June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Walking Around

Yesterday, it warmed up outside. I opened my doors and a couple
of windows, just to air out the house. I was cleaning and rearranging.
My eyes kept being drawn outside so I would stop my work, go outside, wander
around and looking at the sky and smelling the air.

Have you ever noticed the smell of November? Here it smells,
of wet leaves, and the faint smell of wood smoke, of fires long ago,
the air smells brown. As I was walking around I could hear the sound
of crows.
I looked and looked finally I saw them swooping and yelling at something
in a old palm tree. I thought to myself, there must be an owl up there trying
to get her nest ready. The crows just get beside themselves because they
hate owls so much.

I walked out in the pasture to see if I could see better when
those crows spotted me.

Next thing I know I have four crows flying over my head, they are shouting
and laughing and doing tricks. They fly above my head and they keep trying to
show me how they can catch wind currents and drift with the wind. Then they
start fighting just like kids showing off. They fly around and around me,
laughing and chattering.

I kept walking and they flew above my head, they watched me and
just kept diving and finally I went in the yard. I went back in the house, and
they flew a bit more as if waiting for me to come back and watch them fly.

I walked out later and they were on a electric pole but they were busy telling jokes
and laughing and making big plans about what they were going to do that night.
I left them alone. I stayed hidden in the trees.

When I was a little kid, I spent so much time outside just watching. I would tell
my grandparents things I saw and they never believed me. How was it that
things went on in nature and it seemed like I was the only one who noticed.
I am glad I have my family now and my husband who listens to the things
I tell him and he believes me. I always think of the little dramas that are being lived
out around us, if we just but open our eyes and really see.

I always feel like I have been given such a gift and I know today, I am
thankful for that.

Have a great day,


  1. And all we need to do is keep quiet and open our eyes and ears... treasures await. Thanks for sharing yours Kim! I'll always listen too!

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. I forget what book it was that said that fall is the season of the jays and the crows. And it's true! That seems to be the only birds who say anything, although the finches do seem to have an autumn song with different phrases in it. I always wondered what they're saying that's so different from their spring song.

  3. a lot of folks wouldn't notice these 'stories' going on around them, but you do. :)

  4. Your word movie of the crows was delightful. Children have the ability to really see things, that busy adults don't have time for. You are a child at heart.

  5. And that is exactly why my kiddos and I do our Nature Journals:) "Stories" from the outside are the absolute best.

  6. So much fun reading your idea of what those old crows are up to!

  7. What fun, I love the update on the 'Crow' family. Funny little flock aren't they?

    I'm so glad your Hubs understands...that's probably what he loves about you. Mine puts up with all my childhood silliness. :o)

    That's why I'll never grow up! Heeehehhee!

    God bless and enjoy this wonderful day sweetie!!! :o)

  8. Loved this...Melody for some reason has always had a love for crows. I think she always roots for the under dog, haha. She would love this story. Have a good day!

  9. Such a lovely crow tale. Birds are so interesting. I could watch then all day. This summer I had my first ever hummingbird feeder that actually saw action. I was riveted! You have a wonderful man...who listens and appreciates all your thoughtful observations. Mine is like that too. It's a wonderful thing! It took me years to find him...so I'm not letting go!

  10. Isn't it glorious when you can throw open the windows and let fresh air in? We haven't had everything closed up for too long, since it's only November, but after some cold weeks it was nice.

    I notice crows being like silly kids sometimes. I've thought just the same thing that you did. It's funny that they were fighting each other to get your attention. I also enjoy watching seagulls. They are clowns!

    I hope all is well with you.

  11. How lovely to see that blue sky and the color of those trees!
    And those crows - real characters - one stared me in the eye as proud as could be and strutted off as if he owned the road!
    Loved this post!

  12. taking it all in kim. the only way to go....

  13. Fun post...sounds like what Benjamin and I do when we stop and enjoy nature..we make up stories also. What a creative mind you have and thanks for sharing...it just highlights His wonders

  14. Would love to see that "crow show"! When I left for work this morning, the trees were full of birds. They weren't singing....just making lots of noise.It was so loud, it made me smile to think about what they might be saying to each other! :-)

  15. Great story. Kim, you should write children's books. You are a wonderful story teller.

  16. Kim, I 'm always amazed at your observation of the little things that we don't even take the time to see. You seem to be able to use all your senses and even your imagination. You are really like Anne of Green Gable only the red hair missing. How nice that your husband can appreciate all of you. Hugs. JB

  17. This post is beautiful. I always feel the same way, that's what makes me love nature. The animals, the trees and bugs and plants, they all have so much going on out there. Humans have no idea of the magnitude God's creations unless they spend time in nature. Thanks for reminding me, Kim. You always inspire me. You are amazing.


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