Sunday, May 20, 2012

Feeling Boring

Sometimes I feel so boring. I haven't done anything except chopped weeds, cleaned up after children, chickens and me. I am pretty messy sometimes. I have done laundry, cleaned and cleaned my house, and sewed. My coffee pot broke this morning. My daughter was getting ready to go to work when we came in after working for a cup of coffee. She couldn't defend herself because was gone but I said lots of things about people who drink too much coffee. The two cups I did pour were luke warm. My son who had not had coffee yet, made another pot which never made. This afternoon I went to make a normal pot of coffee and water ran all over the counter and then never came on. Do you know the worst place to go on Sunday afternoon? WalMart. Only a coffee pot would get me to go there, I didn't feel like driving all the way to Target. Do you know how much I am thinking of just giving up coffee? Except I just can't face the headache.

So this is me being pretty boring. Do you know why I am writing this? Because this is my 987th post.
I want to hit 1000, just one of those silly goals I have.

I am thinking only thinking mind you of doing a giveaway to celebrate. Whatcha think? A Fowl Mood Pillow? Some soap? A pin cushion? Just curious. You have a few more posts to think about it. 13 to be exact.

Okay, we have a new week coming, I hope you have a lovely new week,


Kerin said...

Oh dear.. sounds like you are going to have two Mondays this week.
Today & tomorrow.

Hope that the rest of the week improves.

Congrats on getting closer to your goal of 1000 posts!~

Kim said...

It's a crisis here when the coffee pot dies too :). But it is one of those can't - live - without appliances.
Wow, 1000 posts! I think I am close to 600 and thought that was amazing! Anything you make for a giveaway will be in high demand! Can't wait to see what you decide.
And you are never boring

TexWisGirl said...

you do so many different types of crafts, any of them would be wonderful!

i drove to town one day last year to the drug store as they were the only place in town that had a coffee maker. :)

Pom Pom said...

You aren't boring, but you may be tired. Sometimes when my mind is scattered and I can't decide what to do, I'm really just in need of a nap. Our weekends have been too busy. I will be SO ready for stay-at-home days soon.
I'm sorry about your java pot. I have considered giving up coffee because the coffee doesn't seem hot enough and I put way too much cream in it and I used to drink it black. I ask myself, "Self, maybe you don't like coffee anymore." Hmmmmmmm.
Take care, sweet Kim. Do you like Mondays? I don't like Mondays at school, but I like them at home. (BIG HUG!)

Beth said...

I love coffee but gave it up years ago. I have a coffee pot here I bought for when my sis visited last year. You are welcome to it. ;-)

annie said...

Yes to the giveaway.
I hate going to WalMart.
Kick the coffee.
Spend your money on things that bring you joy.
Like pretty flowers & lovely cloth, & new tools.
I tell myself some of the same things.
Hope it works better for you than it has for me.

Julia said...

Hi kim, sorry about the coffee pot crash. I'm not sure which crash I dread the most, the coffee pot or the computer... I love my coffee in the morning but then I love my computer too.

You are never boring but you always bring me a big smile or a chuckle when I read your post every day. 1000 post heh.... that's a lot of soul baring truth my friend. I'd love winning one of your homemade soap as a give-away. I think that is so cool. I always wanted to make my own soap but never tried.

What came to mind when I was reading this post and I broke out laughing was Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.
I sure hope that Monday will have some wonderful surprise for you to cheer you up

Sending my love.
Hugs, JB.

Christine said...

That just REAL life!!!
Wow! You are a wonderful blogger to reach 1000 posts! I'm so dull I can't think of anything to post half the time!

It's always fun to read your blog though!

moosecraft said...

Ooooooh! That hydrangea looks so pretty! Remind me of strawberry ice! I found a sign in a store one day.... almost bought it as it is so true... it reads "I drink coffee for your benefit"! lol! Because seriously... If I did not have my coffee I would be grumpy, clumsy and sleepy! :-)

Debbie said...

Good morning! First of all, I find nothing about you boring...ever, haha. And then how I wished we lived closer as I have a coffee pot that is sitting in our cupboards as my hubby got a Keurig for his could have had it. And finally, a 1000 posts? wow!! Have a wonderful day...HUGS

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

1000 posts? I've only got 349! But then you are definitely more faithful in posting every day than I am.

You are not boring, friend! I am the Queen of the Boring. ;-)

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kim, I can't do without coffee either and my hubby now has us on 1/2 caffeine. Today I made Chai tea instead-for the real kick. I can drink either but I get such awful withdrawal symptoms I won't give it up.
I haven't be sewing much either. I am planning a giveaway for my 1,000 post too, I thought I was already there but then many of my posts were just drafts so I've got another week or so. I have some pretty earings I might give away if I can't find something else.
Have a great day!
Hugs, Noreen

Empty Nester said...

YES! A giveaway! And I want to WIN! Wait, is it too early? LOL

Coffee is one of those things that I can take or leave. Thankfully. My coffee pot broke too, a while back. I used it for making green tea. The water wouldn't come out. And then it all backed up and came pouring out of the back.

Debbie said...

haha, kim, you are so not boring!!

Gail said...

Great pictures and you are never boring!

Kris said...

1000 posts, that is awesome! How about a sunflower seed variety pack.

Tamara said...

We tried one of those $$$ Keurig's and I don't like it. No Pods for me. What I like best is a French Press. It makes the best coffee. I think the Keurig will be a big hit at my yard sale!