June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Very Warm Spring Day

As  I write this post it is 88 degrees at 6:00 PM on Monday night. Have you ever noticed things that hatch or come out when it gets warm?
Today I let my hens out in the yard, as it is very warm today. The seem to lay eggs better if they have grass to eat, and dust baths to take and just wandering around taking in the sights.
It was later than I normally put them away. I put them up about 4:00 in the afternoon if I have let them out.
Tonight I was feeding them and I picked up a feeder and two mice squeaked loudly as I let them see the bright light of day. Sasha missed them both and not a chicken to be seen. The hens were out in the garden.
Those were some of that fattest little round mice I have ever seen. Nice and slick brown coats.
I have a routine I follow after I feed my hens, I take my buckets back to my shed and then I turn off the water and I go collect eggs. Except today. I opened the back door to my hen house and there was a 6 foot gopher snake laying in the door way sticking his tongue in and out. I really screamed this time. I took a picture like any good blogger would do, but it didn't turn out really very well and I wasn't about to get any closer. You do understand, right?

The kids all looked at him, made all the right sounds like they do. He was just waking up and he was a bit cold so he wasn't moving much. I am pretty sure he was hungry. So in a sick way, I am sort of happy. I know that those nice, fat, round, mice will make good snake food. I left him in the little house. I made my husband collect eggs. He was wearing boots. :)

I realized something. Do you know, I hate wildlife. I have decided. I make okay coffee, but I am feeling a lot like Lisa Douglas and all of the stores are looking better and better.

My heart is beating it normal speed now.
I just thought you might like to hear about the snake. :)


  1. ha ha! you made me laugh! lisa douglas! ha ha!

    i'm guessing the snake won't bother full-grown hens, but would probably take any chicks. so for now, he's welcome to take your fat, happy mice? :)

  2. Our grandson would really be excited to see a snake! My grandmother would tell me "snake tales" when I was a child. Most of them were about the black snakes that would get in the hen house and eat the eggs. I think that's what she said. Farmers didn't like snakes, even those that would be considered helpful - like catching those little fat mice!:)

  3. What a huge snake! I wish I could have been there to catch him for you! I'll bet he weighs a ton. He'll eat up your mice, all right. Good thing you don't have any baby chicks right now.

  4. Ohh Kim, I don't do snakes either. I've got goose bumps down my neck as I read your blog and saw the picture. 6 feet is l-o-n-g. I clicked on the picture to enlarge it and it does look big. I hope that you wear boots around the chicken coop.

    Kessie sound very brave or has been around big snakes before.
    I never heard about gopher snakes. I'll have to look it up on the web.

    The snow that fell yesterday is all gone but we had a bit of a drizzle today and we had overcast skies.

  5. Ewwww ... it was bad enough when you were talking about the mice. And then the snake? Ewwwwww! Hope he moves on before your chicks arrive.

  6. Kim
    You are far more brave than me-I would have insisted someone kill him! Won't you be afraid you'll run into him again?
    BTW it was 38 at 6pm here!

  7. My husband and I laughed about aking the photo as any good blogger would do. That is so true. Sounds like an interesting day. Good luck with the mice and snakes.

  8. Oh my...I thought the mice were bad, but the snake would have finished me! haha...I do find it funny you took a pic like a good blogger...I love it. It WAS warm today, huh? Though I heard rain is coming agsin. Soo back and forth.

  9. Snakes are necessary, but they make me shudder!

  10. Now you can empathize with me ! Lol isn't that the worst feeling? I think gopher snakes might eat eggs but I am not sure.

  11. Ewww, I've been itchy ever since I looked at the picture. (I didn't want to look but couldn't resist) As much as I hate mice, it is not even close to enough to let a snake roam free on my property. GO to the yellow pages and find some Snake Assassin to get it. And my theory is relocation is NOT an option - it must die. If not it will find its way back to you and seek its revenge. Lol
    Lisa Douglas HAHAHAHAHA

  12. you are such a good blogger kim and we are all cut from the same cloth. i ran for the camera when i saw bats.....BATS!! in order to be a good blogger, we must share these things!! (plus we have other "issues" that we don't need to get in to here, hehe)!!

    it's been warm here also. not as warn as ca. but warm enough to be outdoor weather and force mother nature to "show her stuff"!!

  13. You are so FUNNY! I think I love wildlife... but then I don't have to deal with it visiting the hen house!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  14. So funny! Sorry you got scared. I hope he does eat the mice!

  15. Ewwwww....I would have screamed too! I think everyone thinks the country is so quaint and fun..until they encounter the other occupants that live there! I am jealous of your warm weather. It snowed today..not the stick on the ground kind..it's the "stick in your craw" kind..it just makes you mad when you see the little flakes and wonder "when is it going to get and stay warm?"

  16. Kim, girlfriend, that is quite a snake! You can bet I would be wearing steel toed knee high Muck Boots, and have a pitchfork in my hand. Hugs, Julie.

  17. Kim, you and I are alike in a lot of ways. Screaming about a snake would have been a natural consequence for me too. I do hope he nabs a few of the mice for you!!

  18. That is it...my honeymoon thoughts of living in the country are about over, this is the second blog where someone had to deal with a snake...no thank-you...I must be tooooooooo much of city girl and saw too many snakes as a child.


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