June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, November 7, 2011

Things I Did Today

I will tell you a little secret. I don't fry food. It just goes
against something in my makeup. I also do not buy legs
or thighs or leave skin on chicken when I cook it. I only cook
chicken breasts and it is boneless and skinless.

The other day I was over at my SIL and she gave me a cake
in a foil pan. When I came in the door, my boys wanted to know
if it was fried chicken. Which I thought was really odd, I mean
why would I go next door and why would she give me fried chicken.

I was making my grocery list and my son asked if I would please,
please fry chicken on the bone. That is what they have always called
it since they were little.

My Mom had a little restaurant and she always soaked her chicken the night
before in buttermilk. So I bought chicken on the bone with skin, legs
and thighs. I soaked it then I got out my iron skillet. After I had dredged it
in flour and spices. I fried it in oil.

I had a apron that covers me up and I had my glasses on and when my husband
came in from work I felt just like my grandmother with frying chicken. I also
fixed mashed potatoes and gravy.

They ate and ate, they even ate the skin, (yuck, yuck, yuck.) One of my sons said
"eating that skin was so good it was just like eating a waffle cone. "

I ate mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts for dinner. :)

As I was standing over the stove, what I was thankful for that:

1. They were not my chickens, so I didn't recognize any or know their names.

2. That I had food to cook.

3. That I have a nice warm house and people to come in the door and be so happy
that dinner is cooking.

4. That it is finally cool enough that cooking food like that sounds good.

5. My husband likes aprons, glasses and thinks that when I smell like
frying chicken it is better than perfume.

Have a lovely Tuesday,


" Love leads us where we did not intend to go,
where we would not have chosen to go if we had
known the whole story ahead of time."


  1. Haha I love #5. Ben keeps telling me I need to fry chicken and I just haven't been able to get up the nerve to do it - I'm so scared it's going to be raw. Well, I'll have to bite the bullet eventually.

  2. Meg: Fried chicken is easy-peasy! Just find a website, like Pioneer Woman, and they tell you all about it. I like frying chicken, just not toward the end when the oil is real hot and the meat drips juice into it and it spatters like crazy.

    Mom: That's so sweet. I'm glad you fried chicken for everybody. This nice cool weather just makes you want to cook like crazy, doesn't it?

  3. That was absolutely precious!! :)

  4. Oh, it sounds yummy! This used to be a mainstay at my house when all our children were at home.
    And, of course, milk gravy to go along with it!!
    My husband and I only have it once in a blue moon now.
    But I can understand someone who raises chicken not wanting to eat it!!

  5. hahaha.....fried foods are awesome!!

    and i would never want to know the "name" of anyone i was eating!!

  6. This was so very sweet. Good job, Mom!

  7. I have never fried chicken in my life...not because I don't like it, but because I don't know how! :) My hubby probably wouldn't like it, my my kiddos would! That was really nice of you to cook what they begged for! :)

  8. I used to make fried chicken for my boys. I also soak it in buttermilk overnight. Yum! It's not too fun standing over hot oil, but they love it! I love that your dear husband knows what the best things in life are...aprons, glasses, and fried chicken...smart man!!

  9. This is so sweet, and yes I giggled a few times. I am also jealous I wasn't invited over for supper - yummy comfort food!!
    I admit it - I like (no....love) the crispy fried chicken skin. The waffle cone comment completely cracked me up.

  10. This is such a great post, Kim, living in the South where frying chicken is the only way most folks eat them. I can just see those guys munching on fried chicken, I have a son who loves the skin so much, though it is probably the fattest part. lol. You can eat it when you are young, but not when you get older ~smile~
    Fried chicken is my dh's favorite meat, and he usually eats it on our Tuesday date night at our favorite restaurant as they specialize in fried chicken.
    I personally prefer baked chicken, and like you haven't got to the point I can cook one of mine. Love my girls too.
    And our dh's do like to see us in our most domestic wear, and having the aroma of food. ~still smiling~
    Great post as always.
    Enjoy your day.

  11. HAHAHAHAHA...FG, I'm laughing so hard you literally have me crying. :) I LOVE #1...hahahahaha and #5. Thank you for the laughter.
    I don't fry foods myself but will occasionally have some. I don't like to eat the skin too much but will have just a little together with the white meat at times. I bet that buttermilk soaked and skillet fried you whipped up was darn good though. ;)

  12. Loved #5! Mine just loves to sneak up behind me when I'm cooking.

  13. It sounds yummy to me, Kim. The other day I bought a (skinless) BBQ chicken breast at the deli counter and I couldn't resist a little pot of mashed potatoes and chicken gravy. It was the perfect lunch! Don't you love standing in front of the stove? I do. I need to find an island for my kitchen. Now that the holidays are approaching, I must have more room. You made me want to make some cookies, but with that pot roast in the oven, I can't. Have a great day, good girl.

  14. Hi there, I agree with you in that I don't like to fry foods but I don't have a problem with the skin. I grew up on friend chicken as most of us did and what really grosses me out is that it was friend in Crisco...yuck. Glad you were able to please your family!
    Have a great day.

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  16. Fun post...I have only done fried chicken with my fifth child...but it is still breast without skin. I have never fried either, but he loves it and I have started to make it for him. Coconut oil makes it healthier...but I do love good chicken tenders and gravy every once in awhile...with yeast rolls

    Love the picture in my mind of apron and glasses...your hubby is a keeper

  17. I really loved that last thankful one!

    I don't fry things either. But, when I was growing up, both of my grandmothers made the best fried chicken and I would eat and eat and eat. Skin and all! LOL

  18. I'm spending a little time checking out new blogs, so i thought id stop and say hello to you folks. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania.

  19. Good for you stretching beyond your comfort zone to prepare a meal that your family would love. And, good for you to not always prepare food that way. They'll thank you one day. I've got to tell you that you have me craving fried chicken. Thanks for that!

  20. To everyone who fries chicken or is thinking about doing so- I highly recommend getting a pair of safety glasses like you use in a workshop. Back when I'd lost my vision in one eye, I was frying something and it spattered. I had no blink instinct in the bad eye since I couldn't see anything coming,so the hot oil went straight for my eye.It was incredibly painful and difficult to heal. I ended up wearing the glasses when I went back to work. My vision is priceless and I hope you will take good care of yours too!
    Written with love and concern-

  21. We raised chickens with black feathers one year. When we plucked them there was still a little dot of black goo in the skin where the feather had been, haven't been able to eat chicken skin since. I would guess all the chickens you buy in the store have white feathers so that isn't visible on the skin.

  22. Kim, I can smell that fried chicken in my mind. I love fried chicken leg more than the breast but I usually but only de-boned breasts and pack them individually and freeze them. I like the dark meat on both chicken and turkey better than the breast.I'm sorry that you didn't had ant fried chicken.

    I think that your husband is a sweetie, #5 made me smile. JB

  23. I just started frying chicken by myself. My mom didn't do it much at home because it makes a mess, but my hubby has been asking me to try it. (I'm not much of a cook, really) I came home and he was early one day and had already started (and made a huge mess) so I just jumped in a took over. It was more self-preservation to contain the messiness, but it turned out pretty good so I've added to our menus occasionally. Still not often though. It takes a lot of paying attention once it's in the pan and with 3 little ones, I don't have much to give.

    #5 made me laugh! :)


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