June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, February 5, 2012


This morning I was sewing. The house is quiet and as  I was praying for the needs that are now in my life, some of them very important needs, like people needing healing and jobs and comfort. Big things. I start to panic sometimes so as I was trying to regain my footing, I was looking at the course of my life and the answers and miracles God was always faithful to provide.
So I thought about those roads, that God would bring me to and I would want the easy one, with no rocks or steep paths. He would take my hand and gently lead me to the one that was hard, steep, and long. As I would start down the path He had led me to,  He would say, " I will never leave thee nor forsake thee."  I would nod and go on. Then at other times,
I would be so afraid, I couldn't take my hands off of my eyes, I was afraid of what I might see. As He took my hands off of my face, He would remind me, " When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;"
When I was so afraid that I knew that I could not take a single step forward. When I knew the path I was on would finish me off and I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, there would come the small, tiny light for the next step, and so quietly, would come the voice, " Will you trust me?"

Yes, I can look back at the places in my life, where God was always bigger than all of my problems, when I thought maybe He didn't hear my prayers, or that maybe I wasn't His or be so filled with fear and doubt that maybe this time I would fall.
But always He has been right on time, provided the best answer and never left me or forsook me. He has always been good.
I am glad that He is God and I am not.
So while I wait, I know that His answers will come, I know that His way is always perfect and I know He is there. Just like Spring, it just shows up.
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  1. You have expresses God's faithfulness in such a beautiful way...Yes, He's always right on time...not early and not late...right on time.

    Thank you for your powerful words of wisdom to ponder this Sunday...God's day of rest....

  2. Hi, I loved this post because as always to focused my eyes on Him. I love your flowering trees; it will be many more months before ours bloom. I pray your Sunday is restful and blessed.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. you have such strong faith kim, what a comfort for you!!

    gorgeous pinks today!!

  4. Kim,
    You are wise. Don't you love how at our age, we see the rhythm of life and how God works to bring us peace? I used to be more afraid than I am now. I am happy to know that life does work itself out in the best way...even if I didn't know what that "best way" would be!
    Hugs to you, my friend!

  5. Thanks for those thoughts today. I really needed them. Is your tree really bloomed that much already?

  6. What a beautiful post, but I am so sorry that you are on a rocky path right now. It is so hard and scary. I just stepped off of a very rocky path and right now, today, God is leading me through a beautiful valley. I know that He will again lead me to that narrow, rocky path where true trust, faith and strength grow, but for today I will thank Him for some rest. Your rest is coming soon too. He is new every morning! I will keep you in my prayers this week.
    Love, Joyce

  7. encouraging words, my dear. thank you for sharing them.

  8. So glad that He hides us beneath His wing. Thank you for an inspiring post.

  9. Some beautiful reminders in this post Kim, he is always faithful isn't he? Will be praying for you

  10. Do you remember Hinds Feet on High Places? Your post reminds me of it. Are those blossoms for real? They are beeeeyoooootiful, Kim!
    We won't have blossoms for months.

  11. You're amazing. You not only keep the faith, you remind us to do the same, and you say it so beautifully.
    Are those pics really from this year?

  12. That is absolutely beautiful Kim. And the pictures too ... great post.

  13. Kim, I love you so much. I woke up at 4:30 in pain and am white-knuckling it until the medicine kicks in. I trad my Bible and read from an app I have of God's promises and then cleaned my kitchen but am still in pain and needed encouragement and I thought of you and came to see if you posted anything because I needed to feel near you. I am sitting here crying with joy because your post was so beautiful and do encouraging to me this morning. Thank you. I am going to cherish it, share it during this trial I am in. Again, I love you so much and I am so proud to be your sister. Now I am going to attempt a shower and an hour drive to leaders meeting. Please pray I drive safely. From your post I am reminded God is with me. Tracy

  14. You hit a note for many of us. The enemy woke me this morning at 5 and started his beating me up routine. I didn't want to start to face the day as all the needs and failures were being marched across my mind.
    You sharing your heart allowed me to stop the mental beating up...to release the things that are totally out of my control and lean on the one who has all control.
    The one who has never left me or forsaken me...
    Thanks...you have been an instrument of grace to me this morning.

  15. Good morning...I can soo identify with this post too. I imagine soo many of us can. I have been working for a few weeks now on really letting the Lord take all my thoughts captive that are not focused on Him, and throw the worrisome ones away. How quickly I can spin something out of control in my mind...sigh. Many LARGE things going on over here too. But praise God nothing is too big for Him. Have a wonderful day Kim!

  16. Kim, what gorgeous flowering trees you have. Who would believe that such fragrance and beauty could come out from a hard bark after a drought like that. The same God is there caring for us too. I love your post today. Hugs. JB

  17. I always want the path with no obstacles. Just smooth sailing for all! But then I am reminded that I would miss out on those life lessons and that would make life so dull. Your faith reminds me of my grandmother's faith. Thanks for that memory!


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