June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Life Out Of Old

This morning when I was walking around, I had no intention of taking pictures but when I saw this pear tree blooming, and the title of this post popped into my head, "New life out of old." I knew I needed to get my camera and take some pictures. I guess that is what spring is new life. No matter how hard the winter might have been seeing new life always changes my focus.

I read this today. My house, my kitchen, my desk, my very body are meant to be holy places in this world for the eternal God. ( From All That Was Every Ours. p.9) I thought about it some more and I thought, When God created the world, it was brand new, and sin had not yet entered it, God made Adam and He put Adam in the garden. The place that was most perfect in the whole world was a garden. I am always so happy that I am a gardener. My head just seems to clear and this time of year, I think I am happiest watching winter begin to change into spring. 
When I was a young Mom, wife, all of the things that go with finding yourself in a place that life had not trained you for, sure I knew how to work in the workplace. But staying home day in and day out with a baby and no one to talk to, I guess it is sort of a identity crisis. So when I found Elisabeth Elliot and she told me that my work was a holy vocation. The world began to change for me those values I had held onto so tightly, I was suddenly shown the world that my grand mothers had excelled at seemed to make the most sense.
Maybe this stuff is on my mind, as I watch my daughter struggle with having a boyfriend vs being single. She doesn't want my life, she likes her life with college, her job, having her own money, and her schedule and doing what she wants. She doesn't understand that choosing to give up sometimes is the way to freedom.
I don't suppose I can explain it very well, but choosing to live your life for other people can be rewarding and can have it's own trials and pain and heartache but it also has its own beauty and fulfillment and joy. Because
sometimes life is about giving up our old life so that new life can blossom.
I didn't come in here to write this, my fingers sometimes just do their own thing. I was going to write a different kind of post.
Well, it is Saturday and it is beautiful outside. I hope you have a wonderful Saturday,


  1. i think life is all about having choices, and i'm glad your daughter has plenty at her disposal. :)

  2. Amen...you wrote it all, you caught the truth and tied it up with a bow...I love that type of writing, when God pours our hearts out on our keyboard.

    I wrote some of the same thing, well the same sentiment, to my single son who has a job that pays more than we have ever made in a total of four years...it just recounted just what you said, giving up the old to enjoy the new. It reminded me that I would still do it all again...and it was worth it.

    I don't have any regrets for letting go of the old to enjoy all the new God has given me for the last 29 years of being a stay-at-home mom and 32 years of being a wife.

  3. Hi Kim, I related so much to your post! I so remember being a stay at home mom with a babe and so very lonely. The years pass quickly and I also remember my daughter as a new wife and just pregnant telling me she might be a working mom and wouldn't homeschool etc-how crushed I was. Now, five kiddos later, she homeschools and loves it-she loves motherhood and having acreage too.
    Blessings on your day dear one!

  4. I think you wrote this for me. I'll re-read it when I doubt my choices :). Thanks Kim.

  5. Kim ~ what a beautiful post with beautiful pictures. Isn't the Lord our God wonderful to give us the freedom of choice
    Have a great day ;-)

  6. I love what you write. I love that you share so much of yourself with us.

  7. I think of some of the same things when spring buds start to appear....new beginnings.
    The pink flowers, are they flowering almond?
    Have a blessed weekend

  8. How wonderful to see spring buds opening, how I wish I could smell their sweet fragrance. Winter still has her hold on us here in Maine. Hugs, Julie.

  9. I love it when one is led to write from the heart as you have today...It helps to clear our head and always encouraging to those who read it.....

    I guess to me it all boils down to what is God's plan for each individual...Mine was to be a stay at home Mom even if it meant doing without many material things but to others it may be working...The important thing is to seek God's face and plan for our lives all along the journey.....

    Your blooming trees are beautiful and makes me thing Spring is near...I do hope so....

    Have a great weekend sweet friend...

  10. Dear Kim, I know exactly what you mean by staying at home raising kids and feeling lonely with no identity. Years ago moms stayed at home and that was normal and they knew who they were and were satisfied and happy. Time changed and we saw our friends working with a career having their own money and having more freedom while some of us stayed at home raising our kids and we became wishful rather than satisfied of our lot until we realized later in life that we had it all.

    Now back to wishing that I had blooming trees like yours right now, lol. Hugs my friend. JB

    Having been there myself

  11. It's so good to hear about being content with what you've chosen...not being filled with regrets. Thanks for the encouragement! And lovely pictures of SPRING!


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