June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Simply Sunday

Today before the storm came I chopped weeds in the garden
and moved all of the railroad ties that go around the outside of
the garden. My husband plowed everything again and the soil
is getting nicer and nicer. As I sat out there I dreamed of gardens.
Do I want a garden that looks like this.

Or one that looks like this?

Do I want to have a job like this again?

I know that being in the garden makes me really happy,
because I have this to look at in the morning.

I walk around and my heart sings as I see all of the bees
and the colors and the suns reflection inside of flowers.

I tell myself about the work and the... well... the work
and then I remind myself of this.

Then I think oh well what is a little work, I have a nice
strong back, and it is cheaper than a gym membership.
Not to mention, the lovely little voices the come to find
gama in the garden and the voices asking if they can eat this
and I know right away, Of course I will have a garden, because
I just think it is worth it. Because really, when the world was perfect,
God made a garden. Then He made man to tend it. So for me
I think it is the most perfect place to be.

Have a lovely Sunday.



  1. I think a row of bell peppers and one tomato bush should just about cut it. Hmm, and while I'm thinking of salsa, are onions hard to grow? How about carrots? Just thinking of things I buy all the time ... it's too bad your artichokes died, because I keep thinking I'd like to pickle some artichoke hearts. Unfortunately, I have no idea what's involved in such an endeavor.

  2. Awesome! I have happy memories of being in my mother's huge garden (stealing fresh peas and uprooting baby carrots before their time!) :)

  3. Hi kim, I so love to garden despite the weeding, heat and bugs and insect.

    What keeps me coming back to the garden is I know where my vegetables comes from, I can pick them fresh, they taste awesome, I can give some away to friends and family who visit, It's a great exercise and gets me on my knees close to God as I ponder on the great miracle of growing our own food that God give us so abundantly year after yeaar. Not to mention that I also get a nice suntan free of charge. JB

  4. I loved Julia's comment...beautifully said! I agree! And your pictures are just wonderful!

  5. Your simple thoughts/words always convey your spirituality. Love you!

  6. I wish I had room for a real garden. Enjoy your you lucky girl!!!

  7. When I was little we had a small garden. My grandfather and I would start at different ends of the row and eat the peas until we met in the middle!
    This year I want to plant sunflowers because I love looking at them. I hope they will grow.

  8. Our 4-5 acres of vegetables means there is no time for a small personal garden with all the joys that come with it. I'm not complaining, but I know how nice it is to have something you can manage yourself and feel a sense of pride in. We are about to get the greenhouse in high gear. I will be blogging after everyone goes to bed if I can't manage my time well. When it comes to the big garden and the farm, I just remind myself that it's what we do. It's what we want to do. We feed a lot of people and I know it's a good thing! Have a great Sunday!

  9. gardens are hard work but they connect us to the earth from where we come. i love it and want to make ours better than last year if i can convince my husband and his bro to go more organic! they have a man garden. about 200 x 100. and they are not good about weeding it...lol

  10. I think it would be just wonderful to have all those FRESH veggies at your fingertips! What a wonder...ENJOY your Sunday...HUGS

  11. You always talk about not doing a garden again, but I know it's not true! I knew you would give in again. :)

  12. Oh sweet Kim, you do realize that gardening keeps one's spirit alive. I pity the women who has never dug her hands deep into the warm rich soil for fear of ruining her manicure. You my dear grow the most beautiful gardens, I especially love the photos of your stately sun flowers. Me on the other hand, my gardens are growing in my dreams. We are making progress however, the sun is still shining at 5:00 PM, but three feet of snow still remains...thinking of you my sweet West Coast friend.

  13. Oh! Kim, This makes me long for spring even more! I agree it beats working out in a gym, so my vote is Yes! Yes!
    You have a beautiful garden and it tells of how much work has gone into it, so girl, lets both "get out there and get our hands dirty," as Rebecca Kolls would say!Lol.
    Our weather was so beautiful today!
    Enjoy your evening.

  14. One thing I can do to plant hope now is to plan our garden. So much fun to think about seeds, plants, food, etc.
    Kim, many thanks for your prayers and kind comments. When I was too overwhelmed to pray, it quieted my soul to know you and others were standing in the gap. God bless you.

  15. Oh yes, you know you want that beautiful garden again this year. Your sunflowers are gorgeous for sure. I feel closer to God in my garden and digging in dirt than anywhere. It truly is a spiritual experience for me :)

  16. Oh ME TOO!!!!!
    It's like to church to me....a place go and enjoy what He has made and created for us to enjoy!!!!
    The work is sometimes a tad too much...but so worth it!
    Lovely photos!!!!!!

  17. Yes, God made the garden, and man tended it. But didn't it not have any weeds at first? After Adam and Eve sinned, then weeds sprouted, and Adam had to work hard to control the weeds and maintain the garden. I hope there will be gardens in Heaven without weeds or work!

    But then again, will we even eat in Heaven??
    Thanks for the thoughts! Happy President's Day, Kim!

  18. I am so ready to get my veg. garden going! Good work my friend.

  19. this is selfish, but i want you to have a garden to
    show US the beautiful pictures!

    have a lovely day. hope the storm's not too bad.

  20. it is certainly what you are made to do, my friend!! thank you for another virtual stroll through your lovely garden!

  21. That is one amazing garden too!

    They take a whole lot of work, but the rewards are SOOOO good....:)

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

    XOXO Gloria

  22. I LOVE your garden... full or empty, it makes me want a garden again too, not just the beds around the house! But I am also content to let YOU be the gardner and just show me your beautiful pictures!! :)


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