Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Today as I was cleaning house, I was thinking about
hearing God's voice. It struck me that I always hear
Him when I am on my knees scrubbing the toilet or
mopping floors, as I pondered this it came to me,
that no one really comes around when I am doing that,
and my mind is very quiet when I am scrubbing.
There are really not any distractions. I think too that
it is when I am at that point serving in a way no one
ever notices but me and God. I am so glad He notices.

I was thinking about this quote, " Put each difficult thing in your
hands and offer it up to Jesus. You might be amazed
at how God can transform that thing that is so painful
to you into good for somebody else. "
I am a great believer in offering up those things that could
make me bitter, angry, discontent and having God transform
them into something for His glory. I have learned through life
that those times when I just didn't understand or even see,
why God would allow something like He does. Why if I can
be mature about it and say, Not my will Father but thine.
When I can bow my knees at His throne and give it all back
to Him and accept what He has done, then and only then
can I experience peace.

I was listening to some teachers today as I was cleaning and
one teacher talked about that Jesus is the God of second chances.
He is the only one who can say to everyone, you are not who you
are but what I am making you into, a new creation. He then went
on to say that when Jesus told the disciples to come, he said,
and tell Peter. It got to me, I have read that passage so many times
but today, how many times have I closed the door on someone that
God wanted me to say, " And bring Peter," I have decided that
God must be finished with them, when no one is ever beyond
repair. No one is ever a lost cause. If God chose to make Adam as
His greatest creation, knowing what was going to happen. God still
gave a second chance to us all through Jesus. How can I ever say,
that it is too late.
I kept thinking to myself, that my God is too small and I have too little
faith. What if I just let God be God and kept my mouth shut.
As James says, A man who can control his tongue, can control a small city."

These were just thoughts that were going on in my head as I cleaned.
I hope your Tuesday is nice.
Mine will be, now onto my flowerbeds. :)

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)

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mariel said...

"What if I just let God be God and kept my mouth shut."

AMEN for me!! If I would do just this, I would see Him bigger than I ever imagined!! Thanks for the reminder, friend!!

Have a blessed time among the flowers today! :)