Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chicks and Other Stuff

Saturdays are always nice, but Saturdays in May are just the best. I am getting my chicks next week from My Pet Chicken. They will hatch on Monday and ship on Tuesday. They are coming to the post office and I will go pick them up. They are coming from the East Coast and will live on the West Coast. I didn't know this, but when a Chicky is hatched it has a yolk sack that will allow them to live 72 hours with nothing to eat. This is because when a Momma hen is sitting not all of the eggs hatch at once, so this how  the first babies can live until the others hatch. I thought that was so interesting and something I didn't know.

 I ordered an assortment of Bantam Silikies they can be any color, which can be white, black,
buff (light brown) gray and red and maybe a splash which looks like someone threw paint on them. They are awesome. Some of them maybe be bearded or have a lot more feathers on their heads than this one.
I ordered all hens. I have tried year after year to get hens. We have only got this one and one other. All of the rest have been roosters. I was tired of messing with it so I decided to just order hens. You can't be 100% sure you will get all hens so If I get one rooster, I will be okay with it, just not eight! Silkies are unique that if you ate them you would find that the meat is black as is the bones. Which I will never find out for sure because I would never eat them. There is a fancy Restaurant down in L.A. That is all they serve is Silkie meat. You can betcha I will never visit there.

Soon very soon, it will be time to pick plums. I will be out in the garden finishing up the rest of the planting. I soaked my beet seeds last night so I am hoping for better luck this year. If there is one thing we love around here is pickled beets.

Okay change of subject. I have a pot holder that has the cutest chickens on it. I have been staring at it and I thought to myself, that would make a very cute rug. One of the things that is so nice is that my daughter has been drawing since she could pick up a crayon. I spent years taking her to art classes and she became an art teacher. So yesterday I said, " Hey see these chickens?" Do you think you could draw out a rug for me on burlap?"
She said of course she could. So I got her a piece of paper she drew out some thumbnails sketches. Then I handed her a sharpie and she did the rest.

Here is my newest chicken rug.
Isn't that cute? I have all of these ideas about how it is going to look. It just makes me chuckle when I look at it and I love things that make me happy. Whimsy is what I like best. I always think in my head that is my favorite art style.

I think it is a very good trade off, she draws rugs for me and I get to play with the baby. I now have 4 rugs on burlap that I need to hook. Can you tell, I am gearing up for Summer Vacation. :) My other sweet girl is going to bring her spinning wheel and teach me to spin this summer. When she spins though I get to hold her baby. Isn't it going to be a grand summer?

I have to tell you a little story. Yesterday we were sitting in my sewing/computer room. My son was in my office chair, and my grand daughter was asking him what a basket was under my desk. The conversation went like this:
H. What is that? (She is two)
W. It is string.
H. No, it isn't string.
W. Yes, it is, it is string.
H. NO not string.
W. Okay what is it?
H. It is thread.

I have laughed and laughed. She wants to sew, and knit and she is fascinated by anything to do with that. I have her sit and go through my sewing basket and  she holds the colors and talks about them. I have told her that it is thread. I love that to a boy it is string.
Now, I better get off the computer and go outside and get planting. All our herbs for our herb garden that my husband started from seed is going in today. Not to mention my 72 zinnias and another row of sunflowers. A couple rows of corn and more black-eyed Susan. 

Have a lovely Saturday,


TexWisGirl said...

that rug is going to be cute. and i detest pickled beets. ate too many as a kid - never again. :)

moosecraft said...

Another great chick rug! The real hens are cue too!

Julia said...

That plum tree looks so nice. Strange that you are just starting to plant in the garden and already it's almost time to harvest plums. Here the fruit trees are harvested in the early fall.

It makes sense that the chicks don't all hatch at the same time as chicken lay one egg a day unless the eggs are laid by many hens. What do I know?

That chicken rug pattern is absolutely darling. Lucky you to have a daughter who can draw patterns for you.

I love the cute story about the thread and your granddaughter.

I love pickled beets and have still lot from last year. Happy planting. Hugs, JB

Empty Nester said...

We had a plum tree in the backyard where I grew up. I loved that thing. And that chicken rug? I LOVE IT! DoodleBug does too! What a great rug that will be. Cute story about the thread. When Birdie was little she would sit on my mother's lap while she sewed. Mother always puts the straight pins in her mouth when she sews- a bad habit from way back. One day, while Birdie was sitting on her lap while she was sewing, Mother noticed that Birdie had put the pins in her mouth too! Scared Mother to death! But Birdie had put them in her mouth the very same way Mother does so she didn't hurt herself or swallow any. But my Mother was horrified! And your trade offs? I'd take those too! All of my seeds have turned into healthy plants! The blue pumpkins are about 6 inches tall, the sunflowers are about 8 inches tall and the cosmos and black eyed susan's are still little but coming along!

Debbie said...

The rug is REALLY cute. I love that your daughter drew it. Your right, sounds like a good trade off to me. Plums...yum. I love a good plum, and I especially love plum jam. Do you make it? Sounds like you have a busy day planned as usual. I am on a break from my closets and cupboards...going MUCH slower than I hoped, haha. ENJOY your day.

Kim said...

Lol. Looks like grandma has a little protege and a future crafter. It is so sweet she wants to be like you.
Your chicken rug is so cute. You and Kessie can go into business designing and selling patterns! I can't wait to see your new chicks.
I love pickled beets. Moms cousin brings us a basket full of jars for Christmas. I think it's the gift I look forward to the most.

Sue said...

Enjoyed this read, Kim, I can feel your anticipation of summer and all that you have planned. We are a little behind on planting our herb garden because of all the repair and painting this year.
Enjoy your weekend.

Nellie said...

You will have a busy day, Kim! I love the rug your daughter sketched out for you! It's important to start the little ones out properly, and how neat that one knows the difference between string and thread. Have a happy Saturday! xoxo Nellie

Meg said...

LOL! Oh how cute. Yes, it is string to everyone in this household too (except me, of course). I can't wait for this summer! So many fibery things to do! I can't wait to sit on your porch and spin while the kids run around. It will be so much fun.

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I am so excited that you are going to learn to spin!! You will love it. Also, on the flip side, my husband has finally caved and thinks we need chickens! I don't know if I'll pull it off this year...maybe I can find a "cheep" coop on Craig's List...but at least he's on board! We are filling up the new raised beds with dirt this weekend and beets are on my list! I love your new rug design...lucky you with an artist in the family!

Angela said...

Your blog is amazing! That plum tree looks great and I love your chicks.

Pom Pom said...

Wow! You are a busy bee! I used all my energy before noon. I should go out and plant a bit, but I'm sleepy!
Your garden is going to be so amazing!

Ellen said...

Great post. I love to hear about your chicks. I also love love love pickled beets. Grandbabies are so wonderful aren't they. Can't wait to see the finished product on the chick rug. Should be adorable.

Debbie said...

picking up chicks, at the post office, really?? i had to read that twice!!

the picture of the plum tree, with the ladder and basket is wonderful!!

have a happy sunday kim!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

your chick rug is going to be lovely. pickled beets are wonderful! said...

Have I told you lately how much fun it is to read your blog?? I'm with you... no silkies for me either!

We had a plum tree in our backyard as kids and it grew the best plums every year. I hadn't thought of that tree for a long time.

I also love pickled beets, a taste no one else in my family ever acquired, so I happily eat them all myself!

Such fun Kim... you are still my fantasy farm girl! :)

Kessie said...

You posted about the pattern! Awesome! I do hope it turns out. That small chicken might be too small.

I'm also excited you get your chickies. Silky meat?? I suppose it'd be considered "gourmet" just because it's a weird color.