June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Daily Adventures

I finally got my new copy of Flea Market Style.
As always it is worth the wait and I read it cover to cover,
trying not to drool on the pages.

But reading it causes things to happen inside of my head.
I start dreaming of finding junk and bringing it home to
refurbish, refinish and redo. Knowing all the while that my
husband hates antiques and the only way I have got them
in the house is because he will let me do reproductions.
So I have shown you the things I have made which he is okay with.
He likes barn wood.

My son works in a well... a different part of the world from where I live.
Now my library is there and I went to high school there and our first
house is in this part of town. It is just through the years this side of
town has gotten rougher and well, just different. I don't notice it much
but lets say odd things happen every time we take my son to work.

A week or so I had my husband drive me down the main part of the area,
so I could see if there were any used furniture stores. I saw one and thought
to myself I will come back.
After reading Flea Market Style today I was on a quest. I wanted a few more
blue canning jars and some glass doorknobs and maybe some old wooden sewing
spools. If I hit the mother lode maybe some old keys.

I dropped my son off at work and drove to the place. Now I hadn't noticed before
that next door to the used furniture store is a bar. On the other side of that is a
Tattoo parlor. People are milling about and lets say, they were a bit rough looking.

I parked my car and now I knew that it was a different side of town so I didn't dress up.
I wore my old pants and my shoes I feed my chickens in, I had a work shirt on and of course
I had makeup on because I never go anywhere without makeup. Not even to do school
in the morning and only the boys see me. But, I stood out like a sore thumb because I
was so dressed up.

Now in the window was a old wing chair some tables and a old love seat. They were in pretty
good condition. But that was it. Everything else was dirty, old and the place was a mess.
I couldn't tell if they were remodeling or tearing the place down.

I walked in and I peaked around the corner and there was a older gentleman sitting
in a old rocker. I said hi to him and looked around and there was a couple of beds
made up like some one sleeps in the back of the store and then the other rooms
had broken down pieces of furniture.
I asked him how much did he want for the wing chair.
He leaned back and sized me up and said, "Well, the chair is part
of the set and I really can't break it up."
I walked back and looked at the love seat and I knew if I brought that home
I was going to have to go live in my shed with the love seat.

I said, well, I really can't use the love seat. He looked me over again and said,
"Well, just today, I will... now it is going to hurt me... but just today, I will let you have
it for 300 dollars."

I didn't like it that much. So I said well, I don't know, and I sort of was looking around
trying to figure out how to get out of there and be nice too.
" He took that to be me showing more interest so he said, " You know a man came in here
and sold me that love seat and the four tables and the wing chair for 15 hundred dollars.
I can let you take it today for 1000."

In the first place he was a smart ole bird and he never gave no one that much. But I told him
I was just looking for something else. He asked me what and I told him a rocking chair.
He told me he had one out back. So I wandered around through this store and out back and
it got weirder and weirder so I decided it was time for me to get out and go home. I had this very strong desire to go home and cook dinner.

So I told him I couldn't find it and went and got in my car and started driving for home. Now of
course I didn't have my camera but I am going to go back with it, because as I was driving
by this place, in the back there was people milling about and on the sign in
front was the Red Cross sign so I thought it was a place to give blood, but on top of the sign
was another sign that said, " Cannibals." So I came home and tried to sound out words
that I might have misread, maybe it said Cannonballs? I can only guess.

I was telling my family around the dinner table about my adventure and they started
yelling, " Mom, what if you had got killed, You might have been a episode of CSI, You didn't
tell us where you were going."
You know it never crossed my mind to even be afraid, until after I got home.

I just thought I would share about some of my adventures today. I never knew there
was so many tattoo shops. There are such adventures all of the time.

Have a wonderful Tuesday,
I think I will stick to my antique stores from now on.



  1. I think that might be a wise decision. I've been known to go into rougher parts of town and even to tattoo places (not for me but with my niece) but I DO tell others where I'm going... :)

  2. Girl, you crack me up! I know God was watching over you...and I am so glad He was!

  3. Whoa, now that was an interesting adventure! Next time take someone with you, like the boys.

    Man, that guy had you pegged as a "rich cat", didn't he? The used furniture places we've looked at won't sell a used sofa for more than 250, so I think he was scamming you.

    Try to get a picture of the "cannibals" sign, too!

  4. You really should go antique shopping with me. My places are a lot safer! I know some awesome thrift stores too. My brand new wingback chair only cost a bit more than his first figure. Maybe you have to pay extra there for all the ambiance of the area!? I'm glad you're safe.

  5. Now Kim, since you have been chastised by your family I will only say "young lady what were you thinking?" This was like reading a mystery, and Yes,let's stick with the shops we know. God luck with your quest, it's there somewhere, just waiting for you. If it's any comfort, my dh feels the same about antiques. LOL
    Enjoy your day.
    Hugs, Sue

  6. You have to go back and get pictures of that sign. I was travelling for work a year or 2 ago and wandered into a creepy store like that. The owner had wonky eyes and he never looked at me - just over my shoulder. I kept thinking that maybe his psycho nephew was behind me with an axe (I know I have a big imagination LOL)

  7. WOW...Yes, that was quite the adventure! haha And yes, I think you better stick to the stores you know. Good luck! Have a good day! HUGS

  8. Oh Kim, that is so creepy. I kept thinking that maybe the old feller was going to , lets say, offer you a place in his bed . yuck... yuck...

    Do me a favor and stay away from that neighborhood. I'd rather pay for a new wing chair than bring bed bugs in my home with old stuffed furniture. You remind me of Nancy Drew. Anything could have happened to you. Please, if you go again, take someone with you. JB

  9. good grief. it's a good thing you don't live outside
    LA or new york. did you say your son works in a

    i'm glad nothing terrible happened to you like getting


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