your dh!

  13. Well our 16 year old went to the midnight premier also of Avengers...he had nothing to do at school today, so we let him.

    Love the flowers...and the trails, yes the Donner party, oh my, I am sure that is very interesting...I will have to check it out.

    Oh your hubby's schedule...well I would say that is a Praise the Lord...enjoy, enjoy...I think that is one to more than get use to.

    Love your work...always love seeing your work.

  14. Kim, you are doing a great job on Fowl Mood. I love it. I think you should hook the letters. I thought I commented this morning but I guess it didn't work. I'm home. Yay!

  15. What a beautiful flower! Love the rooster rug! I would get rid of fowl mood and put "Rise and Shine"! He looks to be a happy rooster!


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