June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gambal Quail

For the last few days, I could hear a new bird sound. I have spent so much time trying to see where it was coming from and what kind of bird it was. Today my son looked out the window and he said, " What the heck kind of bird is that? He was walking around the yard. My other son grabbed my camera and took off outside.

The Gambal quail was sitting on the fence. He makes such a funny sound that I thought we had a Grackle visiting. It sort of sounds like that, but the grackles around here prefer to live at Wal Mart and Target. They love fast food, and french fries best of all. We will get a visitor this time of year but the Mocking birds are really territorial.  So are the Scrub Jays.

Here is a better picture. What I found when I was trying to tell what kind he was, at first I thought he was a California Quail, but he had that red Mohawk looking do on top of his head so I had to keep looking. Then I found that, I don't think I have ever seen one of these here before. He is in the tree next to my office in the morning. Talking to himself. He isn't afraid at all and I might try and get some more pictures.

I love this time of year and seeing birds fly through. We have a couple of new kinds of doves I haven't heard before. I was watching the Woo-hoo bird that is what he says, Woo-hoo  woo-hoo, over and over very fast. He is very graceful and does this little graceful thing when he lands almost like a pirouette. The regular kind of doves we have say, Woo-hoo  hoo  hoo, so my husband and I have decided that Mr.Woo-hoo is a newly married bird. He is happy about his lot in life.

Okay just some bird watching that I have been doing. I still get mad at dumb sparrows this time of year, I can't tell you how many times I will be minding my own business when a group goes flying past and I have to duck and dodge and sometimes hit the dirt so I don't get hit in the head by crazed sparrows. I enjoy watching birds.
If you say those sounds out loud, you can hear it better, I know I was practicing in here writing this post.

I hope you have a great Wednesday!


  1. I've never seen a quail like that. He's really neat. Just sent you an e-mail.

  2. Hi, I miss seeing the quali-we had them in Ca. but don't have them in Colorado. I detest Grackles-they kill all our sparrows; two summers ago I would go outside and find about 10-12 dead birds on my lawn. If I would have had a gun-just saying and I love birds but won't put seed out for them because of the Grackles.
    Have a great evening.

  3. I woke up this morning hearing birds and thanked the Lord for such a wonderful spring. Benjamin and I have sooooooooo enjoyed the birds this year and the bird feed we put in my birdbath/feeder I made. This one is beautiful...I will share him with Benjamin...thanks for sharing your spring

  4. Good morning! I love listening to the birds in the morning but can RARELY find which one is singing what. I love that you found this one and took pictures and learned about etc. You need to come out and identify some of mine, haha. Have a wonderful day! HUGS

  5. How cool, I have never seen a quail in my entire life.

  6. the quail is gorgeous! i'd love to see one of them or the calif. quail! :)

    and i bet your dove is a eurasian-collared dove. they are slightly larger than a mourning and lighter colored with a faster coo. :)

  7. Beautiful quail ... I can't remember the last time I saw a live quail. I would hear them when my daughter lived in the country ... and would respond to them with a whistle.

  8. Iv'e never seen quail up close before. They are beautiful. Bird watching is one of my favorite things too. I generally try to plant some things for them too each spring. Have a blessed day :o)

  9. Hi Kim, I've never seen a quail either, just in book or TV. It's probably an inspiration for you to hook a quail. lol
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, JB

  10. What a great little quail! I wonder if he escaped from somebody who was raising them? Usually they're really wary. When we saw wild California quail, they made sure to keep about half a block between us and them.

  11. We put up gourds, hoping to attract Purple Martins which come through for a short period of time in the spring. However, it is Swallows that are using the gourds, and we haven't seen any of those this spring!


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