June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just Getting Caught Up

Today was a day I sewed. I finally finished some projects. I will show you pictures of those in a minute. Do you know that when we have a bad storm, as it moves across the US our bad storms turn into killer storms as they travel across the deserts. My Dad when he lived in Oklahoma always watched our weather to see what kind they would be having in a day or so.
This last storm was a big storm. Today I took pictures from my front yard with my little camera of all of the snow.
We don't have that much snow very often so all day I would just stare at it.

The mountains are just covered in snow right down to the foot hills. I bet by next weekend it will be all gone.
When the tax lady said we over built for the neighborhood. I asked why she would say that and she said because we didn't have a view. I am so glad she didn't come on the day when you can see the mountains, she would have us paying lots more taxes I bet.

This is a little pattern from Pineberry Lane. I have liked it for so long, but I am getting to that point where I have so many patterns and with it being spring not enough time. This should have taken just a few hours, it took me two weeks. I am not a fast stitcher.

 I finished the Word Play for April. See the word empty tomb? That isn't what it supposed to say.
On the pattern it says Easter eggs. I got that stitched and the more I sewed it the more I didn't like it.
So I took it out and for a week I tried to do empty tomb. I didn't have a pattern for that and tried to do it out of my head. I don't do good with things just out of my head.  But I got it on there finally.
I wanted to have it done before Easter but I just missed it by a week. I have May and I need to start it, but May will be my 8th one I have done. I am tired of them. I will finish them because you know I had one of those Mom's that no matter what I started she made me finish. Well, it became part of my personality and I feel so guilty that it is easier to just keep at something until it is done.

Here is my current rug project. This has been fun, as I have dyed all of the wool for this one. I really love the colors. I thought I would finish it today but ended up getting side tracked. I wanted to make pin cushions.
Don't ask me why it was just something I wanted to do today just so I would work with crushed walnut shells.

I had some quilt squares and I just thought it might be fun to make the pin cushions out of them. It was, I want to make the strawberries with the emery sand next. I think that will be fun. I had to stop as it was time to feed the troops. I never got back to it. It was too nice a day to be in the house.

I just had to show you a close up of that very lovely bunny. Brenda Gervais did a wonderful job on this one.
The little wagon is supposed to have the word Seeds written on it. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do it. I am still trying to get some kind of sewing mojo back. I never had much but I am learning.

Thanks for stopping by this evening. I hope you are all safe. I have been praying today for safety for you all.

Have a blessed Monday,


  1. You do so many wonderful needle projects. The pin cushions are adorable, but the rug is my favorite.

  2. your dad was SO right. the storms increased their
    ferocity b the time they hit us!

  3. ohmygosh, Kim...I just love those monthly word plays. And, you did an excellent job putting 'empty tomb' in there. And, the rooster rug...WOW! You are doing great with your hooking!! Glad you got some things done to show us.

  4. i really like your 'fowl mood' rug! :)

  5. Oh the storms...the season has just begun and horrible!!

    Your projects are wonderful...everything looks great! I got a chance to sew also...not needle work, but on my sewing machine.

  6. That rooster is coming along so great! I just love the colors you're using. Also I'm glad you got pictures of the snow on the mountains. We can barely see a sliver of the mountains from here and I feel like I'm hungry for them. Now I can stare at your picture.

  7. Hi Kim! The rooster is so cute! I used to love cross stitching, but I haven't done it for a long time. I'm so glad I have one of your masterpieces!
    Yes, we did get your storm! Kelli and Bryan froze at the baseball game. We're hoping for sunny skies later in the week. I hope you have a quiet and peaceful Monday, friend!

  8. Oh I just LOVE that rooster rug! You did an excellent job of the shading and color choices! The word plays are fun... but I have a few too many "of the month" programs going on... I believe I'm up to 4 or 5 BOM's? Some carried over from last year... fun stuff though! :-)

  9. Oh my, I think anytime you can see the mountains then you have a good view! Love all your projects- you've been busy!

  10. Hi Kim, I didn't know that it snow this late in California. The mountains sure look awesome and majestic.

    Your little projects are always so cute. By just sticking with finishing your projects they get done, unlike many of my projects.

    The bunny sure is cute. You did a great job as usual. I recognize that rooster pattern as a Gene Shepherd pattern. You are doing a great job on it too.


  11. You had a great idea to stitch 'empty tomb' there!
    Looks perfect to me! And the bunny is so cute!
    Pineberry Lane patterns are so prim I love them too.
    Have a great week!

  12. Kim, I love all those monthly word stitcheries you do. It always makes me think I want to get back to that again, but then the rug frame calls me.
    Fowl Mood is looking great. I have seen that pattern hooked lots of different ways. It is such a fun pattern it always looks good.
    P.S. It is gorgeous here today, almost late June weather!

  13. That's some view she missed!! Sew beautiful!!!

  14. I am just like you ... my mom also taught me to finish things before starting anything else. I guess that's why I'm not like other quilters ... only one quilt in progress at any given time. I'm getting anxious to start on the sewing of my next quilt when I don't have time to do the hand quilting on my current quilt, but I just feel too guilty. ha!.

    That's a beautiful view of the mountains. Good thing, indeed, that the tax lady didn't see it! ;-)

  15. Oh yay! I'm glad you got to get so much sewing done. Wasn't this storm just crazy? The mountains have been so gorgeous.

  16. Great projects! I spent the entire weekend sewing!
    I love the rooster rug. It's wonderful. I'm going to try to get some sewing time in tomorrow too.

  17. Rebecca and I got to drive through the snow...her first snowball fight! The mountains looked majestic.

  18. Kim your needle work is so beautiful, I think it is about time to open an etsy shoppe. You would do great! I bought a cross stitch the other day and just haven't found time to start. lol. I might have to wait until gardening season is over, as I would rather be outside than inside. ~smile~

  19. Oh how industrious you have been. I agreed, you need to open an Etsy shop. What a wonderful job you are doing on the hooked rug, did you design this? I love your color choices! I am going to be very bold and ask if I can purchase the blue flowered pin cushion with the heart button, I love it! I will be your first customer. Your friend from Maine, Julie.


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