June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dandelion Days

Today I went out to start chopping weeds. As I walked down
beside the fence looking for a place to start, I came across this
really nice clump of dandelions. As I stood there and looked at
them I thought I need to get a picture of them. I remembered when
my youngest was past the age of bringing me dandelions in the spring
I was so sad that a hot little fist, with dirt on the palm would not
come running in the back door with flowers for me. I thought of that when
I saw these flowers.

But then I saw the perfect downy seed pods and I was reminded
that these are full of wishes and how by teaching my grandchildren to blow
and to wish then time goes back to when my babies brought me
dandylions in the spring.

Now when I look out in the back yard I will see one
of them sitting by themselves with a handful of wishes and they sit
and blow all of the fluff away and the seeds are scattered
on the breeze. The sunlight hits each tiny seed and
they sparkle and they float to places far away.

I thought of all of this as I sat on the ground in the damp
earth, staring at the plant that most people see as a weed.
For me though, it reminds me that in the tiny things of
life there is magic that goes on from one generation to the
next. Because I remember my Grandpa sitting with me
and telling me all about wishes and holding a stem full
of seed for me to blow on the wind.
I still pick them and wish, but you know, sometimes
it is hard when you have more than you ever dreamed.

Have a lovely day.


  1. So beautiful, Kim. The photos are lovely and your words touched my heart. It is so true - we've been blessed with so much.

  2. It's funny, I don't think of Dandelions as a weed. Maybe because they have such nice, bright, happy flowers.

  3. What a beautiful and poetic post. You certainly have a gift for creating word pictures. I can just see the dirty hand with the fist full of dandelions, the child blowing and the seeds scattering in the wind and you sitting in your grandpa's lap. You SHOULD write that devotional book....I'll buy it when it is published!! :-)

  4. Great pictues, wonderful post. Dandelions are good for cooked mixed greens, too.

  5. I still love dandelions, and I think it was because I enjoyed them so much as a child. I love the photos you shared of them :-)

  6. Your post took me back to sitting in my yard as a little girl with my grandpa. Thanks for reminding me.

  7. Aw, such nice thoughts. We don't have any dandelions blooming around here yet--too much shade on the grass.

  8. Good morning! I was just thinking of this the other day when I realized our new house doesn't seem to have ANY of these type "flowers" haha...I have done all the same...with my mom, my kids, and now my grandkids...such a wonder. Sometimes it is just the smallest things that bring such pleasure. Have a good day...HUGS

  9. You've painted a beautiful word picture Kim. It's the story of generations, seeds sown, passed down and multiplied. You said it so well!

    Happy SONday Kim!

  10. Yes they are such memory makers...why would we ever call them weeds? I have had a bouquet of them more than once...and always teaching a lesson when we blow them.
    Have fun...enjoyed

  11. oh kim, this was a beautiful pondering! Made me tear up at the thought that my boys will soon be too old to bring me those dandilions...but by God's grace, the prayers send up for them will soon come to fruition...just like the scattered seeds will plant new growth! A new generation of dandilions :) very sweet, thank you for the thoughts. I pray your day was blessed :)

  12. G'day~Thanks for the visit.We are looking for a vacation beach house 2nd home.We own our home we're in now.I went back to my post to reword it so it's more clear.
    I love your header very pretty! ~Cheers Kim

  13. I just found your blog through White Whispers 2 U and I say leave those dandelions right there full of wishes. I wish we had a dandelion here right now ~ it's nothing but white snow. Oh well, spring is coming ;-)

  14. what a beautiful story woven around simple pleasures
    and the passing on of love from one generation to

    i pray you will have only as many dandelions as
    grandchildren and great grandchildren. :)


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