June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taking Pictures and Needle Punch

Today, I was looking at some of the beautiful photography that is
on the web. So I thought why not try some of the things I see.
I had been using my Oxford Needle Punch this afternoon.
I really enjoy Scottish Burlap. I like burlap bags and just
about burlap anything. But Scottish Burlap is to me like
Egyptian Cotton is to cotton. It feels good, it smells good and
it is wonderful to stitch on.
The light outside was nice. So I took my sewing outside with my camera
to see if I could get some decent closeups.

I thought this one was nice as I like the close up of my needle punch.
When I did my first rug it was with a Oxford Needle punch.
I had never used a rug hook very much. After finishing the Cat rug to go back
to a Oxford needle punch is very interesting. For one thing
you use different muscles. With a rug hook you pull toward you
and with a Oxford Punch Needle you push away from you.
I found that I can work longer pushing away from me than pulling.
I can hook about two hours and I have to stop. Then using a
Oxford Punch Needle I can go all day. I use my right hand to hook
and to use the Punch needle. I am normally left handed. I can't use
my left hand to do either one.

This is a bit further away from my sewing. I wanted a little
hooked rug with some red hearts I am going to make it with
a tweedy looking background. I also do like working with yarn.
I haven't used wool with my Oxford Rug Hook just because I
like to use the different mediums.

One thing now I wish was that I had gone into home making as
a major when I was in school. But I was in that era of Woman's Lib
and I had bought into that whole caboodle. I wrinkled my nose at
anything that had to do with sewing, cooking or being a wife and mother.
I was lib-er-rat-ted. I did take one class and in that class I learned to do
needlepoint. I loved it so much and I loved that class. Maybe one of my
favorite of my whole school life.
So I feel like now it is catch up and I love everything that I learn and
have never been so fulfilled. I mean being a wife, a mother, a grandmother
and doing all of the things I do, I always think God was so merciful to me as
He didn't give me what I thought I wanted. He gave me what I would love.
He knew me better than I knew myself. He gave me the best.

I hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday.



  1. Love the sunny pictures as you are working on your oxford punch. Looks like you accomplished quite a bit. Great choice of colors!

  2. Wonderful pics of your work!Aren't you glad that God is the one in control.....we would make such a mess of things, wouldn't we? I am so thankful that my daughter-in-law wants to be a stay at home mom.My daughter, too...when the time comes. I am so grateful that I was able to do that 'cause you can't get that time back! Hope your Wed is happy day!

  3. Such nice pretty pictures! You got some pretty good closeups, too.

    I keep finding that I'm more fulfilled now than I've ever been in my life, just being a stay-at-home-mom and trying to follow the Lord. Heck, I feel like even my blood pressure is lower.

  4. I love that line: He gave me what I would love. :) And the photos of your rug work are great! Came out really nice and clear. I think it's interesting that you do rug work right handed but are normally left handed. Either way, you're doing great.

  5. Hey, just found you from Everyday ruralty, and I find your first blog extols the virtue of something Scottish! Being from Scotland, living on a Scottish island, just a mile from where I was born, I feel quite at home on your blog already! Lovely to 'meet' you x

  6. Good afternoon Kim,
    I can't tell you how good it is to catch up on what you have been doing, I have read all of your post since I last visited, I didn't comment on each, but opted to write this comment and tell you once again what an inspiration you are to me.I indeed think you should write that devotional book, I know I would buy it. The list you gave in that post sounded so much like mine. I think we might be "kindred spirits"!! lol
    Your hands that are always so lovingly creating inspire me to get busy. The cat rug I know your grandson is going to cherish and enjoy for a long time.
    I am so longing to be able to get out in the sunshine, and I know it will be soon, now though,we must get through the 4 inches of snow predicted for tomorrow. LOL
    I am so longing to get my hands in the soil agin. I enjoyed all of your photos, especially the flowers. The ones you took today are beautiful of your needle punch,if you have any tips, please share.
    I want to thank you for your prayers, and for your friendship, I treasure you so much.
    Much love,

  7. Aren't we blessed that He know what He's doin'??? Your little hooker hearts are just precious. I can't wait to see the finished product. I've got a feelin' it's gonna be beautiful.

    God bless and have a most magnificent day!!!


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