June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Keeping It Real

One of the things that if you knew me, is I keep it real. I don't think
I am blunt but let's say if we were standing in a dressing room and you tried
on jeans and they looked a bit tight and if you asked me, " Do these
jeans make my butt look big," I would say yes, because I don't want
you to get home and have to hide your jeans in the drawer like I
did the other day. Okay so where am I going now that I have your

Well, my Friday night sewing didn't go quite like I planned. Life
intervened. But, I did finish Mr. Turkey and after I I started the
other stitchery's but nothing to show you and I picked up the quilt
blocks and looked at them. I just thought I would let you know,
because I am keeping it real.

We have Thanksgiving this week, One of the things I wanted
to share with you and hopefully not gush, is I am so thankful
for my grand children. All six and number 7 who will show up
in March.

I was and ( girls do not read this to the babies.)
I was a very reluctant grand mother. Maybe it was
that 3 of them were born 3 days apart. The twins
were not due until June and they were born in March.
My first journey into the world of being a grandmother
happened so fast and so extreme.
The whole world seemed to be falling in and I was
so afraid, more afraid than I have been of anything in
my whole life.

" The course God sets for us in His commandments is not an
obstacle course but one carefully planned to suit our
qualifications---not too rigorous for our limitations, not
too lenient for our strengths."
" I will run the way of Your commandments, for You
shall enlarge my heart."
(Psalm 119:32)

God was all about enlarging my heart. My heart was too small.
Now, today with the boys being 4 and then the two year olds and
then the baby, my heart is not what it was then.

I am thankful.

So on Thursday when we sit around the table, and our table is full
from end to end and all of the very special people God has blessed
us with, I am very thankful because the boys
want to come to Gama and Paqua's house for " Give the Thanks Day."

I am a reluctant Gama no more.

God really did know best.
Happy Monday!


  1. "Give the Thanks Day". That is so sweet. I hope your family calls it that forever. Out of the mouths of babes......

  2. so sweet. :) love that photo of the rose w/ the water droplets on it.

  3. Well, I'm so glad you're not reluctant anymore! (Not that you have much choice in being a gama, ha!) It was kind of a crash course into new babies, wasn't it?

    I'm so excited for Give the Thanks day! The boys have been talking about it non-stop and when K & R came by the show today with the kids and they realized they would be there Thursday too it made it even better. :)

  4. Just precious, "Give The Thanks Day" Oh how I hope to be a grandmother someday. Kim, you and your husband have raised such a wonderful and loving family, I so enjoy hearing about them. Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend, sending blessings from Maine, Julie.

  5. "Yes, the jeans make your butt look big!" That cracked me up. I was kind of a reluctant mother at first, so it goes both ways! I'm glad God has enlarged all of our hearts. Life is so much more fun now.

  6. Oh I am soo with you on the keeping it real philosophy. I try to as well. Just makes more sense. I will admit when I heard I was going to be a mom at a mere 17, I was NOT very into it either. And I was a grandma by 42! But my heart sure overflows now with it all for sure. God is good, all the time. The "give the thanks day!" is just ADORABLE. I love it. Hope you had a good week-end. Did it ever rain here this afternoon....porch cover is still leaking...sigh. We have officially given up, haha! HUGS

  7. Lovely!! But, I really can't imagine you with a smaller heart...your heart is generous, kind, and loving!

  8. Grandkids are wonderful. I was a grandma at 35, way to young. But I loved that little girl who now has three kids of her own, so what does that make me? I think grandkids remind us of the wonders of the world that we were too busy to notice when our children were growing up--it is our second chance.

  9. Kim, what a delightful post this morning. I like that you say that God was all about enlarging your heart because it was too small. Wow... It reminds me of being pregnant with a huge shiny belly and wondering how much more it can possibly grow before the due date. lol.

    Have a great than full week. Hugs, JB

  10. Oops, I mean Have a thank full week. Or a tank full of Thanksgivings . JBmore

  11. Grandchildren are a huge step for us parents. But once those babies get a grip on your heart, they never let go. Nor do you. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  12. Awww Kim - that brought tears to my eyes. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  13. What an abundance of blessing! I also have 6 with one on the way in April. We will find out on Thanksgiving if it's a boy or a girl!

    Happy happy Thanksgiving Kim, you are such a blessing to me.


  14. Yes you have been blessed beyond measure...enjoy, enjoy. I spent last night crying with my daughter-in-law again as she feels she just can't take it much longer....the longing and waiting and the things not working to allow them to get pregnant is really hard. I try to cover my own feelings of disappointment through it all...I have been ready to be a grandmother since they married six years ago.

    God knows and His timing is right....for you you had three at one time...for me, we are just asking for one.

    So this Thanksgiving enjoy, enjoy my friend!! I love your story...it encourages me...God is faithful.

    Happy, Happy Thanksgiving

  15. They're fortunate to have a Gama like you. Lovely post. I like the picture of the roses.

  16. sweet post kim, filled with truth and love, they go together well.

    gorgeous photo's today, that first one is WOW!!

  17. You're going to have so much fun!
    You ARE real. I love that!

  18. I love that you are real. Have a ball on Thursday surrounded by all your loved ones.

  19. I so love your truthfulness....and I can imagine this feeling exactly! So glad the reluctance fled...you make a perfect gamma!!!


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