June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

It has been a long time since I linked to a blog called
Hand made by Heidi
. She has a linky party once a month
called Friday Night Sew In (the link is on my sidebar.)
I got up this morning thinking, I am going to do that
tonight. Then I started thinking every time I have linked,
all hell breaks loose during the day and I never sew on
the day I have linked.
So if nothing bends or breaks tonight that is my plan.
I am sorry for the darkness of the pictures as we have a very
overcast day today.

The first thing I am working on is this quilt for my newest grand daughter.
I don't know why I play at this sewing thing. I am just no good at it,
but I still like to do it. I have spent more time ripping out than I do sewing.
I do such dumb things I just shake my head at myself. I even ran out
of material. I thought I would be finished with this today but
here it is I think I have 3 more strips to sew on this block.

This is what I have been working on since October.
I have a turkey to finish that if I would just sit for a bit I could
finish it. I am having a hard time with it. It has those kind of colors
that you do one stitch and change colors. That is why I quit
counted cross stitch in the first place. I hate that. I did red
work years and years so I didn't change thread colors after one
stitch. So the turkey is what keeps me from moving on.

Here is the December Word Play. It is sitting in my workbasket.
I pick it up and stare at it and put it back. I know that I have to finish
November first before I can start this one as if I don't I will just shove
it away until next year. I just can't wait to do the little Santa.

The other thing I want to do is this one. I just loved this pillow.
I think it would make a cute rug too. I love this and I am hoping that
tonight I will get my quilt top finished, my turkey finished and the December
Word Play started and this pillow too. That is the plan.

In the mean time life beckons. I have errands to run, lessons to take people too,
a house to clean and a trip to the feed store so the animals can have feed.
I need to sit and write a grocery list and plan for next weeks menu and
plan the food for Thanksgiving. I cleaned my flowerbeds yesterday but
I still need to wash the rest of my porch railings so I can decorate next Friday.
I have to get tonight's dinner in the crock-pot.

Not to mention I have to go walk now. I hope you have a lovely weekend,
we are supposed to have a stormy evening and weekend. Oh, and a guy is
delivering fire wood today, so I will need to get the back porch cleaned and
get it ready to stack firewood. Yes, I stack firewood. I love stacking firewood
with my boys. It just makes me feel like life is good when the firewood is

Off to get this day started,

Oh and the Patterns all came from( except the quilt) the stitchery's are from
Brenda Gervais and Country Stitches. The quilt pattern is from
the old, old book Quilt in a day class I took in the 80s. On the link Eleanor Burns
has free patterns on this site.


  1. i like the feeling of preparedness - with feed and hay in the barn, bird seed in the bins, and firewood at the ready. :)

  2. Gosh, you're busy today! Yay for firewood! It's such a nice feeling to have it around. If our power/gas goes out we won't be cold and could cook food. I love that little Santa too, he's adorable! I can't wait to see them all finished. :)

  3. I LOVE all Brenda's patterns and the ones you've got are gorgeous! X stitch definitely demands patience - i too have been ripping out stitches aplenty today!
    But the finish is sooo worth it! Smile!

  4. I am in love with that December word stitchery....LOVE.
    I can totally picture you stacking firewood with your family. It is a nice thought. Enjoy your friday.

  5. Good luck to you on ALL of your lovely projects. Remember to take time to breath!

  6. P.S. - The boys keep talking about how we're going to gama's next week for "give the thanks". It's very cute. ;)

  7. Good morning! I feel the same way about my sewing MANY times too. I rip things out after DUMB mistakes, don't buy enough fabric, hassle things and wonder at my self...AND YET! I like it, haha...I love your stitcherys. You sounds a lot like me this morning. I have soo much to do that I decided to make a list and then realized I am spending sooo much time on the list that I just need to stop and DO IT! HAHA. Hope you have a nice week-end. I hadn't heard (don't listen I guess) that it is suppose to rain. It doesn't really work into my plans I am not gonna lie. sigh...Oh well, it is what it is....HUGS to you, Debbie

  8. You are having a busy busy day......I like the sound of you stacking wood with your sons....it will be all ready for whenever you need it...

    I love your stitching projects too; especially the Christmas one...I hope you get them all finished tonight at the sew in....

    Happy Thanksgiving...

  9. Wow you have a lot of irons in the fire! Your projects are great. Hope you have a minute to put your feet up and relax.

  10. you are one crafty girl!! everything is beautiful....(in it's own way) haha, that just jumped into my head. now i will be humming it all day long!!

  11. Oh, dear Eleanor Burns. I remember her from the 1980's. I watched her on PBS back then and tried my hand at quilting for the first time. I don't feel like I'm very good at it either, but I keep trying. I know your grandbaby will love her blankie-quilt from her Grammie. Great idea to have a Sew In once in awhile. I could probably get a lot done that way.

    Your hand stitching is very nice and I do hope you get those pretty pieces done. Won't it feel terrific? Happy Sewing & Stitching.


  12. Hi Kim, You sound just like me concerning your quilting. I always rip out so many seams and often shake my head wondering why I even try. I do love it though. Love each piece of your handwork here-so lovely. I hope you get your sewing done tonight.
    Hugs, Noreen

  13. Your day is busier than mine today! I went to the bank, dump, and my favorite thrift shop after breakfast. I came home and made lunch. Now, after dishes and laundry, I'm off to paint for a few hours. Have a great weekend!

  14. What a cute autumn cross stitch project you have going - I love it! I used to do CCS, but I haven't picked it up in years. I do more Hardanger now than anything - and I haven't had time to even do that in a long time. My list of projects to finish sounds about like yours. Hope you have a great weekend, stuck inside with a roaring fire!?

    - Leah

  15. I feel your pain. I too know the routine of ripping out and putting it all back in, several times. We do it because it is fun and rewarding. Nice post, fun to check in with you.

    *I am doing so much better. One month since the surgery. I will be making an update on the foot soon.

  16. I admire all of your creative talents. And your patience!

  17. Wow, you have ambitious plans. All your cross stitch pieces are beautiful and the December one is also my favorite.
    I love a crackling fire in the stove when the weather is cold. It feels real nice. Hugs, JB

  18. Have fun stacking fire wood! You'll love the fires!

  19. My, Kim, you have a lot of sweing to do.
    Your pink quilt will be so cute when you're finished. I like all your crosstitch projects.
    With Christmas around the corner, I can see why you want to do Santa.
    Hey, I love stacking wood too!

  20. Oh your work is always inspiring and always makes me feel lazy!!! LOL

    While I was cheering my son on in his basketball game you were creating wonderful things. I have got to cross stitch again...well do anything again. LOL

    Have the best of weekend...we are celebrating our oldest 28 birthday and the doctor started shots on my daughter-in-law...so we are praying for that grand baby!!

  21. I am so drawn to the whole stitchery thing. But, should I jump into another craft? I love all the projects you're working on...but you sound busy, busy, busy! Have a lovely Sunday...hopefully making progress on your list!

  22. such beautiful handiwork. some day your great grandchildren
    will cherish these treasures.

  23. Your handiwork is just beautiful. I wish I knew how to quilt.
    Love that you still enjoy stacking firewood.
    We will be doing a bit of that around here too :)

  24. My goodness, you are busy! It is amazing to me how much you get done! I'm going to have a house full all week, so I'm not sure how much time I will spend on the computer. I hope you have a glorious Thanksgiving surrounded by those you love! :-)

  25. I love that quilt that's going to be for your newest granddaughter. Is it going to be a log cabin quilt (my favorite pattern!). I can't wait to see the finished quilt top. I love to quilt, too ... and spent all weekend quilting. ;-)


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