June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quail and Chickens

Remember a couple of days ago when this guy was first spotted in our yard? I have watched him now a couple of days. He wanders around the yard trying so hard to be friends with the birds and they really don't like him. He has a plaintive cry that just breaks my heart.

Yesterday I let my chickens out in the back yard not really thinking to much about the quail. Late in the afternoon the kids came in and said that the quail was hanging out with my chickens.

My little bantams. The quail is about the same size. I had a bag of bread to take out to my chickens today for a snack. They get snacks around 4:00 O'clock each day. You know something to tide them over during the night. I always feed my big hens first because they get a little offended if they have to wait for these guys. Since they are not friends at all but I try to keep things calm.
I glanced over at my little coop, of course, I didn't notice a extra chicken in there. I fed the big girls  most of the bread and opened the little coop door when all heck broke loose. The quail started flying which scared the little hens who started flying. I opened the door as fast as I could for him to fly out. I was so afraid of him getting hurt or breaking his neck.

He flew out to the top of my roof of my chicken house and then flew off to a tree. I have no idea how he got into my chicken coop with my little hens. I have thought that he must be someones bird that escaped and to see the way it acts with my hens makes me just more sure of that.

I just had one thing I made this week. It is terrible to be so busy that it took me three days to make something that should have taken a hour or so. One of the things I am terrible at is dropping my sewing needles and not being able to find them. On the other hand my husband is great at finding them...with his bare feet...in the dark...at night.
So I made this little needle wallet to keep my needles in. You ask why I don't use a pin cushion? I was reminded this week, no one can keep their hands off of it. They make pictures out of the pins and designs.
Even Sasha will get up on her hind legs and steal my pin cushion and go hide and pull them out one by one dropping them on the floor.
So I made this.
It is nice to have something to put my needles in that no one knows what it is for so I think I am safe for awhile.
I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. It feels like this has been a long week.
I hope you have a very nice weekend,


  1. The quail got in the chicken house? LOL! Just watch, in a few weeks you'll have him domesticated. If something doesn't eat him one night.

  2. i hope your little quail sticks around w/ your little bantams, then. :)

    too cute on everyone stealing your pin cushions! :)

  3. Poor little quail. All he wants is a friend. Good idea for a needle keep. Have a good day.

  4. Hi Kim! Your needle case is so springy and pretty.
    Poor little quail. I hope he makes friends soon.

  5. Kim, maybe the quail wants to lay some eggs for you. Too bad that it got spooked.

    I drop my needles on the hardwood floor too. Your little needle bag is very handy.

    Once when we had carpets in the house, my husband got a needle stuck in his big toe and it broke in there. He needed to go to the hospital for x-ray and he had a small incision to remove it. Very painful.

    Have a nice weekend. Hugs. JB

  6. Kim, your girls are so pretty and how lovely to have such a good looking visitor. Do you think he will return? Love your needle case, girlfriend you are so talented!!!!

  7. The cute little quail wants some friends. You should let him/her stay in the coop. If your quail mated with a chicken, would you get quickens?? Lol. Sorry, I'm tired. Heehee

  8. Sashie takes your pins?? That's hilarious! Your quail story is very cute. He found himself a bunch of girlfriends. ;)

  9. Safe for a while...smile! No way would your hubby appreciate your kind of acupuncture!!!

  10. OH! Kim, we farm girls live such interesting lives,! lol. I enlarged your photos and my he is a very interesting bird. Your chickens are so cute, I can just see you opening the door and all that happening.

    I like your needle wallet too, and how you made it so pretty, two days ago dh came to me with a straight pin he had found on the carpet, I just batted my eye lashes at him and smiled. ~grin~
    We have been so busy this week, with so many projects on the outside,I am looking forward to finishing the herb garden fence.... soon.
    I love reading about your days.

  11. I laughed out loud at this one... whenever I drop a needle or pin, my husband ALWAYS finds them, in his bare feet!!! I might as well ask him to come and walk around in the room where I dropped it... he WILL step on it!! :)


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