Monday, July 19, 2010

Thoughts on Homeschooling

It is Monday morning and I always have so much
to get done. I always feel like a race horse coming
out of the starting gate.
I thought since I am thinking about home schooling
so much and a strange little conversation I had last week,
I thought I would talk about it today.

We had a appraiser come here last week to appraise our house.
As he walked up to the front door, I went out to meet him, because
when you ring the door bell the dogs go crazy and start barking,
and my little Sheltie turns into a wolf.

As I walked out the door, he said, " I have been here before." I am
pretty good with faces and as I stared at him, I couldn't remember him
at all. So I said, " You have?" He said, " yeah, right after you built it."
I said, "Oh, okay," then he said, " You home school don't you? I shook my head
yes, and then he said, " So, how did they turn out?" I was kind of shocked, not
thinking I heard him correctly, " I said, " I beg your pardon?"
He said," your family was the first home schooling family I had ever seen,
and I have often wondered about your kids and I just wanted to know how
they turned out. "

I think that is a little like asking how many A's did you get on your report card.
So I told him about the kids, and that I thought they turned out really well in
spite of the teacher they had. I know I am really proud of them. That they were
married and that I had 5 grandchildren and that my next two were doing really
well in college and that my last two were in high school and I would graduate one
more this year and I still had a sophomore and after 21 years, I only had two years

So one of the things about home schooling is people will judge you more by how
your kids turned out, rather than whether or not you got math done for the day.
People that you never dreamed of in a million years want to see if it works.
Now as I stand here almost finished, looking to the last year with my 5th child
wishing I had more time, being afraid, that there is whole chunks I forgot to
teach, being afraid for the 5th time I really messed this one up. All of those thoughts
run through my mind like a chorus over and over. Always questioning,
How did time go by so fast and how did I get here.

One of the hardest things that for me to see is my weak areas turn out in the kids
when they do the placements tests. I am so weak in Math, weak, that is a under
statement. I am a idiot when it comes to math. My strong areas are the areas they
excel in, like English and history. The things I love to teach are the things they test
really well in and that is hard.

One of the things I can say we did the best at was talking. There were days maybe
whole weeks, when all we got done was talking, there were days, when all we did was
Bible because the teacher was a basket case.
I tell people when there were years, I was going to have a baby or just had a baby,
all we did for school was lots of Lego's and lots of reading out loud.

When I first started homeschooling the Lord turned my heart to my children. I never
expected that. But I am so very thankful that He did.
I tell people that the kids turned out well, not because I was a good teacher, but because
of who they were, I had the best material in the world to work with, one thing
I found out was all and I mean all children are gifted in a area and to be a teacher
you work to those strengths. Do what they like to do, teach what they like.
You are the teacher, pick and choose and most of all, love what you do, even
if 10 years down the road someone walks up and wants to know how they turned

It has been the joy of my life, my regret is I wish always I had spent less time
on the phone, I wish I had let the boys blow up more stuff, I wish that we had
spent more time outside letting them climb trees and make tree houses, and
then we would have done a bit more school. But only after they had had more
fun than they did.

I hope you have a lovely Monday.

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


Kessie said...

I personally think you did a good job with us, even when all we did was talk or build legos. I'll have to tell you this interesting conversation I had about that.

Farm Girl said...

Good I can't wait to talk. :)

Lisa said...

I'm not a homeschooler and I don't think I ever could be. Like you my math skills are horrendous!!But also my child is an only child and a social butterfly. He needs the school environment with the hundreds of kids around. That said I do believe in homeschooling in the correct situations. One friend of mine homeschools because of our religious beliefs (we're in the same church) and I support her 100%. Another church friend homeschools because of religious beliefs but mostly because of dietary reasons. Her daughter is allergic to peanuts and eggs. The glitch here is that the local school is peanut and egg free with many allergic students in this school. She's so paranoid that she refuses to let her kids go to school. The oldest is 15 the youngest is 9. All three beg to go to public school. It's really sad. The only connection they have with other kids is at church, where we have made is egg and peanut free for them.

So that might be why that guy was wondering how your kids turned out. Because some people use homeschooling as a crutch for their own personal use and not to their kids advantage.

myletterstoemily said...

dear farm girl,

my sweetest and most proud moments are of
homeschooling. i don't really think it is fair
that other people scrutinized me so closely,
but i have the reward, like you, of enjoying
a wonderful, respectful relationship with five
young adults now!

well done, mom!

and watermelon and blueberry muffins for
your chickens? your kids must have dined
on gourmet fare! :)

mariel said...

thank you for this post! what encouragement for this homeschool mama!!

"So one of the things about home schooling is people will judge you more by how
your kids turned out, rather than whether or not you got math done for the day"

this is SO true! I pray my boys grow up to have passionate hearts for Jesus above ALL else! If they know a few math facts, it might helps, too~ heehee!

I tell you, I refuse to have too many regrets from homeschooling..because it is such a gift to be with my boys every day and witness God's work in their sweet lives through every stage. I know I cannot be perfect and do it all well...but I certainly do it all with lots of love. I am sure you do too! And you know what...I am sure THAT shows in your children!! To the praise of Jesus!

PS. LOVE the fence background!! :)

Dog Trot Farm said...

I did not home school my two sons however, I did remain at home with them. My goal in life was to be a wife and mother. Yes, I completed my education, but when in need of two incomes I opened a state licensed daycare and preschool. For seventeen years I educated and nutured children in my home. My sons are now adults leading happy productive lives, and I have many a former pupil who can't wait to share their accomplishments with me. I take my hat off to you, I believe giving our children our time is much more important than giving material "things."

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Wonderful post. I did not homeschool our two children but for the most part I was a stay at home mom. Your words were very sincere and I loved how you said the Lord turned your heart to your children. Children are our precious gifts here on earth and what a wonderful example you are for nurturing not only your children but your grandchildren as well.