June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Morning

Yesterday I was thinking about all of the things I would be doing today. I guess that is why when I write a schedule, I always use a pencil. Not ink. Pencil means I can change plans because life doesn't fit into plans sometimes.
Last night I had the bright idea to take the dog out in the front yard. I had taken her out in the back earlier but had to bring her back because I thought I saw a skunk. I thought in the front she was safe. She wasn't. It went like this:

I walked out on the porch with the dog, there was a faint breeze and it was quiet and it held the promise of a great day on Monday. Sasha was still for a moment and I realize she can see something I couldn't, she starts running across the yard towards something I can only see the out line of.
Sasha stops and stares while I am yelling like a banshee. The funny little black object is running like a crazy thing across the yard straight at the dog. It runs right up to her all the while I am pretty sure I can hear maniacal laughter coming across the yard. Then it turns and runs back across the drive way to the pasture next door.
Sasha came running up to me, with a look that says, " That was a strange kind of cat, it didn't run away at all."

I knew the routine, don gloves, grab the Natures Miracle and me and my husband take Sasha outside and begin to douse the dog liberally with that stuff. It has to drip dry so she has to spend the night in the laundry room. That stuff is amazing because it neutralizes the scent so fast.

   My living room though did not smell like this above picture. My living room smelled like there had been a wild skunk party. I had to take Sasha out about midnight and she smelled okay, but my living room was still bad. I guess because I had the doors and windows all open that the smell came in from outside.

This morning I was a tad grumpy. Washing the dog was not on the list of things I had planned for today.
As I was complaining in my mind, I haven't cleaned my chicken pen because I am afraid of unearthing the snake, now I will be afraid every time I go outside at night because of the skunks. I am really tired of wild life.

Then I am reminded of how life is like that, some days there are curve-balls that come our way, but as I have done today, I have looked at all of the things I have to be happy about, it is a perfect day full of sunshine. I have most of the garden planted. Chicks will be here by Wednesday. Summer vacation is just around the corner. I have all of these days  coming that are like beautiful beads on a string, each one is filled with a promise of dreams.

So, happy Monday, now I am off to wash the dog...again.


  1. Love your perspective! In the long run, the curves often bring us unexpected good things. I doubt that you would want to trade your skunk adventures, with my having to stay inside after dark because of all the crime and violence.

  2. Sure wish I had a calm spirit when something happens to throw my grove off during the day. I tend to get a bit more than grumpy! If I saw a snake, that would be the end of my backyard gardening. EW.

  3. Flexibility. Oh how I dislike that word! :) But you have a great attitude. I need to remember this!

  4. Oh dear.....poor you! I would think that since Sasha has met these "funny looking cats" before, she might remember not to chase them!
    All I can say is I hope you have a sweet smelling Tuesday.....

  5. Oh Kim...I am so sorry...I had heard to put tomato juice all over them!

    You made my day...sorry, but that is how my Dad is going...hubby sick, not slept much waiting on son to touch down in Cambodia, which he did after 24 hours on planes...and I still don't have a drier...so thanks for the wonderful reminder....I always put my plans in pencil.....but needed this reminder

  6. Oh no! Yuck, yuck. Well, at least there is nothing that will EAT Sashie out there. Smell bad and having to wash her is better than her (or you) being mauled...

  7. Poor puppy dog. Skunk odor is the pits. We tend to sleep with our bedroom window cracked ajar, many a night we've woken ourselves up by "skunk", The odor quite simply cuts your windpipe off. Such is life in the country, now I'm not so sure about that snake of your's!!!!Hugs...Happy Birthday!!!!

  8. I never stick to my list of things not to do and obviously Sasha either, lol. Sorry about how your week started out but I hope it will end rosy.

    Is that snake poisonous? I'm such a chicken, I should live in a coop...lol

    Hugs. JB

  9. Oh Kim... sorry this is how you have to spend your Monday... but, I have to admit I am laughing at "That was a strange kind of cat, it didn't run away at all."... cuz that's EXACTLY what a dog would say! lol! Border Collies are my favorite!

  10. Oh dear Kim...
    Not fun!
    Sasha is a cutie though... easy to forgive :)
    We have a border collie too... such cuties!

    Love your 'pencil' list.
    I should give that a try.

    Hope the rest of the week is better than the start .

    Warm wishes....

  11. I know that I need to write my day's schedule in pencil ... but my heart wants it written in permanent marker! ha! Seriously, I don't do well with changed plans ... I know, I know ... I need to work on that! ;-)

  12. i HATE skunks....we have horrible skunk issues!!

    we must teach sasha to out run them ;)))


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