June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Odds and Ends

This  morning, bold as you please, when we opened the blinds. The skunk was grazing in the yard. Did I grab my camera? Nope, I made noise so he ran off to his hole in the ground. He is really pretty though. He is getting bolder with each passing day.

I worked to hard yesterday so I am really feeling it today. One of the things that always helps is being with my hens. Hearing the soft chatter, the sound of the pat-pat-pat of their feet, the way they watch me and just hang around. I was out in the garden so I opened the back gate so they could come with me.

I was fooling around with the water when around the corner came this giant Rhode Island Rooster from next door. He was trying to steal my hens for his own. I have been at war with him since this weekend when I had to take care of the chickens for my SIL. He is always in my yard and stuff but Sunday he decided he was going to fight me. His spurs are about 5 inches long and they look like knives. I slammed the gate so he got the gate instead of me.

Yesterday, I looked out the window and he was in my back yard. I chased him out with a stick and this morning he was going to get my hens. I grabbed the water hose and spayed water at him. He is a good 2 1/2 feet tall. I am scared of him. When I had my bantam rooster, it would hurt really bad to be flogged by him. This guy is so big and heavy with such long spurs, he could really be dangerous. I do not want him around my hens. My SIL hens have deep scars on their backs from the spurs.

As long as I have lived here I have had sunflowers. Some plant somewhere. These guys are used to coming and eating them before the fruit gets ripe. I wish you could hear them scolding me because I don't have any sunflowers. The watch me from the trees and yell. They will fly over as I am working  in the garden and screech. They are not happy at all this year about the lack of sunflowers. There are about 6 of them that I see every morning. I won't make that mistake again. They won't eat just any kind either. The sunflowers have to be a plant with multiple flowers. Not the giant ones. They are very picky eaters. They also take one bite of fruit and if it isn't just right they spit it out.

I hope you have a nice Wednesday.

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  1. the rooster would scare me, too. and i hope you can do something with that skunk or you and sasha will be having more run-ins!

  2. So catch the rooster and haul him off to the feed store. If he's officially dangerous, it's time. Maybe pay J. five bucks for him or something.

    I think you need to call a trapper about that skunk, too.

  3. That rooster sounds scary! I'm not a farm gal, but isn't there a way that your neighbor can keep him on his property instead of running free to come over and threaten you and your hens?

    And I don't like the sound of that skunk becoming more and more brazen. Time for him to go, too! ha!

  4. it's just wonderful to see your sunflowers and that green bird/parrot guy!!

  5. Oh goodness. Well maybe the skunk heard it was a home for hobos and he wants to be part of the family! ;)

    Hey, you wanted chicks, the rooster is just trying to help. LOL! Do you carry a stick with you? Maybe you should when he is around. I don't want him to mess you up. I think J should get rid of him... Or have him for dinner...

  6. Dear Kim, you sure are having some trying time with the wild animals and even the domestic one too.
    Let see, so far you got mice, snake skunk, parrot and a big friendly dog. Are you sure you don't have a sign hanging outside that says, "Come on In... "

    That's a pretty bird though.


  7. Three summers ago we had a skunk and it's family reside under our house...we had a summer of skunkapades for sure! I did get pics and blogged 'bout it.

    Hate the floggers...I got attacked when I was little and never will forget it or the wonderful chicken and noodles we had later. Heeeheheh!

    God bless ya sweetie and have an amazin' day! :o)

  8. Well what a week - you are certainly not having it easy - maybe you should live in Ireland - we don't have skunks or snakes or wild parrots. Downside, we don't get nearly as much sunshine or warm weather just more mud!

  9. I'm going to a local antique store and I'm going to buy you a suit of armor. Take that Mr.Rooster!!!

  10. Good grief, it is never dull on the Field of Dreams. I think you better find a plan to relocate that skunk. Or buy stock in the company that sells the de-stinking stuff.
    And that vicious Rooster kind of scares me. I dont think I have ever seen a real rooster close up and now I don't want to.

  11. So, what are your options for getting rid of the skunk? And will it work on squirrels? LOL I'm totally scared of roosters now. Thanks for that. :)

  12. The parrots are so funny! I don't like that mean rooster. Make him go away for good, Kim!

  13. That rooster sounds scary. I didn't realize they could be so aggressive. He's got to go! Love the parrot photos. One year we found three baby skunks in our wood pile abandoned by mom. Tom called an animal rescue organization and drove them all over to the place to be saved!

  14. Oh goodness, I'd be totally scared of the rooster. Surely you could just get rid of it? And a skunk too? goodness! Is my "city girl" showing?? haha Hope you have a good day today! HUGS

    it was 95 here yesterday! Hope it's cooler today!


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