June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Projects This Week

This picture is from 3 years ago. Nothing this pretty is in my flowerbeds yet. I have lots of weeds though and trash from the wind storm. I thought I would start off this post by showing you something pretty. This week we have had wind from the west. When it does we get this;
I think we will get this at least 3 more times before summer. I just dread it. Each of those things drop millions of seeds. It is constant clean up.
So after the wind stopped. I cleaned up for 3 hours to get this.

All clean and ready for the next wind storm. We have had the nicest weather...For May. We hit 77 yesterday. I bet the trees suddenly burst into bloom this weekend.
I also worked on these Valentine boxes this week. I am not finished yet but I will show you what I have done so far.

I have been making these little boxes for sewing kits. It has been so much fun. I saw the pattern from Country Stitches used pages copied out of a music book that I sprayed with coffee and baked so they would look old. Just so you know, the music is for Hotel California. My son's current music he is learning for a recital in the spring. It makes me chuckle when I think of it.
I am making three right now. I am working on the things that go inside. I will show you picture of those when I am finished. I lined them with pages of the music too.
So that has been this week's project. I do enjoy Valentines Day. I bought these and I had to find people to eat the candy. I need to get some more boxes and find some more people to eat the goodies. These are spoken for and I would like to make one for myself. :)
I hope you have a wonderful weekend,



  1. I would like to offer up my candy-eating services! LOL! Those are so cute! I like that the sheet music is Hotel California... That's hilarious!

  2. They are the cutest boxes! Love the music sheet lining too!
    I went out for a walk today and spotted some dwarf irises in bloom along with a host of daffodils! Crazy weather the globe over!

  3. What cute little boxes, can't wait to see what you put inside. Have a good weekend.

  4. Kim, you are having wind storms and we are bracing for a snow storm and high winds this weekend.

    That Hotel California song is going to be in my head all day now.... I love the sheet music idea to decorate the boxes and Hotel California sheet music is sure to make people take notice.

    I'd offer to eat some candies but since I'm diabetic, it's not a good idea.

    Looking forward to seeing the contents of your pretty heart boxes.

    Hugs. JB

  5. Those boxes are sweet. Very cute idea. Hotel California makes me laugh. I have a tradition tied to that song. About 20(ish) years ago when I bought my first car that song was playing as I drove off the car lot. So ever since then (9 cars later) I HAVE to play that song first in each new car.

  6. Are those dwarf irises? They're simply gorgeous! I think I need to plant some of those this spring.

    Those boxes are adorable ... glad you were able to pass on eating the goodies! ;-)

  7. Leave it to you to do something so creative for Valentine's day! I love them! And now I wish I had thought of them. DoodleBug and I did hand make the cards for everyone. But that's about it.

  8. I have personally fallen head over heels for those precious little Valentines boxes!

    What a wonderful job ya did!!!

    God bless ya and have a fantabulous week!!! :o)

  9. Kim, what a wonderful project, I love the boxes, what a great way to use up old sheet music. Call me crazy, but I have always wanted to see a tumbleweed up close and personal. Nothing remotely green here, however, I did see a flock of robins this morning! Have a great weekend, Julie.

  10. Hi Kim, I am not looking forward to the wind around here, it usually starts in late Feb. and lasts until the end of April. I am hoping that since we are having such a mild winter that the winds will bypass us this year. ~smile~
    Your sewing kits I love, I haven'e done anything for Valentines Day this year, as the green house is keeping us so busy, and I am enjoying being outside with all of the warm temps. we are having. Hope all is well with you, I think of you so often, and just wish we could sit on the porch and talk.
    I have missed you! Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Wow.. those are some HUGE tumble weeds.
    I remember years ago, someone was selling tumbleweeds on ebay and marketing them as 'Wild West Christmas Trees'. Durned if they didn't sell a ton of 'em :)

    Love the Valentine boxes. Beautiful and so creative!

  12. This has been the strangest winter but we're expecting snow this weekend. My brother tells me Snowshoe, in Pocahontas County, WV, is considering bankruptcy; if they do file, that entire county will be in dire straits.

  13. Those are so pretty. Hotel California? Haha remember how we would listen to thar over and OVER?

  14. Hi Kimmers!
    Your boxes are beautiful and I laughed because I thought (before you mentioned it) about eating the candy! I think if I had ONE chocolate right now it would send me into a chocolate feast that would drag on for days!
    What I have been eating: pink grapefruit. Your header is beauty to me. I have one pink grapefruit in the fruit basket and even with snow falling lightly, I am going to the grocery store today for more. I'll think of you.

  15. Very creative... I love those boxes!


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