Friday, July 30, 2010

Field of Dreams Friday

I feel a little bit like this sunflower today. Just a bit
tired and it is hard to face the sun. I worked all day
yesterday. I started before my husband left for work
and finally finished right before it was time to go to bed.
I didn't set out that morning to be that kind of day,
it just morphed into it as the day went on.

I am reminded today as really, I want to sit and whine,
" We are all called to be exceptional in the ordinary things.
faithful in the little things, trustworthy when nobody's looking."
" He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much."
(Luke 16:10)

Sometimes the beauty lives in the ordinary. Like folding laundry,
and seeing it as a reason to thank God that He gave me people to care
for, like using each piece of clothing, to pray for the person who
wears it. Cooking dinner, knowing how it will give the people
coming through the door a sense of security and a place to
know they are loved.
Jesus took the bread, blessed it and broke it, He
fed a multitude. Ordinary service. That is what I must
remember that each simple task that I do, if offered to God,
can be used to bless others each and every day.

My husband and I were talking this morning and he reminded me
that one of the things we are called to do each and every day is to pick
up our cross and deny ourselves. We are to follow Jesus.

It would be easier to whine and complain if my husband complained, he
doesn't, ever. He sees his job as gift from God. He has been given his role as
a husband, father and our protector. He takes his job very seriously.
As I watch him and see the hours he puts in the things he gives up
it makes me want to be more faithful, and more careful of all that I do.

I learned a long time ago from a woman I considered so wise. As a very young
wife and mother. I had been invited to a big fancy high tea,
and I was just amazed at all that I saw, and she was sitting at the table with us and someone
leaned over and whispered who and what her husband did for a living.
Another woman across the table in a sort of sneering tone asked, " Isn't the dress,
you wore last year?"
So gracious, the other woman looked up, and said, " Yes it is, the other woman said, "
surly your husband can buy you another dress?" As she lifted her head, she said, "
"I know he could but you see, I love my husband and I would rather spend time with
my husband than wear a new dress because I always judge everything I buy by how
many hours my husband will have to work to pay for it. "

The table was silent. I was sitting there and I knew what she said was profound. So then
from that moment on, I would ask myself that question, how many hours will he have
to work to pay for this? It has stood me well these last 30 years.
I still stumble and fall off the wagon and buy things like more chickens and more
thread and more books. I always do remember that woman and you know,
I wish I could remember her name because I would send her a thank you letter,
for teaching me one of the greatest lessons of my life.

Have a great Friday!

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


Cindy said...

Oh wow, what wisdom! I love how that wonderful woman saw what was truly important. That is certainly something I want all my children and grandbabies to learn.

Moonpie primitives said...

Hi Kim:
I just wanted to thank you for all the kind comments you have left on my bog....You are such a nice person....You always make my day..
Thanks a bunch, Nancy

Michelle Palmer said...

Wonderful post!
LOVE your blog... your photographs are beautiful, too~
Hope your day is sunny & sweet,