June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Farm Friend Friday with Verde Farm

Today I am linking with Amy and her Farm Friend Friday.

I have been so blessed visiting each of these sweet ladies,
and the stories of their lives. I have always loved books because
of the stories of the lives on every page.
I think that is why I love reading blogs because I am reading about
real life stories each day. It is a lot more fun to interact with real
people. So thank you Amy for having such a nice way to visit new

My picture starting this blog is my rooster that I don't have anymore.
I did love him and I did want to keep him. He was such a nice guy. Then
I got grand children and he turned into monster. I couldn't take the chance
of him really hurting one of them. So he had to go visit the chicken pot pie man.

I do dream of getting one more rooster. But I know that it would be too heart breaking
for me, if one morning he flogged my grandchildren. No matter how nice I just
don't think they will ever be nice and cuddly. Well maybe if there are no hens.

This is just a few eggs I collected today. It has turned cold
again and I think today they went on strike. But at least
I did have a bit to bring in the house.

Sorry this is totally boring. Today, I meant to go out and hang
around with the hens and see if I could get a shot of my four hoodlum
chickens attacking my dog, but it was so cold I figured I would just
wait until it is a bit warmer.

So go visit the other blogs that I know that will have lots more interesting
stories than my blog today.
Thanks again for Amy and her Farm Friend Friday.



  1. I think your post is very interesting!! I have a rooster that looks a lot like this fella--mine is named Frank. I will tell you there are some very sweet, docile roosters based on breed. My silkie roosters are so sweet and so are my Belgian D’Anver--so, so sweet. If you ever consider a rooster again-maybe one of these would work :) I do love their crow in the mornings (and sometimes middle of the night). LOL
    Hugs my friend,

  2. So you're going to use your poor sweet dog as bait for another chicken post, eh?! :) Just teasing...

  3. Not dull at all - but then I love hens and am always interested in what others are doing with theirs. Our girls just recently started to lay again, and I'm glad!

  4. I love that egg bowl!

    We have lots of roosters, none of them are floggers...maybe get a gentle breed.

  5. I remember as a child just knowing we were to stay away from the roosters...they were at my grandfathers and my uncles...but they are also so pretty and I so enjoyed just looking at them.
    What a great bowl of eggs...enjoy!

  6. "He went to visit the chicken pot pie man".......Can't stop laughing! Apparently, we Mom and Auntie were little girls my grandfather had a rooster. (Don't know why) Anyway it was fine with everyone except Mom's cousin Patsy. It would attack her everytime she walked in the yard. Only her. It makes me laugh because even now 60 yrs later, she still kind of gets on your nerves :)

  7. He does look cute and feisty Kim, and I have got one that will be visiting the same chicken pot pie man if he doesn't get his act together.LOL
    LOL. Being spurred by a rooster is not good, and I understand your decision.
    I have been reading on Verde Farm's Friendly Friday, and am enjoying it so much.
    I might even join in on the fun.
    Our weather is up and down. very windy today.
    And you never have a boring post, I always enjoy my visits.

  8. Now my "city girl" is going to show here but I had no idea Roosters could/did attack like that, haha!! Yours was a pretty guy. How wonderful to be able to go out and gather eggs. I just LOVE the whole feel of a farm. How blessed you are. Have a wonderful week-end Kim! HUGS

  9. Your roaster is beautiful. I have the boring Red ones. Chickens seem to take on a life of their own. Stories that can crack you up. Your story is lovely.

  10. You have chickens to blog about and I have over a dozen morning doves but I don't even blog about them because as soon as I open the door, they all fly away. I would have better luck with chicken. Roosters are so beautiful, I did not know that they attacked people. I still love their beauty. JB

  11. lol
    that rooster is cracking!
    he looks stuffed!!!
    (no offence)

  12. Love the picture of the eggs. Your bowl and the table cloth make it a perfect farm picture. Makes me wish I had hens right now!


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