June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday's Rabbit Trail

I want to say this up front, this is a picture from 2010, there are no flowers in my garden or in my yard as of yet.
Now, I am sharing a rabbit trail I went on yesterday, it started yesterday. I am working on a Valentine project and it has required me to do all sorts of new things I have never done before. I will show you pictures when I am finally finished.
I needed some old lace for my project and I remembered where I have some. Out in the garage I have a old trunk. It is filled with things that make my heart hurt, not bad hurt but because it is things that people have made in the course of their lives and when I open it, dreams and lives and stories always hit me full force. So I don't get into it very often. But I did yesterday.
My husband's grandpa gave this to me to restore. I have read books and I have stared at it, I haven't restored it just because I am weird like that, I like it the way it is, but my husband's doesn't so it stays in the garage. (My husband is perfect in most ways, but he detests antiques just a minor flaw, only one.  ) My husband's Grandpa told me it had been in his family his whole life so I treasure it.
I love the wood on top with the metal and the brass and the wood. To restore it I would have to remove the old fabric that is on top and I just hate to do that.
I opened the lid and the first thing I saw was the baby quilt I made for my son who is now grown with children of his own, the old purse was my mother's and I had forgot I put it there. In it I have left it the way it was the last time she carried it, in 1969 I found it when I had to clean out my grand mother's house and inside is a Christmas list, that year I wanted a Raggedy Ann doll and leather purse, and do you remember those leather things you would use in your hair with a stick that ran through it. I always was a hippie-want-to-be.
Down further into the trunk was all of these dollies and table scarves and pillow cases. I picked up each one and looked at it and these were made by all of the women who have gone before me. All maybe sitting in the evenings working and staring into the fire dreaming dreams that I now sit and dream.
In the trunk is this old quilt top. It has to be over 100 years old. My Mother-in-Law gave it to me a long time ago. It is large like for a queen sized bed. The fabric I am sure could tell lots of stories. I am sure the fabric was held onto and saved and some woman in my husband's family never finished making the quilt for her family.
I got the things out of the trunk I was looking for and then folded up everything else and closed the lid. A box full of life, full of stories that I wish I knew. I come back in the house, knowing that my love for sewing has been passed down from hand to hand, life to life. I have been given so much, and I am so thankful.
Now, off to get this day underway,


  1. a rabbit trail or a rabbit hole. but you did manage to emerge. with a smile and a few memories. :)

  2. What a wonderful old trunk, and perfect just the way it is! Just thinking of all the people and the time that they took to make those treasure is inspiring. And you being able to carry on the tradition is a blessing.

  3. I have an old quilt similar to yours somewhere. I think I may have stored at my in-laws. Maybe one day, I can finish it. My DH's grandmother started it it, so it would awesome to complete. Thanks for reminding me!

  4. I love thinking about old quilts and where the fabric came from- probably not the local trendy fabric boutique, but a husband's uniform or a little girl's christening outfit... So special! Thanks for sharing.

  5. from the strong women who came before us and paved the way!!

  6. Right through the lookin' glass and back. I'm go glad ya took us along with ya!

    What treasures that old beautiful trunk holds. Nope, I wouldn't refinish the character outta it either. It has a story to tell.

    God bless and have a fantabulous day sweetie!!! :o)

  7. Hi Kim, Oh girl what treasures!!!! I love antiques and your chest is wonderful but the treasures inside. I'm surprised your son didn't want his quilt for his kiddos, and oh the quilt top. I have an antique quilt hanging in my sewing room that was from the 1930's and I love it. I actually did the sandwiching on it and a cousin quilted it. I also have two other antique quilts but they are not in good shape. I'm surprised you never quilted your top-it is so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow, that is indeed a true treasure chest. I love it just the way it is. I feel bad it is shunned to the garage. It deserves a special place in your home. (sorry Ron, just my opinion)

  9. I never knew the stories behind all the stuff in that trunk. Thanks for posting some of them. :-)

  10. What wonderful sentimental treasures Kim. I too have an old trunk that once belonged to my husband's mother's family. It now holds items made by my late grandmother and great grandmother. How nice it is to hold an old item and have it bring forth such wonderful memories from long ago. Blessings to you, your friend from Maine, Julie.

  11. WOW...that trunk is full of memories, for sure!

  12. Wow! What a fantastic old trunk! Isn't that quilt top gorgeous? I love the bright colors.
    You wanted a Raggedy Ann? Oh, there can never be enough Raggedy Anns in the world, can there?
    You have such a dear and sensitive spirit.

  13. Oh thanks so much for sharing these precious memories with us! The trunk is wonderful just to look at as it is.

  14. Now that is truly a TREASURE chest. The memories that each one of those treasures hold ... how awesome. And who better to keep those treasures but someone who can appreciate how precious they are, who can appreciate the time and the love that went into the creating of each one of those treasures. As a quilter, I especially love that old antique 9 patch. Fabrics from someone's dress? Someone's shirt? The stories that it could tell! Thank you so much for sharing some of the treasures and memories from that chest.

  15. Kim
    Your trunk is a treasure trove of memories! I understand you wanting to leave it in it's present condition too.
    Yes, I remember those leather hair holders. I just never had enough hair to keep one from falling out!
    I look forward to seeing your finished Valentine!

  16. You brought back some sweet memories with that old trunk. Does any of your kids want the content later on? Did you find what you were looking for to work on your Valentine?

    We had an old beautiful trunk with a round top when I was young and never thought anything of it back then.

    My mother always gave out anything that she didn't use so her house was always without clutter. I wonder were the old trunk went. I sure would like to have it now.

    I like old that are well preserved and looks like new. Everything had great workmanship that you can't find now a day.
    I'm funny that way. I'm not the sentimental one and tend not to get attached to anything. I can appreciate it with no strings attached.

    I' looking forward to seeing your Valentine. JB

  17. Oh Kim...I am speechless, what a treasure. As we have to make the decision for care for my mother-in-law, who is now 96, I realize how precious these things are. Thanks for allowing us to join you on this venture...I just keep thing, WOW!! what an awesome gift.

  18. Beautiful treasures, and wonderful memories and sentiments. Thanks for sharing all with us :)

    Love that trunk, and love, love that old quilt top!

  19. Love the trunk and I love the post. So sweet that you love and care for old things. I do, too!

  20. I love that you have all of these treasures corraled in the fabulous old grandpa trunk.

    And yes, this wanna be hippie certainly does remember the thingy you stick a stick through to hold your hair!

    Blessings, Debbie

  21. I absolutely love going through an old trunk or box and discovering all the treasures I had forgotten were contained within! Will you finish the quilt? I'm with you on the trunk. It has such character and is perfect for holding such cherished treasures.

  22. Thank you for the tour of the trunk. I enjoyed it. My Grandmother's trunk is the same. When she passed my mom took us girls on the same type of tour. I think it is better than a scrapbook.


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