June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wedneday Words for Weight Loss

It is Wednesday Words for Weight Loss. Go over and visit
Patrice's really nice blog and her fun ideas that she shares
each day. She is at Everyday Rurality

Here are this week's questions:
1. Do you try to park near a store or do you get more exercise by parking further away?
I always park as far as I can get, though not for the exercise. I drive a really big car,
and I have to park so far away from everything in order to get into a parking space.
not to mention I like to have bare places on either side of my car so it doesn't get car
door dings in the doors.

2. Stairs or elevator/escalator? I don't go to very many places that have escalators but if
I do I always take them a few times just to go on a ride. I do take the stairs to see how fast
I can run up or run down.

3. What have you done in the past that works well for weight management?
To tell you the truth, I think I do weight management for a hobby. I have to say that
this time I am having the best success because of the changes Weight Watchers put into
the new program. I don't get hungry and that is maybe the best thing that has changed things
for me. To have a cookie verses a no point fruit or vegetable makes it easier for me to reach for the good food and leave the trigger food that would make me go crazy. It has been 4 weeks for me now and I have sugar out of my system, I don't want to go back, it is too hard
once I start eating it to make the choice to stop.

4. How many sizes of clothes live in your closet? I have only one size. I wear a size 10, I have wore that size forever. I do have a pair of my daughters jeans that are a size five but it lives
out in my shed outside. The last time I wore a five was 25 years ago. My clothes may get tighter but for the most part I stay about the same. Just when they get tight I stop eating until
I can get them on. I am surrounded by girls who wear size 0 or 1 or 2 when I wear a size 10 I feel as big as a house.

5. Please finish this sentence. "I did something nice for myself this week by..."I have been
sick since last week, so I can't really think of to much right now. Each day was
hard just trying to get my normal work finished.

I want to thank Patrice for this week and for having another Wednesday Words
for weight loss.


  1. Wow, fruits and veggies have no points now? That would totally help with those awful mid-afternoon munchies. When you're hungry, nothing's more soothing than a banana with a dollop of peanut butter, or an apple with a slice of cheese. I can get all the way to dinner on a snack like that.

    I hope you feel better! Here I thought you were well already.

  2. I'm totally jealous. Size 10? Girl, you must be a tiny thing. My bones take up a size 10... :)

    And I'm really proud of you for sticking with the diet, btw. I know when I've done the low carb/high protein route, it feels good to get that sugar out of your system and stop craving. You go girl...

  3. You are doing great with your diet. Me.....not so much. In fact I am eating a peanut butter cup while I am writing this comment.

  4. Sounds like you have it down...way to go girl...so why are you dieting? Staying in one size that long is wonderful...you are a very discipled person..and yea for the success on over coming sugar, that is just awesome.
    Have a great week...I hope you get to feeling better.
    Thanks for all the advise on weight loss.

  5. Hello, sweet friend! Thanks for participating again this week. I feel less lonely with my blog friends joining in. Weight loss can be lonely. I know what you mean about parking far away in a lot. When I drive the farm truck I can't fit it in tight spaces, so I park far away. Congratulations on getting sugar out of your system! My clothes are getting looser, but I haven't totally knocked the sugar. Have a super week!

  6. Funny post. I love in a house of daughters wearing sizes from 0-5. So I hear ya' I need to lose a few I put on over the holidays. I need duct tape from Oct-Dec.

  7. Running? On the stairs? Ha! I can barely walk them! LOL I do take the stairs though and one day, I'm going to run up them too! I park far away too because I don't want people parking next to my baby...I mean my car.

  8. I'm enjoying the new point system at WW. I am 4 oz. shy of a 10 lb. weight loss. The only thing is I would have thought I would have lost more in a month. Slow process I guess.

  9. Let me start with...size 10!! That's wonderful, and I can't imagine it...I have a couple of different sizes in my closet, but NO 10's...yet anyway, haha...Fruits having no points is wonderful, but I never counted most veggies anyway...On Jenny you get two fruits a day and veggies are also "free"...I max out on them for sure. I am glad I like them all. Does feel good to get the sugar out though doesn't it? Your doing soo good...keep it up. My book Made to Crave arrived yesterday, and I am loving it so far. Hope your feeling better. Suddenly everyone is sick again... : ( HUGS

  10. Oh, to be a size 10!! Proud of you for being so diligent and strong. Sorry you have been sick. Hope you feel better soon. Glad you are trying to finish the Tim/Cynthia saga!!! I think you will be happy with the ending. Take care!


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