June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

The pot of new mint we planted.
It is time to visit with Patrice again on her porch. We have been getting ours ready for company this weekend.
It looks so much better cleaned. Of course, there is a dust storm in the forecast for tomorrow. I hope you have a nice time visiting on Patrice's porch this week.


1.    What was the first sign of spring that you saw this year?

I think it was something I felt before I saw, I could smell the ground warming up and I noticed that the buds on the trees were starting to swell long before I thought it should be spring.

2.    What was the last package you received in the mail?

Yesterday, I received a lovely box from someone who prefers to remain a secret. So I will keep that quiet but it was filled with everything  that I love, chickens and sunflowers. It was all so pretty and just so me. It was like she was able to see in my heart and give me such a wonderful treat. It really did make me feel loved. Don't you just love the people you meet who bless your life blogging?

3.    Do you have any Easter, or spring traditions in your home?

When the kids were younger I had a lot more. We still do the Easter egg thing that tells the Easter story. I still have all of the things in the eggs that I gathered to make it. We have communion together which I love. It is so awesome to have each of the Dad's minister the host to each of their little families. It makes me have such a lump in my throat and my hearts soars with thankfulness. Then we have a big dinner and the little kids hunt Easter eggs. Yes, I still make Easter baskets too.

4.    Do you hand wash dishes or machine was them?

Both, When I am cooking lots of food, I wash by hand so that I keep my dishwasher empty for the dishes after the meal. I have dishes that I don't wash in the dishwasher so I always wash those by hand. I think my kitchen stays cleaner if I run a sink of hot soapy dishwater and use that to clean and wash each time I cook. I have a thing about having a nice sink of hot dishwater. I am always cleaning and washing down my counters as I cook.

5.    If I had an extra hour each day, I'd ______________. I am glad I don't. :) I would just fritter away one more hour in front of the computer I am afraid. It is best to use just what I have.

I am enjoying my spring break this week. We are finally working in the flowerbeds. I am glad we haven't done anything in the garden yet because we might have a freeze later on in the week. We do have lots of seeds coming up and that is always so nice to see. They are in the shed on heat mats and under lights still. It is still to cold at night.
I hope you have a lovely week, and drop by and visit with Patrice.


  1. then i know you are looking forward to easter...

  2. Great post...spring, Easter...family memories...have a wonderful Easter...and enjoy your special box, how fun and yes, like a warm hug

  3. Great answers again. It so nice to have some special traditions to mark Easter. We do the Holy week of church services by attending the entry into Jerusalem, the washing of each other's feet, the Passion and Resurrection on Easter Vigil with the reading of Genesis at the creation of the world, the lighting of the new Pascal candle and blessing of the new Water of Life and Easter morning Mass.

    How nice that you got a package in the mail from a secret pal.

    I wanted to thank you for visiting my post and leaving comments. I had a great time at the Fiber Art Retreat but it would have been even better with you and the other Kim at my table. I think that it would have been a blast.

    Have a great week my sweet friend. Hugs. JB

  4. Happy Easter to you with your traditions. I would have to agree...one more hour a day would surely be wasted.

  5. Good morning! Your Easter traditions and plans sound really good! I ALWAYS keep a sink full of hot soapy water too when I am cooking and "doing" a big dinner, how funny huh? There is just always something to wash, and it works well...Have a good day! HUGS

  6. I like your family traditions...have a wonderful Easter!

  7. Hi Kim! I'm so glad you are enjoying your spring break. Isn't it fun to work in the flower bed?
    We have snow on the grass. Silly Colorado weather!

  8. Love your Easter traditions. I've resisted planting my garden for fear of an unexpected frost - may do it this weekend since the frost free date for IL is April 8th.

  9. I, too, almost always have a sink full of hot dishwater when I'm cooking. Even if all the dishes go into the dishwasher, I need hot, soapy water to clean up the table, counters, stove top, etc.

    I'm doing stuffed eggs this year for the grands. I found 7" plastic personalized eggs on etsy.com ... they're adorable! I'll fill them with goodies. And jammies ... I have always included a new pair of jammies as Easter gifts (they get enough candy ... and if I buy jammies with their favorite characters on them, the jammies are a treat, too).

  10. I missed this yesterday because of the A-Z challenge. I've been working away in the garden too watching all your seeds come up! I can't wait to start taking pictures to share! This year I will only make an Easter basket for DoodleBug- the others won't be here. But I didn't leave them out. I sent some things I had for their baskets when they were home a couple of weeks ago!

  11. I'm glad you are enjoying your break. Your Easter sounds lovely.Receiving packages is such fun. I know- you've sent me some wonderful ones that made me smile!Have a blessed Easter, precious friend!


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