June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today on This Day Eighteen Years Ago

Today on February 3rd, 1993 my 3rd son and my fifth
child was born. I have always been so thankful I kept having babies.
This is Elliot, opening his birthday present. My children decided
that he needed a new computer so last week they pooled
their money together and bought him this.
It was so hard keeping quiet. We have laughed today at how
we all kept secrets and now it makes sense to him.
When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he told me an
I Pod, he said that I got a funny look on my face. What he didn't
know was I was wondering what I was going to do come Thursday
morning and how was I going to say sorry, you can't have one.

He had no idea what this was, not expecting a Alienware.
Computer. Not expecting a computer at all.

I loved the look on his face of utter surprise. Of disbelief.
It was so hard keeping quiet. On Wednesday when it came
we hid it and my youngest son wrapped it while I just talked
nonsense about what he was doing.

I am so happy it turned out to be such a surprise and
I am so thankful that he is my son. I have been truly
Happy Birthday!


  1. What a thoughtful family and what a great birthday present for Elliott.

    Happy Birthday Elliott. JB

  2. Well Happy Birthday...I have one who turns 22 on the 13th...those February babies are one of a kind...enjoy your celebration

  3. Happy 18th Birthday Elliot! A lap top was fabulous gift for your son.


  4. How awesome for him! I know it meant the world to you to surprise him with such a great and unexpected present! :) I can feel your heart glow from here! :)

  5. You got the perfect looks on his face! I can just hear him going, "Sweet!" Now he can spend his birthday proper on getting all his stuff loaded onto it. :-)

  6. Happy Birthday Elliot! I know you were thrilled... what a great gift and what a loving family to do that for you!

    Many birthday blessings!


  7. I can see that he's "one happy camper!"

    Happy Birthday to your son!

  8. aren't surprises so much fun? i'm so happy
    your son got his computer! he looks so

  9. Hi Kim,

    Happy Birthday Elliot!!!
    Such a handsome young man, and looks like such a nice young man.
    What a blessing.

    I love how you captured his look of total surprise, that is awesome.

    God bless you,

  10. Happy Birthday, Elliot! What a great surprise from a wonderful family.

  11. Happy Birthday Elliot! It's such fun to get away with a good surprise. He looks happy. I can tell by the tone in this post that you are too!

  12. Happy Birthday to your 18 year old "Boy". I too have an 18 year old. How fast does time FLY?!?
    I am so touched by the generosity and love that you kids showed to your son. That says a lot about your parenting! I'm so happy that he was surprised. He will never forget this b-day!
    ENJOY every minute!

  13. Another good-looking kid! How sweet that your whole gang got together to chip in on his present. He does look awfully happy opening it!

  14. I'm throwing confetti all over the place and doing a birthday dance! wooohooo. okay. I'm. tired.

    Fun day filled with blessings!


  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your handsome son! Oh how I love pulling off totally surprising someone...and what a wonderful gift. I think it is soo neat that your kids would all pool together for this. May the Lord richly bless him! HUGS

  16. Oh, that is a great story. Happy day to both of you. =)

  17. Hi Kim:
    Happy Happy Birthday to your son...What a fun birthday for you and him...I'm sure the look in his face was the best present you could ever have...I'm with you, my kids are my bride and joy...I'm so happy to have five of them...and then the extra bonus, my grand kids...
    Take care and enjoy you day, Nancy

  18. What a nice b-day gift. Nice surprise for you son.

  19. How sweet Kim-I think it is so touching that your kids pooled their money to get this for him. What a wonderful group of kids you have. He is such a cutie and you can see that he loves it. Kudos to you and hubby for the kids you are raising :)


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